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Will wunderbrow 2 work on sparse eyebrows?

I went to Google. Turns out the Wunder2 chip was water resistant, so bloggers, youtubers, and Instagrammers persist in pouring water on their faces to prove it doesn’t float. I don’t know about you, but such water procedures make me laugh. But with my eyebrows, I’m out of luck, I have to finish drawing, so I need this urgently, or suddenly it rains and I’m without an umbrella!

Wunder2 WUNDERBROW Gel is an all-in-one product. Inside the tube hides a brush, like a lip gloss, and the kit also comes with a brush to comb out the eyebrows. At first I thought it was a DIY, but it turned out to be well thought out.

It is convenient to use this brush to dye the eyebrow, the gel can be applied to the skin and hairs, and after that it can be shaped with the very brush for combing. To complete the picture, to really impress the customer, it is possible to add here and beveled brush to trace a clear border of the eyebrow. In general, I do it like that, I draw the borders with a tapered brush, then I fill the volume with my own brush and paint the hairs and finally I shape the eyebrow. But you can just go over the hairs with the gel and after combing it out you can get the effect of the ordinary eyebrow tinting fixing gel. So no matter what type of eyebrow makeup you prefer, Wander2 WUNDERBROW gel can do it all.

I have a question about the shade. Why they called it Brunette is not clear. They have some pale brunettes there. In the swatch, the shade is the most authentic. Cold, no redness, light enough to work with a blonde. There is a Blonde shade in the line, I can’t even imagine how light it is.

Now about water resistance. Confirmed. It’s hard to wash off! It is impossible to do it with water. The manufacturer offers a special rinse, but you can get by with regular hydrophilic oil or a two-phase liquid.

Why do I have sparse eyebrows?

As a rule, the density of a person’s hair is determined by genetic heredity.

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Women who have sparse eyebrows usually do not have as much hair on the rest of the body. The owners of thick eyebrows, on the contrary, have to pay more attention to depilation of other parts of the body.

It is important to note that the density of the eyebrows is not only of aesthetic importance. If you have sparse eyebrows, you need to wonder if this is due to increased hair loss lately. Sparse eyebrows can be one of the symptoms of alopecia.

Hair loss can indicate skin problems, hormonal disorders and the presence of autoimmune diseases. Also, the cause of hair loss may be due to the intake of medicines that negatively affect the hair follicles.

Thus, the loss of hair on the outer edges of the eyebrows may indicate the presence of hypothyroidism.

Understanding this relationship helps us to avoid serious health problems, as well as to improve the appearance of our eyebrows. There are natural remedies that can help to cope with this problem.

Comb and makeup

Women who used to pluck their eyebrows too much are now forced to draw them under. A few years ago, such a habit seemed defiant and outdated.

Today neatly drawn eyebrows are back in fashion. Thanks to this our look becomes more expressive, these eyebrows highlight the beauty of our eyes and add different shades to the look.

Every day there is an increasing range of eyebrow pencils. It is recommended to choose a pencil a little lighter in color than the eyebrows themselves. The eyebrow makeup should not be conspicuous, and the eyebrows should be gently adjusted. A special comb for eyebrows will help you to complete the procedure and give an attractive shape to your eyebrows.

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Does brow gel work for sparse brows?

If your eyebrows are victims of excessive plucking (or if you just have sparse areas), an eyebrow gel with fibers will help strengthen them in a very natural way. In my opinion, there is no better product for this than Wunderbrow 2. It builds gradually, but it only takes one coat to make your brows look much fuller.

Check out the video below How do you use Wunderbrow 2?

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