Why are your eyebrows itching and how do you stop it?

Often under the influence of certain external and internal factors, the skin on the eyebrows begins to flake, itchy. Why the eyebrows itching can be determined by a dermatologist. You should not postpone a visit to the doctor, as delay can cause severe complications of diseases that caused the eyebrow itching.

Reasons .

A doctor can determine the exact cause of the skin on the eyebrow line, based on examinations and tests. Optionally, the banal cause of eyebrow itching is considered to be renewal of the hair of the eyebrow line. Once this period is over, the eyebrow itching stops.

If an overthrow is accompanied by additional symptoms: redness, swelling, peeling, you may suspect the development of the pathological process in the body:

• fungal lesions;
• demodecosis, cosmetic allergy;
• blepharitis;
• seborrhea;
• hormonal failure in the body;
• psoriasis;
• mechanical damage;
• allergic reaction to insect bites;
• fungal lesions;
• the initial stages of the cancer process;
• digestive system disorders;
• intoxication by nicotine and alcohol;
• nervous system disorders, depression, emotional burnout syndrome.

Let’s take a closer look at the most popular reasons for eyebrow itching.

Allergic reaction

Provoke an allergic reaction can:

• dyeing with substandard synthetic dyes;
• eyebrow line tattoo henna;
• application of poor quality decorative cosmetics;
• reaction to animal hair, dust;
• individual intolerance to certain foodstuffs.

Simultaneously with the feeling of overthrow, the allergy manifests itself in the form of redness, swelling. An allergic reaction occurs in the first few days after contact with an allergen-exhibitor. Allergy treatment begins with a visit to a dermatologist. Based on the results of the allergy tests, the doctor can identify the irritant and indicate the required course of treatment.

You can remove the eyebrow itching:

• taking antihistamines, sorbents;
• refusing to use decorative cosmetics for a period of time;
• by following a certain diet (all possible allergen provoke agents are excluded);
• face hygiene only with filtered water without soap;
• obligatory treatment of the affected area with antihistamine ointments.

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Eyebrow itching, redness, swelling can be symptoms of micro-brow injuries. Some time after the skin’s integrity has been compromised, the cells begin to regenerate, divide and replace the damaged ones. Dead particles fall away, which leads to peeling, irritation.

The cause of the injury may be: cuts, punches, sloppy plucking or poorly performed tattoos.
Decoctions of chamomile, mint, and succession can speed up the healing process of damaged tissues. Decoctions are used to wipe the damaged eyebrow several times a day. Eyebrow itching can also be helped by baking soda compresses and lotions from steamed oat flakes.


The first alarming symptoms of psoriasis on the eyebrows and head are small inflamed skin areas. They grow rapidly, forming a large number of small dense nodules – papules. Very quickly, papules are covered with silver-colored flakes, which easily peel off and peel off. It is the dryness and peeling of the skin that causes severe eyebrow itching.

A film appears on the spot, cleaned of scales. If you remove it, there is a red stain with blood droplets on the skin. Psoritic papules increase in size very quickly. Fusing together, they form plaques that are localized on the eyebrows, eyelids, lips.

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Reasons for the psoriasis on your eyebrows:

• autoimmune diseases;
• blood flow disorder;
• hereditary factor;
• endocrine system dysfunction;
• prolonged state of stress and nervous overvoltage.

Psoriasis on the eyebrows goes through three stages of development:

Early – certain parts of the face turn red, there is a feeling of eyebrow itching.
Medium – rashes are localized in one place, forming a psoriasis plaque.
Progressive – in places of lesion skin pales, new plaques are formed, the process of peeling is activated, irritation becomes more aggressive.

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Treatment of psoriasis on the eyebrows involves taking drugs with systemic action (Roaccutane, Atsitrin), vitamins, ointments and creams, that reduce the appearance of psoriasis. The patient is also obliged to observe a diet – to give up alcohol, fat, spicy dishes.

Skin fungus

One of the causes of eyebrow itching is seborrheic dermatitis. The recorded fungus begins to reproduce actively, which leads to a huge number of dead scales (dandruff).

Also activate the reproduction of the fungus can be the following factors: dysbacteriosis, limited nutrition, lack of vitamins, hormonal disorders, prolonged fatigue.

Remove the fungus on your eyebrows that causes irritation and peeling in the following ways:

• taking antifungal pills (Ketanazole);
• treatment of affected areas with tar soap or salicylic acid-containing agents;
• washing with infusions of chamomile, calendula or lavender;
• tea tree oil lotions;
• application of antifungal, antiseborrheic ointment.

Prevention measures

The following preventive measures will help prevent the development of eyebrow itching:

• moderate use of quality decorative cosmetics;
• limited ability to stay in direct sunlight;
• limited consumption of sugar, flour and protein products;
• adherence to the diet;
• proper alternation of the period of physical activity and rest;
• limitation of stressful situations.

Strong immunity – the best prevention of diseases of the body, a symptom of which is eyebrow itching.

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