Eyebrow piercing

Which eyebrow should a guy get pierced?

The placement of the eyebrow piercing depends on your facial anatomy as well as your personal preferences. Sometimes people don’t have the right face shape to achieve this look. Be honest with yourself, talk to a piercer you trust and make sure this piercing is right for you.

Eyebrow piercings can easily be rejected. This can be encouraged if you touch your jewelry too much during the healing process. If you are the type of person who distractedly touches your new jewelry, you may want to consider a different type of piercing.

Piercing bumps are another common side effect of any piercing. They usually form due to poor aftercare practices or trauma to the piercing site. If you choose an unscrupulous piercer, bumps can also form due to poor placement. If the dents are due to the first problem, they will probably disappear on their own. If they are due to the second problem, you will need to consult a reputable piercer to determine if the piercing can be saved.

On which side should men pierce their eyebrows?


There is no hard and fast rule here either. If you get your eyebrow pierced on the left or right side, you’re not sending any particular secret message to men or women. When it comes to choosing a male eyebrow piercing, both options are acceptable.

The ideal location to get your eyebrow pierced varies depending on the type of piercing you want. Most people start at the edge of the eyebrow and work their way to the outer side of the eye. This is typical for both vertical and horizontal piercings.

The best place for the eyebrow piercing is where you want it. For example, if you have hair on the right side of your eye, you may decide to get pierced on the left side.

What does eyebrow piercing symbolize?

In general, the “why” is related to some of these motivations:

  • the general aspect, purely aesthetic, of the piercing
  • a symbolic meaning of this piercing, for a personal reason (to have overcome a disease in a specific part of the body, …)
  • a symbolic meaning of this piercing, for a reason linked to a group (rite of passage, belonging to a group, to make the difference with another group, …). This includes motivations linked to fashion.
  • a shock value or pure rebellion
  • a good physical feeling of that particular piercing

Now, specifically for eyebrow piercing placement, these same reasons may be applicable. Group or fashion motivation is not very popular right now. Not in areas of the world . piercing is hardly applicable for eyebrow plucking (you hardly feel anything once it’s healed). Because of its very visible nature. But it is believed that the motivation of most people with eyebrow piercings will be proportional depending on the individual.

Do eyebrow piercing close?

Dumbbells, curved dumbbells, and captive bead rings are the common types of jewelry worn in eyebrow piercings. Each of these types of jewelry puts varying degrees of pressure on the piercing, which can cause irritation or migration of the piercing over time. The larger the gauge used for the piercing, the less likely the piercing will be rejected or accidentally torn out. Sixteen gauge piercings and jewelry are common.

The location of the eyebrow piercing varies depending on the wishes of the recipient. The area can be pierced anywhere along the eyebrow, from directly above the eye, to the edge of the eyebrow near the temple. Care must be taken if the eyebrow is pierced further than directly above the eye, due to the presence of supraorbital nerves. Eyebrow piercing is safe.

Once the piercing is complete, the healing process takes a minimum of six to eight weeks for the wound to close properly around the piercing, and it may take six months to a year before the jewelry can be removed for some time without the hole closing. It is common for an eyebrow piercing to produce a white sticky discharge or scab around the jewelry during the healing process.Complications, when reported, are usually resolved with a course of short-term antibiotics.Mild bruising is common, due to the large amount of capillaries in the eyebrow and the proximity of the skin surface.Sudden pain in the piercing area can be a potential sign of infection and should be checked by a professional immediately.

Why do eyebrow piercings reject?

Do all eyebrow piercings reject? Eyebrow piercings are no longer the preserve of punk rockers. By replacing safety pins with beautiful jewelry, this exotic piercing can be elevated to an attractive, even classy ornament. Although this piercing has no known historical precedent, it now draws attention to the windows of the soul in a whole new way. Over time, the eyebrow piercing has lost its initial shock value, and today, even middle-aged people sometimes make a statement with this piercing.

Eyebrow piercings have an undeserved reputation for having a high rejection rate. When the proper jewelry is properly placed in soft tissue, rejection is rare. Complications often occur if the eyebrow is not sufficiently padded, resulting in excessive pressure of the jewelry against the bone. Wearing jewelry that is too heavy for the delicate tissue, or straight bars instead of curved ones, can also be a problem. If your skin does not feel loose or pinch reasonably well in the area where you want to wear the jewelry, you should consider another piercing, especially if you are concerned about visible scarring.

Eyebrow piercings are sometimes said to cause facial paralysis. The main facial nerve in the general area is the trigeminal nerve, but the smaller branches nearby are responsible for sensation, not movement. To affect one of these nerves, a piercing would have to be placed much deeper than normal, or unusually close to the nose or temple. Even then, numbness would be a more likely consequence than paralysis.

Can I pierce my own eyebrow?

It is not a good idea to pierce your eyebrow at home unless you are a trained professional. If you pierce your eyebrow yourself, you should not touch the veins, as the eyebrow piercing is a surface piercing. Place it wherever you want on your eyebrow, but do not pierce it too deeply or too superficially.

Do eyebrow piercings leave a scar?

Frequently, however, the scars – which form at the entry and exit points of the piercing – are so small that they are barely noticeable. Some people may notice larger scars than others.

Keloid scars, raised scars or bumps that are flesh-colored or pink, can form after an eyebrow piercing. Keloids are more common in people who:

  • are under 30 years old
  • have a darker skin tone
  • are of African, Asian or Latin descent
  • have a family history of keloids
  • are pregnant
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You are also more likely to have a scar if you encounter a complication with your piercing. Complications can be due to:

Infection. An infected piercing may swell, bleed and crust over, increasing the risk of scarring.

Migration or rejection of the jewelry. Rejection of the piercing means that your body is trying to protect itself by getting rid of the foreign invader (i.e. your jewelry). When your body rejects a piercing, the holes begin to enlarge while the skin around the jewelry flakes and cracks. If left untreated, the rejection can damage the tissue around the piercing, resulting in a large scar.

Inadequate aftercare. Following aftercare instructions helps your piercing heal and can also help prevent complications that lead to scarring. For example, not keeping your piercing clean increases the risk of infection. Using harsh cleaners can irritate your skin and cause hypertrophic scarring.

Snagging or tearing your piercing. If your jewelry gets caught on, for example, a sweater or hairbrush, you risk tearing your skin or even ripping your jewelry off completely. Ouch.

Remove your jewelry before the piercing heals. Removing your jewelry before the healing is complete can lead to infection, irritation and, yes, scarring. The same is true of removing jewelry when your piercing is infected.

Scars can sometimes persist for years. Most scars fade over time, especially when the healing process is uneventful and uncomplicated. Often, scars are so small that they are barely noticeable. Large or raised scars are more likely to remain visible over the long term.

A dermatologist can help you determine the type of scar you have and give you an idea of how long it will take to heal. He or she can also give you some tips for effective treatment.

How old do you have to be to get an eyebrow piercing?

Although Blue Banana is the largest body piercer in Europe, and as such we have a responsibility to act ethically at all times. Therefore, although there are no specific legal controls on the age at which body piercing can be offered in the UK, we do have our own strict professional practice guidelines and have set our own age restrictions for piercing, which you can see below. If you are a parent and have concerns about body piercing, please contact one of our stores and we will be happy to discuss your concerns.

If you appear to be younger than the age requirement for your desired piercing, you will be asked to prove your age with a photo ID. The forms of identification we accept are driver’s license, passport, and cards with the PASS logo. If you are a parent and would like to give your permission for your child to have a piercing, you will need to accompany your child to the store.

The prices of our piercings are always extremely competitive and many of our stores run regular promotions to further reduce costs. All of our piercings include a titanium, gold PVC or black PVC jewel. The best way to find the most accurate price for your piercing in your area is to contact your nearest Blue Banana store.

How old do you have to be for eyebrow piercing?

7+ y.o. 1st & 2nd lobes
12+ y.o.  3rd Lobes
15 years of age Flat & Helix
16 years of age Eyebrow; Septum; Nostril; Vertical Labret; Labret
18 years of age Anti-eyebrow; Bridge; High nostril; Horizontal Eyebrow

How long do eyebrow piercings last?

Any piercing that goes through flat skin – such as an eyebrow piercing – usually migrates to the surface of the skin over time. In short, eyebrow piercings do not tend to be permanent. They can, however, last anywhere from a few months to several years, depending on you and your anatomy.

If the piercing is “rejected”, or “grows out”, the old layers of skin fall off and new skin cells grow under the surface to replace the flaking ones. When the piercing appears to have very little skin left, or the skin around it becomes shiny, red, peeling, or the hair stops growing, remove it (if you leave the piercing in place until it grows out completely, you may end up with a more serious scar). If you still want an eyebrow piercing, keep your jewelry and have it redone once the original piercing is closed and the eyebrow has returned to its normal appearance.

How painful is an anti eyebrow piercing?

Contrary to traditional piercings, the anti-brow is not made on a piece of cartilage or other easily accessible area. Despite this, they don’t tend to cause as much pain as other piercings. If you have had your eyebrows waxed before, the pain will be similar.

Sometimes, depending on the person, this procedure can be painful. However, in general, getting your eyebrows waxed is a much longer process than what happens with a piercing. You won’t have to worry about any long-term pain, so if you think you can handle it, go ahead.

Often, you may experience mild symptoms of swelling or bruising in this area, as many blood vessels can be disrupted during the piercing process. There is no need to worry, however, and even less reason to worry if you take good care of the area after the procedure.

What size do they pierce your eyebrow with?

It is important to note that the length of the piercing jewelry or the options of the type of piercing may vary depending on your body type or the way your piercing was done.Although the piercing size chart is a general suggestion based on our experience and knowledge of body piercing.

There are two main barbell diameters for eyebrow piercing: 1.2 mm (16G) and 1.6 mm (14G) (barbell diameter).

1.2 mm (16G) is the standard and most common size for eyebrow piercing. It is also the size that is usually used as the first piercing jewelry during healing.

1.2mm(16G) gives you many options for jewelry for your eyebrow piercing, from the small and discreet to something more sophisticated (diamond eyebrow piercing or gold eyebrow piercing with pendant for example).

For an elegant gold eyebrow piercing, 1.2mm (16G) is the perfect size.

Some people (often men) like to wear a thicker and larger eyebrow piercing, it is more appropriate to get a piece of jewelry with a gauge of 1.6mm (14G) in this case.

What does an eyebrow piercing say about you?

Getting your eyebrow pierced is still a relatively new trend that gained popularity around the 1970s (via Almost Famous Piercing). If you’ve decided to get your eyebrow pierced to emulate your favorite style icon, it means you have a strong personality. However, being tough can be seen both positively and negatively.

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If you have a pierced eyebrow, you may give off “harsh vibes,” which could make others think you are aggressive. On the other hand, some people will simply perceive you as cool and stylish. In fact, many celebrities have had their eyebrows pierced and totally nailed their look without coming across as aggressive.

For example, Pentatonix singer Kirstin Maldonado has a double eyebrow piercing, while singer and songwriter Keyshia Cole has a piercing at the end of her right eyebrow. Likewise, American singer Fergie used to wear a curved barbell in her right eyebrow and pulled off the look perfectly.

Can you wear glasses with an eyebrow piercing?

No problem with swim glasses (but it depends on the type of glasses). You may need to wear a mask or open water goggles during the healing period. One thing to consider with an eyebrow piercing is the scarring if you ever remove it. Since scars prevent hair from growing, you can end up with a bald area in your eyebrow.

As for the glasses, we would worry about anything moving up and over your eyes – if it catches on a bead, it could be enough to, if not tear, at least be very painful. You also have to consider the healing time – it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to wear glasses until they are completely healed.

As mentioned above, the only real risk is catching your piercing and tearing it when you take off your glasses. One more thing, though you probably know this. In some places, having your left or right eyebrow pierced can indicate a sexual preference.

Where should an eyebrow piercing be placed?

A common eyebrow piercing is pierced vertically through the eyebrow, anywhere along the ridge. The most common eyebrow piercing is usually at a 35 degree angle from the outer corner of the eye and placed somewhere between the outer edge of the eyebrow and just above the eye, but it can be placed anywhere along the eyebrow.

It takes about 6-8 weeks to heal, and because it is a surface piercing, there is a risk of migration (which occurs when the piercing moves from its original location gradually over time or because the body rejects the foreign object and tries to push it out). Dumbbells or captive bead rings are appropriate jewelry for standard eyebrow piercings.

Another common type of piercing is the horizontal eyebrow, which, of course, is pierced horizontally through the upper edge of the forehead. It should be done with a surface bar, which penetrates the skin at a ninety degree angle and moves under the skin at a constant depth (like a staple) rather than a curved bar.

The nose bridge piercing goes through the bridge of the nose (the fleshy part at the top of the nose, between the eyes). Done with a straight barbell or a surface barbell, bridge piercing is not for everyone. If the skin between your eyes is very tight and thin, it can heal crookedly or be a prime candidate for migration.

An anti-eyebrow piercing (sometimes called a teardrop) is essentially a piercing where your eyebrow would be if your face was upside down and your eyebrows were under your eyes instead of on top. It is also a surface piercing that appears to adorn the cheek rather than the eye. As such, it should use a surface bar rather than a barbell.

The spiral eyebrow is a variation of the standard eyebrow piercing, but instead of a single piercing, it consists of two or three consecutive holes. A special jewel, in the shape of a spiral, is then passed through each of the holes.

Can you get paralyzed from piercing your eyebrow?

An eyebrow piercing can paralyze you if you pierce it wrong. Although the nerve that controls facial expression has a single branch that runs near the eyebrows on each side of the face, it would be extremely difficult to pierce. Not to mention that the object being pierced is the skin, not the underlying tissue layers. Facial nerve palsy is usually caused by much more traumatic events, such as a skull fracture or stroke.

Are eyebrow piercings out of style?

The eyebrow piercing is one of those things that seems to go from fashion to fashion without transition. It’s a strangely timeless piercing; if it’s not in vogue today, it only takes a few months for it to come back into fashion.

Popular with both men and women, the eyebrow piercing is a true unisex fashion statement. It can be placed anywhere along the eyebrow, but is usually located just after the brow bone.

Which eyebrow to get pierced?

we believe that it doesn’t matter which side you drill. It is a matter of personal preference. There is no meaning behind the side you pierce. Here are some things to consider about this:

1) do you prefer one side over the other when you sleep? If so, it’s best to pierce on the opposite side to prevent the piercing from getting tangled in the pillowcase.

2) Do you have a “droopy” eye or a scar on your eyebrow? If so, you may want to do the other side to divert attention. There is nothing wrong with droopy eyes or scars! In the past, having a pierced ear was, depending on the side, a sign of homosexuality or heterosexuality, but in this day and age, none of that matters.

You choose the location of your piercing based on symmetry, for example, you get the right side of your nose pierced because your hair goes on the left.

Whichever side you want pierced, that’s the one you should get pierced. If your hair covers it, maybe you should choose the other side, which is what I did.

You chose the left one, because you had a huge mole on the right; presumably you wanted to balance it out on your face! But because of your left eyebrow piercing, you got the right side of your tongue pierced with a ring!


On balance, eyebrow piercings for men are a great alternative to ear piercings. They are subtle and can be hidden if you work in an environment where body piercing is not appropriate.

They also offer another opportunity for personal expression, while being more socially acceptable than other forms of male body modification.

If you are considering getting your eyebrows pierced or having them pierced by someone else, it is best to research the procedure thoroughly so you know what to expect.

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