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Where a woman in her 40s should apply eyebrow highlighter to look younger and fresher?

Eyebrow Highlighter is a real lifesaver for women of any age. This element of the cosmetic bag helps not only to look fresher, but also competently masks the wrinkles that appear rapidly after 40 years of age. But to achieve this, make sure to apply highlighter only in the right places.

What does eyebrow highlighter do?

A few points around the eyebrow

Women over 40, when applying highlighter, it is especially important to pay attention to the area around the eyes. So, to mask the traces of fatigue or sleepless night, a small amount of the cosmetic should be applied to the inner corners of the eyes – the face will immediately seem much happier.

Where do you put eyebrow highlighter?

Want to make your eyes look bigger and more open? Apply highlighter to the central part of the mobile eyelid.

How do you use eyebrow highlighter?

Using highlighter can visually tighten the eyelid area – a tip that’s especially good if you have a problem with a drooping eyelid. To make your face look a little younger and your features look lighter, apply a small amount of highlighter to the orbital bone.

How do you use the eyebrow highlighter at Ulta?

Visually rejuvenate the face helps highlighter, applied under the very eyebrows – this trick allows you to visually raise the curves, making the entire image will seem fresher.

“Cupid’s Arc.”

It is known that with age, the volume of the lips gradually begins to “melt. Maybe that’s why full lips are associated with youth and beauty.

You can make your lips more appetizing by placing a highlighter a small dot in the area of the so-called Cupid’s arc – the dimple above the upper lip. This trick can give it a visual volume.

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What do you put under eyebrows?


Another great place to apply highlighter is the cheekbones, the very top of them. A couple of light strokes with a properly selected product – and the oval begins to look tighter, which is especially important for women over 40.

What is the bone under your eyebrow called?

The need to apply highlighter to cheekbones is especially acute for women who have a small chin – with two simple strokes you can quickly equalize the proportions, making the appearance more perfect.

How do I get rid of eyebrow ridges?


Applying highlighter on the central part of the forehead is another method that allows hiding expression lines, making the whole face look fresher and younger, and the forehead – more aristocratic due to the acquired elongation.

What product should not be used after 40 ?

Modern cosmetic manufacturers offer a wide range of highlighters. However, choosing a new inhabitant for your cosmetic bag, it is important to understand how and for what purpose you will use it.

Women over 40, whose face has already become clearly visible age-related changes, should definitely consider that loose highlighters are not for them. In that age you should choose creamy texture products, as only such will be able to camouflage wrinkles, and dry texture products will only accentuate them.

Also, make it a rule not to apply highlighter on dry skin. Before using it, always properly moisturize your skin with a face cream and a good foundation. Only on top of all this apply the highlighter. By the way, the last rule works not only after the age of 40, but at any other age.

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