Eyebrow Makeup

What you need to know for eyebrow makeup?

Finding the perfect eyebrow shape and color, making adjustments, and finding the best product for eyebrow makeup can all be done on your own.

How do i choose the shape of my eyebrows according to my face type?

Let’s start with the main thing: the question of how to choose the shape of eyebrows. Clearly outlined with a bold curve, aristocratic and classic, natural and almost straight… The forms of eyebrows for different types of faces are in front of you.

Kylie Jenner

Take our quiz to find out which eyebrow product to add to your makeup bag.

Oval face

Kate Middleton can boast of having a correct eyebrow shape. This classic version will suit girls with an elongated face. The soft curve of the eyebrows makes your face more graceful. What about the thickness of the eyebrows? Follow the principle “the more the better”.Follow the principle ‘the more, the better’.

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton

If your face is even more elongated and with sharp features, like Megan Fox’s, upward-looking and curved eyebrows would be a good option. But don’t overdo it! When the distance between the base of the eyebrow and the inner corner of the eye is very small, the face looks angry.

Megan Fox
Megan Fox

Square face

How to make eyebrows shape for a square-shaped face? A square jaw makes your face look angular, so your option is gently rounded eyebrows. A high, curved arch is perfect to soften and visually elongate your face. Follow Keira Knightley’s example: opt for natural, moderately sloppy eyebrows. No strong curves or high arches. Otherwise it will make your face look coarse.

Keira Knightley
Keira Knightley

Round face

If you have a round face, your eyebrows, in contrast, should be angular, so high-curved eyebrows in your case are a great idea. And remember the rule: the further away from your nose the highest point of the eyebrow is, the wider your face looks.

Emma Stone
Emma Stone

Triangular face

Lifestyle for those with a triangular face. If you make the curve of the eyebrows more rounded, the face will become less angular.

Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett Johansson

How to shape the eyebrows correctly?

When correcting your eyebrows yourself, you need to know the basic pattern that allows you to create a perfectly correct shape. First, determine three points: the beginning, the end and the peak. Then connect them to each other and mark the lower contour of the eyebrows. You can pluck the hair that goes beyond the outline.

The easiest way is to use tweezers, with their help it is easy to pick up even the smallest hairs. But there is another technique that only a professional can do – it’s eyebrow correction with thread.

Eyebrow threading shapes

Eyebrow threading shapes

An old-fashioned way to get a beautiful eyebrow shape is to correct it with thread. Only a master can do it properly. The disadvantages of this method are not the most pleasant feelings in the process and not the most natural result. However, if your goal is to have graphic, well-defined eyebrows for a minimum amount of time, then you can safely use the thread. This method is suitable only for girls with very dense eyebrows, that need to be corrected quite thoroughly.

How do i pluck my eyebrows at home?

It’s the master’s job to make a new eyebrow shape. But it’s up to you to maintain (clean up everything unnecessary). An important point! You need good quality tweezers for this. Ideally with a beveled and well-sharpened tip, with which it is easy to pick up even the smallest hairs.

It is better to choose tweezers made of stainless steel – a durable material that does not irritate the skin (read about other parameters to pay attention to when buying tweezers here). And if you find “extra” hairs before you leave the house, do not immediately take the tweezers, postpone the procedure for later. It is better to mask the unwanted hairs, which “stand out” from the general shape, with a corrector.

Before tweezing your eyebrows, apply a cold compress or a piece of ice to your skin to reduce the pain. Repeat the procedure at the very end.

How to trim my eyebrows properly?

Use straight (not rounded!) scissors with straight blades. Trim only those hairs that are out of shape. Such manipulation is especially necessary for curly hairs.

How do i find the color of my eyebrows?

The shade of the eyebrows is the most important parameter. If you make them darker or lighter than necessary, the whole image will be spoiled. So it is better to listen to the tips below.

Eyebrow color for blondes

Charlize Theron
Charlize Theron

Ideally, if the shade of the eyebrows is a tone or two darker than the roots of the hair. Only with this variant they will look as natural as possible. The hair color can have a warm or cold undertone. The owners of platinum blonde should choose a graphite pencil or a shadow. If you have a warm honey shade of hair, it is better to highlight the eyebrows with a light brown pencil a tone darker than the hair.

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    Brow color for brunettes

    Kim Kardashian
    Kim Kardashian

    Choose products slightly lighter than the color of your hair. Too dark an eyebrow pencil will “weigh down” the image.

    • Coffee, honey and ash shades are from “your” range.
    • But all variations of brown are taboo: in contrast with black hair such eyebrows will give off redness.
    • If in doubt, opt for a taupe shade, as it is quite neutral.
    • If you have light brown hair and light eyes, on the contrary, take a pencil a tone darker to emphasize eyebrows.




      Eyebrow color for fair hair

      Maryna Linchuk
      Maryna Linchuk

      If you have hair, it is easier for womens to overdo it, so the powder products (which includes pencils) are a real salvation for you.

      Colored gels, lipsticks can be too bright when applied. Girls with light-colored eyes should pay attention to golden shades, and brown shades – to brown ones. Eyebrows should be two shades lighter or darker than the roots of the hair.




        Eyebrow color for redheads

        Julianne Moore
        Julianne Moore

        In your case, you should be especially careful when choosing a product for your eyebrows.

        • If your eyebrows are too light, they will be “lost” in your face, too dark – they will look unnatural. Choose only warm shades from the red-brown palette (golden brown, terracotta): they will emphasize your beauty and look as natural as possible.
        • Another tip: redheads, as a rule, have a pinkish skin tone. Ash pencil will help not to accentuate this feature.

          How do i paint my eyebrows beautifully?

          When you’re adjusting the shape of your eyebrows or doing your makeup, don’t hold the mirror too close to your face. Move a short distance away, so that you have a complete picture in front of your eyes and you can easily make your eyebrows symmetrical. For a perfect eyebrow makeup look, choose the right product. The most popular options are eyebrow makeup with a pencil or shadows. Let’s understand the nuances of each.

          6 steps for eyebrow makeup

          6 steps for eyebrow makeup

          Brush your eyebrows upwards with an eyebrow brush. You can also use an old mascara brush for the same purpose: make sure there is no product residue on it.

          Fill in the bottom border of the eyebrow with pencil, marking the shape of the eyebrow. Immediately repeat this step on the second eyebrow: if you duplicate your actions, you will achieve symmetry more easily.

          Comb the hairs down and draw the upper border of the eyebrow.

          Use strokes to trace the missing hairs inside the eyebrow and touch up with an eyebrow brush.

          Add a small amount of pencil to the beginning of the eyebrow and blend it in. Use a highlighter, concealer or a light concealer to paint the lower border under the eyebrow.

          Toughen the bottom edge of the highlighter with a flat shadow brush. Brush over your eyebrows with eyebrow gel to lock in the shape.

          Do not fill the entire eyebrow with pencil, the result will look very unnatural. Draw short and thin strokes in the direction of hair growth.

          How do I paint my eyebrows with shadow?

          If figuring out how to properly paint eyebrows with a pencil is quite simple, then with shadows everything is a bit more complicated. Dry eyebrow shadows are the most common today. The main trick is to apply them with a beveled (and only beveled!) brush.

          If you want to make the color of your eyebrows more intense, apply eyebrow shadows in a wet way. To do this, moisten the beveled brush with water beforehand. 
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          • First draw the shape of your eyebrows with a pencil.
          • Apply dry eyeshadow to a slanted brush. Remove excess product with a dry washcloth.
          • Brush across the entire brow. Choose a lighter shade for the base and a darker one for the tip. Or simply adjust the intensity of the same product by pressing the brush.
          • Brush the eyebrows thoroughly with a brush.

          Detailed advice for eyebrow makeup

          How to make sense of the variety of eyebrow products offered by today’s beauty brands? Explore our tips in detail.

          Eyebrow Shadows

          Eyebrow shadows are one of the most popular eyebrow products. It allows you to create thicker and more voluminous eyebrows in a matter of minutes. By the way, if you do not have at hand shadows, they can be replaced by one of the other cosmetic products.

          Liquid (cream) eyebrow shadows

          The liquid eyebrow shadows will appeal to fans of permanent makeup: such products often have water-resistant components. A big plus is that it’s easy to correct the shape of your eyebrows even on the run.

          Eyebrow Gel: transparent, tinted

          At home, it’s unthinkable to make eyebrows without fixing clear gels for eyebrows. Give preference to non-sticky textures, which are good for styling hairs. For example, Conntrol Freak Eye gel from the NYX Professional Makeup arsenal.

          Another option is the tinted gel for eyebrows. Such a product not only fixes the hairs, but also colors them. For example, the bestseller Brow Drama from Maybelline is an indispensable thing for those who do not know how to properly draw eyebrows. This gel does everything at once: it colors the desired shade (pigments adapt themselves to the color of the hairs) and perfectly fixes.

          brow drama

          In general, both transparent and tinted gels are equally good for proper eyebrow design. It all depends on what result you expect. By the way, many products can work as gels for eyebrows and eyelashes at the same time.

          How do I use eyebrow gel?

          It’s easy to use. It’s very easy to use, but you can comb the hairs with it, gently at a 45-degree angle. By the way, you can apply eyebrow gel as a standalone product or over the other products (pencil, eye shadows, etc.).

          If you want to fix your eyebrows but don’t have a special gel, you can use ordinary gel or hairspray. Just apply one of these products to a clean mascara brush or applicator and use it to fix your eyebrows.

          If you want to fix your eyebrows but don’t have a special gel, you can use ordinary gel or hairspray. Just apply one of these products to a clean mascara brush or applicator and use it to fix your eyebrows. 

          Eyebrow makeup: before and after

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