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What is the most attractive eyebrow shape for women?

An essential element of beauty today cannot be ignored – the eyebrows. In previous years, makeup artists have done the most incredible things with eyebrows: they covered them with glitter, wove flowers on them, plucked them and painted them with bright colors. But finally, at the beginning of the 2021 season, we got the trends we’ve been dreaming about. They are almost all designed for everyday life. And among them there is a variant for women with any natural eyebrow shape. So, in a detailed guide, we tell you what is the most attractive eyebrow shape for women.

Women’s attractive eyebrow shapes in 2021. Fashion Trends

These days, it’s easier for fashionistas to take care of their eyebrows. After all, natural has become popular. There are several most attractive eyebrow shapes in 2021. A detailed description below helps to understand them.

Eyebrow shape and Features

“Scouse Brow”. These are wide and bushy eyebrows (“Boyish Brows”). Only the upper line, slightly curved, is perfectly straight. At the bottom, there may be a few extra hairs. This shape is best suited for women with the summer and spring type of appearance.

“Ideal”. This option is relevant for girls who like to spend a lot of time near the mirror. The lines should be perfect from above and below. Long hair should be combed first, then the excess should be trimmed so that it does not stick out in all directions.

” Straight”. The ” surprised “ eyebrows are rapidly losing popularity every year. Natural straight eyebrows are back in trend. Now there is no need to try to artificially make an obvious eyebrow crease. But it is necessary to remember that straight eyebrows are the most attractive for owners of an oval face.

Women's attractive eyebrow shapes in 2021. Fashion Trends

An unusual trend today is the goofy eyebrows. But in everyday life, only real stylists can adopt this type of hairstyle. We can see many videos with fashionable beauties on social networks. But in reality, only the bravest girls dare to wear eyebrows with waves.

what is the most attractive eyebrow shape for women? How to make beautiful eyebrows?

The shape of your eyebrows has a very important impact on the balance and appearance of your face, so it should be chosen carefully, taking into account your facial features, but also the shape of your eyes! How do you shape the most attractive high brows and choose the best cut for different face types?

what is the most attractive eyebrow shape for women

We want to help you find the right shape to highlight your eyebrows, without mortifying their cut or size! Choosing the right eyebrow shape and highlighting it with the right size and makeup, in fact, will give your eyes more definition, and also allow you to correct asymmetries and flaws. Are you curious to know what this is all about? Then just keep reading to find out!

What do attractive eyebrows look like?

Beauty is a relative concept. In the early 14th century, European standards of beauty suggested the absence of eyebrows in beautiful ladies. In the 17th and 19th centuries, the Old Continent was conquered by the “thread” eyebrows.

And it is only in the twenty-first century that eyebrows are beautiful:

  • the natural
  • care
  • neatness

Trends for eyebrows

1. have a nice curve, a natural arch that matches the oval of your face.

2. Are naturally thick and wide.

Before we get into the process of creating an attractive eyebrow shape, let’s get to know our eyebrows better.

What do attractive eyebrows look like

All eyebrows have

  • The inner part or head
  • The middle part – the body
  • The external part – the tail

And only the most attractive eyebrows have all these parts in certain proportions:

I. The three foundation points of attractive eyebrows are built according to a simple and well-known rule. Where

1 – the starting point of the eyebrow
2 – point of curvature (the highest point of the eyebrow)
3 – the end of the eyebrow

The three foundation points of attractive eyebrows are built according to a simple and well-known rule. Where

II. The excess hair between the bridge of the nose and point 1 is removed at a 45° angle. From point 1 to point 2, the eyebrow rises in a straight line and its width remains unchanged. From point 2 to point 3, the eyebrow becomes progressively narrower and the line forms a slight curve.

are straight eyebrows attractive

To correctly draw a line from the outer part of the eyebrow from point 2 to point 3, you need to determine its direction, which will be within the inner limits of the lines in the figure :

what is the most attractive eyebrow shape for women How to make beautiful eyebrows.

Excess hairs from point 3 to the temple must be removed

III. Point 1 and point 3 must be on the same horizontal line that runs tangentially to the upper eyelid

peaked eyebrows

IV. The distance between point 2 and the upper lashes is equal to the diameter of the cornea (open eye).

what eyebrows are the most attractive

V. The distance between the eyebrows should be equal to the width of two fingers or the width of the space between the eyes (except for close-set eyes).

what type of eyebrows are attractive

VI. The ideal ratio of eyebrow parts is as follows:

what kind of eyebrows are attractive

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The most attractive types of eyebrows

The most attractive eyebrows are those that match the shape of the

  • face form
  • the form of the eyes

To see for yourself, take a look at the photo below:

The most attractive types of eyebrows

The model’s face looks different in all the photos because of the change in the shape of the eyebrows. And in only one photo, this image is perfect (the photo in the lower left corner).

Thus, attractive eyebrow shapes for women depend on the type of face.

attractive eyebrow shapes for women depend on the type of face

For an oval face, horizontal eyebrows, without too high curvature and slightly rounded in the outer part of the eyebrow, are suitable. The oval is considered to be the ideal shape of the face, and the task of the eyebrows in this case is to correct the small errors in appearance.

attractive eyebrows for oval face

To make a long face wider, absolutely straight attractive eyebrows can help. Don’t forget that a high arch of the eyebrows makes the face even longer.

attractive eyebrows for long face

A perfectly rounded eyebrow shape will soften a face with a square and stiff jaw.

attractive eyebrows for square face

A nicely curved eyebrow, with a strong elevation and a short outer part, is most attractive for owners of a round face. This eyebrow shape visually lengthens the oval, gives the face an expression of coquetry and mischief.

attractive eyebrows for round face

How to get the most attractive eyebrow shape?

In fact, not everything is as complicated as it seems.

Most importantly, do not remove your natural eyebrows under any circumstances! It’s stupid!

Step 1. Print your portrait photo in full-face

Step 2. Decide on your face type and choose your favorite eyebrow shape, based on your face shape.

Step 3. Draw the lines and dots for your picture, as described in the beginning of this article

Step 4. Using the markers, trace your ideal eyebrow shape

Step 5. Carefully examine your reflection in the mirror and the resulting figure, brushing your eyebrows with a special brush.

Step 6. think about where the eyebrows need to be corrected by depilatory treatment (for removing excess hairs), where hairs can be trimmed slightly, and where you should resort to a pencil

Step 7. proceed with the correction

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