Eyebrow tinting

What is eyebrow tinting?

Not every modern girl would agree that her natural eyebrows shape is perfect. Among other disadvantages, most of the fair sex notes that they are not satisfied with their natural shade. For this reason they have to correct the tone daily, depending on their preferences, using a cosmetic pencil or special gel and even mascara. However, in this case a more effective method of color correction is eyebrow tinting.

Are eyebrow tints worth it?

The procedure of eyebrows tinting is standard for any salon. It allows you to make them brighter, more interesting, which is reflected in the expressiveness of the female gaze. When tinting the eyebrows, each hair is saturated with a dye that enhances its pigmentation. In fact, the coloring allows you to simplify the procedure of daily “make-up”.

One of the features of modern eyebrow staining is the fact that it is the hairs that are stained, while from the skin the dye is washed away quickly enough. The process involves the use of special safe dye, so in this case the compositions for hair are not suitable.

Tinting is indicated in several cases:

  • When the natural color is light and inconspicuous;
  • When eyebrows are burned out by sunlight;
  • In cases of an allergic reaction to henna dyeing;
  • when it is necessary to achieve a more natural shade;
  • when there is a noticeable discrepancy in the color of the hair and eyebrows;
  • when it is necessary to lighten the eyebrows to several shades at once.

However, tinting is not always possible because of contraindications. For example, the main one is an allergic reaction to the ingredients of the chosen dye. It is not possible to dye if there are signs such as inflammatory skin diseases. If there is even a slight irritation, rash or other injury in the area of coloring, these are also signs that prohibit the procedure of eyebrows dyeing, no matter how much you would like to change their color. In addition, it is impossible to dye eyebrows in such an eye disease as conjunctivitis.

Changing the color of the eyebrows has many advantages. For example, usually for this purpose durable dyes are used, which last long enough. It is possible to go repeatedly to the sauna, baths, swimming pool and do not fear that the shade of the eyebrows will become worse, as it is important for women to be beautiful always and in any situation. In addition, today’s coloring is fundamentally different from what it was a few years ago.

Today it is a tribute to naturalness and naturalness, which allows you to reveal the depth of your look and feel confident. Naturally selected shades make the face look young and hide the effect of an obvious “makeup”. It makes your makeup look very special, and it also helps to conceal some imperfections. For example, rare eyebrows seem brighter, fallen eyebrows are not so noticeable, and masking gray (and it occurs) allows you to look younger.

The tinting procedure is simple and usually does not take much time. For dyeing does not require a lot of money and some special tools. Everything is very simple and quite feasible without involving a specialist from a beauty salon. You can make it yourself at home, relying on the basic nuances, which are guided by specialists makeup artists.

Does tinting damage your eyebrows?

It is painless and almost always has no unpleasant sensations in the form of burning when following all the rules of the dyeing instructions. One of the main advantages of eyebrow tinting is the fact that, being short, this procedure saves a lot of time for the daily “make-up”. It usually takes no more than 20 minutes, while it simplifies the makeup for several weeks. This is especially important for every woman, because there is no need to align the eyebrows, painstakingly draw their shape, while maintaining the symmetry and identity of the shade of cosmetic pencil or shadows (gel, mascara).

In addition, the paint is characterized by a large range of shades. This is convenient and allows you to choose the most natural tone taking into account your color type and facial features. However, like any cosmetic technique, coloring has disadvantages. For example, some products contain ammonia, which can cause skin irritation and itching.

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Other disadvantages include getting paint on the skin, the high cost of the procedure in the salon, and the need for additional shape correction. It is also important to keep in mind that not every dye is of high quality, which can cause skin burns in some cases. However, if you choose a proven dye, the result usually lasts within a month, according to the reviews of those who often resort to this procedure.

What Colour should you tint your eyebrows?

The main varieties of coloring or changing the shade of the eyebrows are the use of paint, tattooing, biotattooing, 3D-tattooing. Daily make-up with a pencil is not able to give eyebrows a perfect shape. And it does not last more than a few hours without correction, no matter how carefully it is performed. Despite the fact that, it would seem, it gives room for experimentation with appearance, the method is a little tired to many representatives of the fair sex.

The main methods of coloring are varied, each of them has its pros and cons. For example, the use of paint is considered the most inexpensive and common of all the main types of salon procedures. In this case, usually the master selects the desired tone of paint by mixing shades. The process takes into account the density of the hair, the desired color saturation.

Does eyebrow tinting help sparse eyebrows?

The graphite version with the use of a pencil or shadows is characterized by obtaining a clear shape. In this case it is tried to use a wet technique. However, shadows are appropriate for eyebrow coloring only if the eyebrows are thick. When the skin is visible between the hairs, the coloring will not look natural. In addition, in hot weather, such eyebrows will shine after a few hours, although they will not spread unlike a cosmetic pencil.

Tinting gel is easy to apply and allows you to adjust the shape, choose the saturation of the shade. Permanent permanent coloring saves many women from the daily waste of time to create flawless eyebrows. And although today there are still many conflicting opinions about its naturalness, it is one of the most popular professional procedures.

Does eyebrow tint fill gaps?

Biotattooing is nothing other than eyebrow coloring with henna, basma or antimony. These options of coloring are convenient because they perfectly mask the gaps or so-called bald spots between the sparse hairs. It is a good choice for those who have barely visible eyebrows, as the pigment covers the skin, thereby giving the shape a distinctive line. These dyes are successfully used for eyebrow architecture, which allows you to make them beautiful, natural and well-groomed.Semi-permanent type of coloring differs from tattooing by the fact that the paint is not applied under the skin, but on it.

How often should I tint my eyebrows?

Before proceeding to the eyebrow dyeing procedure, it is necessary to prepare in advance. Within a few days before dyeing, experts do not recommend using scrubs, peels, lotions and other products of this type for the face. It is important to choose the type of paint, which may be single or reusable, gel or powder. It is possible to give preference to ecological options: henna or basma.

Try to choose a color close to the natural hair color. However, it is better if it will differ by 1-2 tones. In this case it is better to make the eyebrows lighter for brunettes, and blondes, on the contrary, are shown shades slightly darker than their natural color. Red-haired girls should look closer to shades of terracotta tone with a touch of brown. Black is contraindicated to everyone: it not only ages a woman, but also deprives her look of expressiveness.

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After the paint is purchased, prepare the container. It is better if it is a container made of ceramic or glass, because the oxidant contained in the paint will interact with a container made of metal. To apply the paint you will need a brush or an eyelash brush. If you do not have them, you can also use a cotton swab for this purpose, as well as a beveled brush.

In addition, you should take care of a cape over your shoulders, protective gloves, cotton swabs, a handy mirror, and a greasy cream (to remove excess paint).

How long does eyebrow tinting last for?

Depending on the hair dye lasts on average from 2 to 3 weeks on the hair, on average from 2 to 3 days on the skin. Also on the duration of the effect can affect: the individual characteristics of the person (oily skin – washes off faster, dry skin – lasts longer), the ratio of dilution, the frequency of washing and use of cosmetics.

As a rule, eyebrows lighten after the second week of dyeing. In this case, much is determined by the original color of the dye, respectively, the darker the shade, the longer will be noticeable on the eyebrows. Usually after the dyeing dark eyebrows look unnatural and do not match the color of the hair.

An important factor is the manufacturer of the product. Among the eyebrow dyes of approximately the same cost, the difference is practically not felt. But a more expensive product gives a better and more lasting result. Everyone will choose for themselves the most suitable option for quality and cost.

A step-by-step guide to do-it-yourself tinting

The choice of paint

There are many types of paint. You should pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • Composition. It is better to give preference to paint that does not contain ammonia.
  • Completion of the set. It must have an oxidant, otherwise you will have to buy it separately.
  • Persistence. The more resistant the paint, the longer it will last on the eyebrows.
  • Type of mixture – gel or cream. It is believed that the gel is the best option.
  • Price. It is better to refuse the cheapest options, because such paint is most often unstable and causes irritation.

The main manufacturers of paints

  • Fitokosmetik Koketka. It is not too resistant, costs accordingly – about 25 rubles.
  • Elitan Persistent Makeup. Presented in the form of powder, which can not be stored for a long time in open form, and for one coloring it is a lot. But the paint is very persistent, and costs only 40 rubles. In addition, its composition includes vitamins.
    DeliaCosmetics. It has several shades, the price is 45 rubles. One package is enough for 10 colorings.
  • Constant. The dye is resistant, looks almost like a gel. The oxidant is sold separately, the paint itself costs 60 rubles.
  • It is easy to apply to the eyebrows, has a medium resistance. It costs 100 rubles, but the paint lasts for about 5 times.
  • Estel. The paint is easy to apply, gives a beautiful and bright color, but is not too resistant. In addition, its composition includes ammonia and other substances that can cause allergies. Depending on the type, the price can vary from 250 to 300 rubles.
  • RefectoCil Professional. Really is professional and also very persistent. Presented with a rich list of colors. Does not cause allergies. The price is appropriate – 500 rubles, and the oxidant is sold separately.

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