Eyebrow slits

What eyebrow slits mean?

If you were sure that the fashion for eyebrow design in the style of the late 90’s and early 2000’s is doomed to remain in the archives of the then current publications, then you were wrong. We hasten to reassure you: thin eyebrows and tattooing are still in disgrace. But slits on the eyebrows, simulating scars, are back on the wave of popularity. And this is no joke.

What is the meaning behind eyebrow slits?

What is the meaning behind eyebrow slits?

The shaved-brow slit fashion didn’t appear on Instagram and Pinterest today. The trend was first fashioned by hip-hop stars in the late ’80s, such as MC Big Daddy Kane, who is considered to be the founder of the trend, Bow Wow, the duo Kriss Kross, Soulja Boy and Vanilla Ice. It’s possible that some of these daring artists had gaps in their eyebrows that didn’t appear on purpose – like scars after fights or too incendiary parties. However, they were not ashamed of them and did not sketch them with a pencil, making of the gaps on the brow a kind of symbol, signifying involvement in a cool creative community.

In the 2000s, not only rappers and musicians, but Hollywood and sports stars like David Beckham and Jason Momoa also wore eyebrow slashes. Later, girls joined the men’s example. Some of the most famous celebrities who made the gap on the eyebrow their “trademark” are actress Leslie-Anne Brandt and model Chloe Nergore.
Since even forgotten ’90s trends are now making a comeback, like hairstyles with strands around the face or blue shadow, it’s no surprise that brow gaps got a new look, too.

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How to make eyebrow slits?

Traditionally, men’s eyebrow designs are made at the barbershop, usually during a regular haircut or beard correction. Stylists can very quickly create such slit using an electric razor.

Girls can also try to use such a service, but beforehand you should be confident in the professionalism of the master, because to make an even and thin slits on the eyebrows is much more difficult than it seems at first glance. That is why some adherents of the trend prefer not to risk and imitate the gap with the help of makeup, simply drawing it with a corrector on the eyebrows. But to do this, frankly speaking, also takes practice and a lot of skill.

On the other hand, it is saved by the fact that the brow parting gives absolute space for creativity – there are no clear rules that state that the gap should look a certain way. It can be one strip or several, it can decorate the eyebrows on one side only or add symmetry to the face with corresponding notches on each eyebrow.

One slit

How to make one eyebrow slit

Despite the fact that a shaved slit on the brow is associated with hooligan style and subcultures, such a stroke can look very elegant. It draws attention to the eyes, emphasizes the shape of the eyebrows, and can also create a contrasting play of shadows with the appropriate makeup.

Double Slits

The double slits adds mystery to your look and perfectly emphasizes the arch of your eyebrows, visually elongating your whole face.

Front slit

how to make front eyebrow slits

If you dive back in history, slits usually decorated the tips of the eyebrows on the side of the face, closer to the temples. But if you can boast of a perfect shape and symmetry of the eyebrows, there is absolutely nothing that prevents you from experimenting and making a gap in the middle or in the front, closer to the nose. This, by the way, will help to shift the accent from it and visually make it a little bit narrower.

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Multiple slits

For girls who like to surprise others and draw attention to themselves, complex geometric variations of slits will do. They can be X’s and V’s – whatever your imagination allows.

Fishtail eyebrow slit

If you can confidently call yourself a master of makeup, then you can safely try a slit on your eyebrows in the form of a fishtail. Yes, this style of eyebrows will not be appropriate everywhere, but, for example, for a Halloween party look, this option may well diversify your usual style.

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