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What do the feathered eyebrows mean?

Stella Siron, a makeup artist from Finland, has created a new beauty trend – feather eyebrows. In an Instagram photo first posted four days ago, Stella wrote, “So I’m launching this new eyebrow trend, please recreate it and wear it everyday and don’t forget to tag me like and subscribe and press that bell button.” She went on to give credit where credit is due, “my muse @leevittu. He got this idea while brushing my eyebrows last Sunday.” The image already has 44,000 likes.

How do you get feathered eyebrows?

To make a style in the shape of feathers, you need to first apply a little gel for eyebrows, then split the eyebrow with a horizontal line in half with a brush, and the hairs after that comb in different directions from the line, and the eyebrow becomes similar to a bird’s feather. It looks a little strange, but fashionistas have already picked up the new trend.

However, it turns out that the makeup artist was joking when she first posted the trend she was starting. But no one seemed to catch the humor and so took it seriously, launching one of the most eyebrow-raising (no pun intended) beauty trends of recent times. In a second post on Instagram two days later, Stella wrote, “Note to self: when you make a joke about starting a funny eyebrow trend, people take it seriously and…well. start the trend.” She goes on to tag it #featherbrows. So a trend is born.

Eyebrows take on the appearance of a feather thanks to their separation in the middle, which requires a glue stick to achieve this effect. Yes, you read that right: a glue stick. We’re having a little trouble understanding how she could clean up that sticky stuff from elementary school when she didn’t want her eyebrows to look like a feather anymore.

There’s no shortage of baffling beauty trends, so this one’s right up our alley, as far as we’re concerned. Not to mention, between last year’s “100-layer” challenges, succulent-inspired nails, unicorn hair and more, feathered eyebrows seem harmless (if you can even believe it).

We don’t know yet how hard the glue is to remove from your tender eyebrow hairs, but we’re not exactly jumping at the chance to test feather eyebrows for the world. We’ll let someone else do it for the team.

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What is feathering of the eyebrows?

We all know how anxious modern girls are about their eyebrows. Eyebrow care has become an important part of their lives, they are constantly watching for new trends and the latest such trend was the “eyebrow feathers”. The founder of this fashion is the Finnish makeup artist Stella Sironen. She posted a photo of eyebrows of unusual shape on Instagram, adding to it a funny comment that it was a new trend. However, other users liked the idea and took it seriously, so the new trend has already become widespread.

What to expect when getting eyebrows feathered?

The “styling” of eyebrows goes to a new level: it is now fashionable to divide the eyebrows with a partition


Such trends can appear, perhaps, only on Instagram, a space completely free of prejudices and open to any bold experiments. Beauty-bloggers from this network, where new trends are spreading at the speed of light, are not afraid of eyebrows painted with gold paint, powdered with neon shadows, as well as underlined with liquid liner with a metallic effect and glitter particles. There are more and more kinds of eyebrow makeup. But in recent times, there are also different ways of “stacking” the eyebrows.

If in the past the eyebrows were neatly “laid” with a brush from a tube of transparent gel or, for example, slightly combed upwards to visually make them wider, as well as to create the effect of slight carelessness, now in fashion – eyebrows in the form of a feather. This trend appeared thanks to the Finnish makeup artist Stella Sironen, who decided to divide the eyebrows by a parting along their length so that they became similar to a fluffy feather as a result. As the author of this idea later admitted, initially feather eyebrows were nothing more than just a joke, but the prank nevertheless succeeded: now on Instagram with the hashtag #featherbrows you can find many photos from followers of the new trend, who took everything seriously.

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How is eyebrow feathering done?

Interestingly, the makeup guru decided to fix the feather eyebrows with cosmetic glue for reliability – in the makeup, which should survive the shooting, this method is quite appropriate. However, for those who would like to follow the trend in normal life, a proven eyebrow gel, which has proven to be durable, will suffice.

By the way, you can not limit yourself to creating a feather effect and, following the example of those who were inspired by Stella’s unusual eyebrows and created their own versions of such makeup, to give “feathers” color and shine. For this, you need a little shimmery shadow or glittery loose pigment. Sprinkle a small amount of this on the tips of the eyebrows and then spray a fixing spray like the Infaillible Fixing Mist from L’OrĂ©al Paris. This prevents the coloured powder from shedding and encourages eyebrows to hold their shape longer after “styling”.

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