Eyebrow slits

What do eyebrow slits represent?

In many subcultures, the shaved slit on a man or woman’s eyebrow is considered a calling card. In the early 2000s, a guy with a slit eyebrow could be a rapper or a member of a popular boy band.

Those who had nothing to do with the world of show business were content to follow modern trends. For some, it was rough and masculine. For others, frankly, it made them look ridiculous and derisive. Often, the brow slit meant nothing more than a scar or, as girls are often confronted with, a negative consequence of inept manipulation with tweezers.

Today, social networks and internet applications for socializing, sharing photos and videos are widespread all over the world. Among all the available applications, “Instagram” stands out. It is the first popular service through which all kinds of campaigns and flash mobs are launched. It was “Instagram” that re-popularized the shaving of the eyebrow slits, not only among male athletes and artists, but also among ordinary people. Now, the slit on girls’ eyebrows means that they identify with a certain group or community.

There may be several spacing, engaging both the right and left eyebrow, sometimes the location carries a certain meaning. In order to further emphasize their individuality, some young people add one or even two pierced earrings in the gaps, even if it causes dislike and misunderstanding of some. Informal individuals see it as their duty to prove to others that they are different, and experimenting with their own appearance is seen as the easiest way to express themselves.

Eyebrow Slit Meaning

Fashion, as you know, has a tendency to repeat itself, because anything new is well forgotten by the old. So, today, the fashion trends of the last century – the 90s and 80s – are becoming popular again. In addition to the old style of clothing and shoes, piercings, artistic tattoos, asymmetrical haircuts, extreme coloring, shaving the back of the head, temples and eyebrow slits are coming back to life. Famous beauties like Beckham, Ronaldo and Jason Momoa are almost constantly walking around with a slit or two of light skin.

Eyebrow Slit Meaning

Different eyebrow slits have different meanings attached to them. People get it done at times for some reason, which represents a meaning, and a few people get it done just for fashion. Here are a few types of eyebrow slit and their meaning:

Eyebrow slits with attached haircut : This is a new trend in which the eyebrow slit continues with your hair cut. It has various types and trends, but usually, it gives a wild and vivacious look. This looks best when the short sides are undercut, fade or crew. The best way to get this style is by a professional or a barber.

Two slits with haircut : This can be another great option with a double eyebrow slit along with adjoining hair cut. It looks even edgier than the single slit. If you dare to take risks with respect to your haircut, this can be the best option. It’s a unique look but make sure that you take professional help for getting this look.

A single eyebrow slit : This is a neat and clean idea to adopt this trend as it is a very simple and stylish look. It draws attention to your eyes, and people can play with it by doing a different kind of eye makeup. Jason Momoa is one of the most renowned persons with a single slit, and a lot of people got it done after looking at him.

Double eyebrow slit: Double eyebrow slit makes the fun double; it represents that you love the slit trend, and you are ready to take it to another level. They give you a bolder look but ensure that they are of a similar size and evenly distanced to look intentional.

Jeweled eyebrow slit : If you love piercing, this would be the best option for you as it makes the eyebrow slit look even better. It looks very cool and trendy as you look different and it attracts a lot of attention towards your eyes.

Cross Eyebrow slit: Why get just straight lines to amp up the fun? You can opt for the cross pattern as well. After making the cross line, you can wear a stud or accessorize it with a crystal. This style is pretty unique and gives a very cool and trendy look.

What do eyebrow slits represent For Men ?

Slit eyebrows for men put a special accent on the face. The round shape makes the expression lighter, while the sharp lines give a more severe appearance. A slight correction of the lines can visually change the proportions of the face significantly.

What do eyebrow slits represent For Men

A popular trend is to shave the curves of the face to intensify the temple. Such an element makes men look more mysterious and puts the emphasis on the eyes.

Slit eyebrows were often seen in rappers and pop musicians. Many men made slits on their bows to make them look sloppy, to become rough and unflappable. The unusual shape of the eyebrows lost popularity in the mid-90s, but it became popular again after the famous British footballer Bekham changed his look. The tradition of shaving the eyebrow slits then returned.

Spaces have no particular meaning, they draw attention to the face. The patterns can be done by both boys and girls. In order for the element to be elegant, it is necessary to have some skills to execute it. The slit can be one or more on one or two arches. Such elements can be combined with piping.

What do eyebrow slits represent For Women ?

Shaved eyebrow is a long forgotten trend, eyebrow slits for girls were popular in the 90s. Some people think that artificial eyebrow slits are important for different subcultures. Previously, the slits were relevant to rap singers.


It is believed that the artificial eyebrow slit is a sign of bravery, such a line accentuates the eyes. To make the bands, it is best to ask a stylist, then it is more likely that the effect will look good and will not spoil the appearance. You can make such a slit with wax or tweezers .

What do eyebrow slits represent for teenagers?

The significance of the cracks on the eyebrow of a teenager is his belonging to various cybercultures, his fascination with music.However, sometimes the slits are not due to teenage desire, but to the received trauma.

What do eyebrow slits represent for teenagers

It is possible to make slits in a simple way. To do this, you need to cut the excess hair with a bow clippers or a pair of scissors. When you perform this action, the focus will be on the arches, and it will be necessary to correct them completely – removing the excess hair on the bridge of the nose, along the lower growth line.

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How To Do An Eyebrow Slit?

The eyebrow slit is easy to achieve. You can have a portion of the hair shaved off to obtain a uniform parting in a beauty salon or at home. To get a quality result, you should only use sterile and sharp tools and instruments.

You will need a disposable razor or an electric razor with an arc-correcting tip to perform the hair removal. If you plan to remove hair with tweezers, keep in mind that it can take a long time to grow out, there is a risk that it will get into the correction later, there is a possibility of slitting.

Before you start making adjustments, you need to determine what type of eyebrow slits you ultimately want to achieve. A thick slit in women might look ridiculous and strange, such a pattern is more required for men. Do not make the slit very close to the beginning or end of the arch, otherwise the line will be visually shorter than the other, it will be acymetric.

Before starting the procedure, remove your makeup and wipe your face with a cleansing lotion. Before starting the correction, use a soft pencil to mark the angle of the band and its limits. At this point, you should not rush, as the result will not grow back for a long time, usually after a few weeks.

Once the slit is complete, it is necessary to correct the arch of the foot by removing the excess hair with wax, thread, fabric or tweezers. Next, the hair in the area where the element that will be used to create the cleft is located must be removed.

How To Slit Your Eyebrow?

Before you shave a slit on the eyebrow, you should think carefully about such a decision. As a rule, an eyebrow with a shaved slits, quickly becomes boring (especially to the fair sex), which requires considerable effort to regrow the vegetation.

You can make an eyebrow slit by shaving off part of the vegetation in the area of the brow, you can do it with your own hands, or by going to a cosmetic salon to a specialist. The second option is preferable, because the hard hand of the master is unlikely to make a mistake.

If it was decided to act with their own hands, it is necessary to observe extreme caution, in this place it is very important not to damage the smallest vessels under the outer layer of the epidermis.

Step by step the process of shaving the slit looks like this:

  • Mark the area to be exposed, and draw the outline of the future eeybrow slit with a cosmetic pencil.
  • Correct the shape of the brow with tweezers, or you can use a razor. However, the first method removes the roots, due to which a long-lasting result is achieved.
  • Careful movement of the razor to remove vegetation along predetermined boundaries: act very gently, carefully.
  • If it’s not possible to avoid a cut, treat the area with a cotton pad soaked in hydrogen peroxide.
  • The process of shaving can take place with a dangerous or safe loom, it is allowed to work both with the use of gel, foam, and dry.

How fast does an eyebrow slit grow back?


It is not possible to grow more hair than is genetically designed. But over the course of our lives, we influence the hair follicles in the eyebrows, and they can “hibernate” so to speak. That is, they can be in a state of rest. Even if you don’t remember what your eyebrows looked like as a child, before all the destructive manipulations, it’s not a problem. It is impossible to restore dead eyebrows, but it is quite possible to restore dormant eyebrows and also razer eyebrows. You will need patience and fixing gel.

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