Eyebrow slits

What do eyebrow slits mean?

Eyebrow slits are a way to trim or shape eyebrows that are usually seen as a trend or fashion statement. The main idea is to remove a small section or hair – or, alternatively, paint it with makeup – to give the appearance of a slit or open spot in the brow. Some people choose just a slit, while others choose a more striped look; slits can similarly be in one forehead or both. They can be created in different ways with different patterns. In most cases, the reasons people choose this look are entirely personal. It is often considered fashionable or “in” and can also help identify a person as a member of a specific group or team if all members choose to adopt the look. People also sometimes use slits to highlight eyebrow piercings. The look is usually immediately noticeable and often requires some work to maintain.

Basic idea

Eyebrow shaping has been an important cosmetic element since ancient times. People – mostly women, but a considerable number of men as well – often seek out eyebrow shaping to change the overall appearance of the face. Thick eyebrows are often thinned and hair is often plucked or shaved to do things like improve arch height. In extreme cases, people remove their eyebrows completely only to repaint them in a different place, with a different thickness or in a different color. Trimming is a practice grouped with all of these. Basically it involves removing a small piece or strip of the brow, usually with a razor or tweezers but sometimes even using makeup to give the illusion that a strip of hair is missing. The result is a forehead that looks striped or broken.

The design possibilities are almost endless. Some choose to have a single slit in an eyebrow, while others create a multi-cut pattern or a design of different widths. Eyebrow slits are sometimes associated with bands, and some of these organized groups have had prominent members use particular eyebrow patterns. For the most part, however, it is nothing more than a fashion trend that has even been popularized by some celebrities.

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Makeup techniques

The easiest and least invasive way to achieve this look is with makeup. People usually start with a liquid foundation or concealer that perfectly matches the skin tone of their face. This should be applied liberally to the area to be cut. Going around the edges of the forehead with an eyebrow pencil but skipping over the gap can also make the disparity more noticeable. Setting the whole thing with a loose powder can help it last longer.

The advantage of this method is that it will go away very easily and can be a good way for someone to experiment with the look without actually having to commit to more permanent hair removal. This method tends to work best on individuals with very thin or sparse eyebrows. For those with thick eyebrows, it may be necessary to do some trimming and thinning first so that the appearance is credible.

Plucked or shaved hair

You can create multiple permanent slits by using a razor to shave off missing patches or, alternatively, use tweezers to pluck hairs one by one. If you use a razor, small razors tend to work better because larger razors designed for the face or legs have a tendency to shave too much. To pluck eyebrow crevices with tweezers, hairs must be plucked individually or a few at a time until the desired effect is achieved. In general, tweezers offer more control, but this approach can be more painful and time-consuming.


Eyebrows are usually a very important feature of the face and as such are usually quite noticeable when they are overgrown or unmaintained. The hairs in this region typically don’t grow very fast, but over time they regenerate; people who are trying to keep the slits clean usually have to do some routine maintenance to keep everything fresh. Eyebrow slits that need to be shaved usually need to be redone every few days to maintain their appearance while the hair grows back. Tweezing often needs attention once a week, although a lot depends on the individual.

What are some ways to put slits in a person’s eyebrow?

Eyebrow slits are vertical or slanted strips across a person’s eyebrows and can be created by shaving lines into the hair. An electric hair clipper provides the cleanest lines for this purpose.

The eyebrow look has existed since at least the 1990s, when Vanilla Ice had shaved several vertical lines across her eyebrow. However, it has reappeared in recent years, especially among young people. Rapper Soulja Boy has been credited with the return of this grooming trend. One note of caution to consider is that schools have suspended students who follow this trend, based on allegations that the look is associated with gangs.

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If a person wants to achieve this look, he or she can create it by shaving the lines on the forehead. An electric hair clipper works well for this purpose. All a person would have to do to achieve the look is to figure out where he or she wants the line to be and what direction he or she would like it to lean in. Then, turn on the clipper and gently press it into place to remove the hair. The process can be repeated to create multiple lines. Because shaved hair grows back within a few days, regular maintenance is necessary.

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