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Wavy eyebrows: New beauty trend

What eyebrows we’ve never seen: iridescent, colorful, with a gradation and even feathery, but the wavy eyebrows we see for the first time! The trend for such an unusual eyebrow shape emerged after they were posted on their Instagram profile by makeup artist and model Promis Tamang. To achieve eyebrows of this shape, the girl uses a special glue, concealer and eyeliner. Let ‘s know what is this crazy trend.

New trend: eyebrows waves

Bloggers and beauty makeup artists are not limited to creative experiences. That’s why new trends are replacing clearly defined, symmetrical, clean and wide eyebrows – highlighted with graphic arrows, colorful eyebrows and fluffy feathered eyebrows. Of course, with this kind of makeup, few people dare to get inside people, limiting themselves to photos published on social networks. But that doesn’t prevent new experiences of lines, shapes and colors. Thus, another trend has emerged: wavy eyebrows. Perhaps it is a kind of protest against the symmetry that is so difficult to maintain when correcting. Or it may be another experience of those who like to bring new and original makeup ideas to life.

What are wavy eyebrows and who invented them?

Created a trend make-up artist Jessica Brodersen. In the summer of 2017, she showed subscribers a version of make-up eyebrows with a wavy “tail”. It looked extravagant, but interesting.

Jessica Brodersen

The first decided to try on the new trend of the Queen of Transformation, Bute blogger Promis Tamang. The girl made the waves more daring, but wrote in the comments that she was not ready to appear in this form in public.

And here is Promis Tamang, who is the ancestor of this crazy trend

Promis Tamang

Now by the hashtag #squigglebrows you can find a lot of photos of lovers of wavy eyebrows, for whom this trend became the basis of the image.

The main advantage of the trend – now there is no need to pluck your eyebrows thoroughly. On the contrary – the natural growth of hair will help to make a smooth curve from the arc.

What will you need for wavy eyebrows make-up?

Such cosmetic products will help to achieve a wavy result:

  • concealer or tone cream with a dense texture;
  • eyeliner;
  • compact powder;
  • shade or pencil;
  • cosmetic glue – the one that is used for gluing false eyelashes will also be suitable;
  • fixing spray.

Glue is needed for the owners of lush eyebrows to disguise the naughty hairs and draw a line.

How to create a wavy eyebrow ?

bloggers described the sequence in which eyebrow makeup should be done to make them wavy:

  1. Apply a dense layer of concealer or foundation cream on top, which should blend in with the skin tone. So carefully grow the boundaries and powder.
  2. “Hide” your eyebrows – cover the hairs with decorative glue so that they do not stick out. Allow the product to dry to form a smooth surface.
  3. Step back from the natural growth line. Mark the lower and upper limits so that the bottom coincides with the base, and the top – with the upper bend point. Create an imperceptible sketch with a pencil. Move in the direction from the top. Go down to the natural line to gradually bend around the bend. Draw the wave to the tip.
  4. Watch the symmetry of the bend. Keep wide lines so that one end goes beyond the growth line and the other end joins it.
  5. Draw a lower line so that it is wide and narrow to the tip near the eyes. Make a beveled corner near the nose bridge.
  6. Draw a smooth wave with the lift.
  7. Use shades or a pencil to make the eyebrows more voluminous and thick.
  8. To prevent the makeup from spraying, fix it with a latching spray.

Ideas for creating wavy eyebrows

There are two main options to execute the wave on the eyebrows.

  • For the round contour of the face – on natural wide eyebrows, lead the first wave to a natural bend, and let the others curl up not so noticeably and slightly narrow to the tip. The wriggle points should slightly depart from the natural borders.
  • For the oval contour of the face – multi-wave. Such makeup is made on colorless and thin hairs.

The finished surface can be covered with glitter or covered with colored shadows.

This extravagant make-up is inappropriate for everyday make-up. But at a themed party or non-standard event, the wavy eyebrows will create a sensation and will definitely stand you out from other girls.

Beauty bloggers are so inspired by girls’ wavy eyebrows that they decided to repeat it on their own face.

Beauty bloggers are so inspired by girls’ wavy eyebrows that they decided to repeat it on their own face.

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    Some girls went even further and made not only their eyebrows, but also their lips wavy.

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