Eyebrow tinting

Top 6 eyebrow coloring mistakes that eyebrow artists make

The eyebrows are the frame of our face, so to overestimate their role in creating the image of a girl is hardly possible. The work of an eyebrow specialist must be done impeccably!

Eyebrow tinting is a popular procedure that gives the client’s face the right accents and makes it more expressive. To make the eyebrows look perfect and advantageously emphasize the girl’s appearance, when dyeing it is important for masters to avoid mistakes.

Poorly prepared skin

If the skin is not properly prepared, the coloring may be uneven and the dye’s staying power will be reduced.

What’s the right way? You need to clean the eyebrows from decorative cosmetics/fixatives. Micellar water or tonic will help in this. It is desirable to work on the skin with an eyebrow shampoo or fine scrub to remove flaking, if possible, then moisturize the skin with a milk or regenerating cream for 5-7 minutes. The final stage of preparation is to degrease the skin with a saline solution or a professional degreaser with low alcohol content.

Incorrectly shaped eyebrows

Distortion of the shape will distort the client’s facial features and emphasize flaws: it will accentuate asymmetry, and cause a sad or heavy look.

How to do it right? Adhere to the basic principles of the eyebrow construction. The beginning and the end of the eyebrow should ideally be in a straight line. The width of the beginning and the width of the highest point are the same. The top and bottom lines should be parallel.

Dirty eyebrow correction

A badly done correction will spoil the appearance of the eyebrows, they will look unkempt.

What’s the right way? For clear, beautiful lines with paint/hemp, it is desirable to do the correction before dyeing. Remove all unnecessary hairs, fluff. The hairs should form a clear line by themselves without large gaps and single hairs going beyond the desired shape.

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Too dark eyebrows

The main mistake is the wrong choice of dye.

What is the right way? When choosing a dye we should take into account the fullness of shape (presence of hairs in sufficient quantity), eyebrow color intensity from nature, hair density and temperature, hair color on the head and, of course, the client’s wishes.

Incorrect product placement

Incorrect handling of dye threatens uneven skin coloring, quick washout and messy effects.

How to do it right. It is better to apply the dye from the end of the eyebrow, moving smoothly to the beginning. The material should lie on the skin evenly and without gaps, covering the hairs well.

Incorrect paint removal

If the paint isn’t removed correctly, it leads to staggered transitions and uneven eyebrow coloring.

What’s the right way? The material should be removed with water gradually, moving from the beginning of the eyebrow to the tip and blurring the border of the dye and empty skin. At the end of the procedure we blur the graphic beginning of the eyebrow with the remover and pass over the unevenly coloured skin areas. Rinse off the remover with water and fix the hairs with gel as desired.

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