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8 Tips To Get Grow Thick Eyebrow NATURALLY!

You would like to grow thick eyebrows? Then we have the salvation for you! With these eight powerful home remedies, you’ll soon transform thin lines into expressive, thick eyebrows. If the eyebrows no longer grow back fully on their own due to excessive plucking, you can take advantage of certain beauty tips.

Eyebrows can they grow thick ?

Eyebrows are like any other hair, whether on the head or on the rest of the body: they go through a growth cycle that can be influenced by age or other factors. For example, if you always pull out all the hairs, including the root, when trimming the eyebrows, you can permanently damage the follicles. As a result, individual eyebrow hairs grow less and less at some point, then no longer grow back at all. In addition, it can take between 12 and 16 weeks until the eyebrow has returned to its natural fullness after plucking or shaving – provided that they can grow back healthy.

Eyebrows can they grow thick

Through regular and excessive plucking of the eyebrow hairs, the new hairs are eventually missing. This is also a typical consequence of the natural aging process, because the eyebrows are not spared from the gradually reduced growth of the hairs. However, in addition to microblading, the following eigth tips can also help to naturally make your eyebrows grow back fuller and thicker.

Grow thick eyebrows: Our 8 effective tips to stimulate eyebrow growth

1) Avoid too violent plucking and waxing

Avoid too violent plucking and waxing

It takes 6 to 8 weeks for the eyebrows to grow back completely, so do not overdo it with tweezers. Too much plucking can permanently damage the hairs, so that they never grow back. If you want to get grow thick eyebrows, the rule for hair removal is: less is more!

2) Make grow thick eyebrows faster with Vaseline

Make grow thick eyebrows faster with Vaseline

Vaseline not only keeps lashes supple, but also cares for the eyebrows and ensures that they grow thick eyebrow and faster. Simply apply a small amount of Vaseline to the eyebrows twice a day, massage in lightly or leave on overnight.

3) Castor oil makes grow thick eyebrows

The oil from the seeds of the miracle tree is full of nutrients and promotes not only the growth of eyelashes, but also that of eyebrows. Simply apply to the eyebrows in the morning and evening, gently massage in and leave overnight.

Castor oil makes grow thick eyebrows

To nourish your body from within, you can also try our True Beauty Collagen Drink. It contains highly effective peptane collagen and hyaluronic acid and ensures radiant skin and thicker hair.

4) Coconut oil to grow thicker eyebrows

Coconut oil to grow thicker eyebrows

Coconut oil also has numerous nutrients to offer the small hairs. Like vaseline and castor oil, it is applied twice a day, massaged in lightly and should work overnight. With regular use you will have thicker eyebrows within a short time!

5) Grow thick eyebrows with onion juice

Grow thick eyebrows with onion juice

Onions have a high content of sulfur, which stimulates the blood circulation. Admittedly, the smell takes getting used to, but fresh onion juice can stimulate hair growth. Simply apply to the eyebrows and leave on.

6) pay attention to the right Nutrition for thicker eyebrows

But grow thick eyebrow cannot only be influenced externally. A balanced, nutrient-rich diet can also have a positive effect on hair growth – whether it be the hair on the head or the eyebrows. The ideal is a balanced, alkaline-excess diet with lots of fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and wholemeal products as well as healthy fats such as omega-3, for example from fatty sea fish.

pay attention to the right Nutrition for thicker eyebrows

However, if you notice that your eyebrow hairs not only grow back sparsely, but even fall out more often, a visit to a doctor is recommended. The cause can then also be a lack of iron, vitamin D or vitamin B12. Instead of taking food supplements on your own initiative, you should rather rely on professional advice to prevent an oversupply of individual nutrients. Basically, it can’t hurt to make sure that the essential substances are already covered with the food you prepare every day so that you don’t need to take additional supplements in the first place.

7) Get thick eyebrows with Aloe Vera

Applied externally, aloe vera stimulates eyebrow growth, nourishes the hair root and repairs damaged follicles.

8) Apply massages to grow thick eyebrow

How about instead appreciating your unwanted eyebrows – and pampering them intensively? What may sound a little strange at first may be worthwhile. Every single hair of an eyebrow is connected to a fine blood vessel in the skin. If this works smoothly, the eyebrows also benefit from more growth. Therefore, if hair growth is absent or diminishing, it can help to regularly stimulate the eyebrows growth and their underlying veins with gentle massages. One variation is to gently tap each eyebrow for 30 seconds after the daily facial care routine, but with light pressure. Alternatively, beauty salons offer a treatment called Brow Pinching, which produces the same effect.

Apply massages to grow thick eyebrow

Combined with some facial oil, the more extensive brow massage can also be used at home: For this purpose, apply a few drops of oil to the fingertips and gently “pluck” the eyebrows from beginning to end using the thumb and index finger. If you wish, finish the beauty treatment at this point or extend it to a pampering treatment for the entire face.

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