The scientific reason why is one eyebrow always more beautiful than the other

Science finally tells us why one eyebrow is always more beautiful than the other. Even if you have beautiful eyebrows and have learned how to pluck them like a pro yourself, it’s a reality: one is always slightly more beautiful, more perfect and better shaped than the other.

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There is a scientific reason for this difference between our two eyebrows. Each eyebrow is subject to different muscle movements. Eyebrow expert Tonya Crooks is responsible for the perfect eyebrows of stars such as Megan Fox, Fergie and Eva Mendes. She has revealed that there is a scientific explanation for the imbalance of our eyebrows. This is sometimes due to the position we take when we sleep, and in particular the side of the face on which we sleep. This can make the muscles on one side of the face weaker than those on the other side. It can also be due to the natural expressions of our face.

As parents of our dear children with eyebrows, we should not have a little darling, but thanks to science, we now have confirmation that one eyebrow is always more beautiful than the other.

Even though you know that this makes sense and that it is the same for all women (and men for that matter), when you want to have perfect eyebrows, seeing that your eyebrows are not perfectly symmetrical is particularly annoying.

Tonya advises us to try to balance our eyebrows by “thinning one while letting the other thicken”. However, we all know that this is easier said than done. And she usually invites us to spend half an hour in the bathroom plucking half of our eyebrows.

And when you think about it, it makes perfect sense! How many women have seen a loss of elasticity on the part of the face that was in constant contact with their pillow? This difference also applies to eyebrows, whose curvature can be more or less accentuated.

Moreover, when you try to lift one eyebrow, one is always higher than the other, so you naturally favour the stronger eyebrow before you can even compare them in the mirror.

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It also depends on how well you can raise one or the other eyebrow. Those who are able to raise one eyebrow often cannot do it on both sides, which necessarily develops one muscle more than the other. Even though I can lift both eyebrows separately, I find it easier to do it on the right side – which is my “beautiful” eyebrow.

That said, if you dream of having perfectly identical eyebrows, don’t worry: with great care and perfect hair removal, you can succeed in balancing your eyebrows. If your eyebrows aren’t symmetrical, take a step back when you look in the mirror after each stroke of the tweezers or eyebrow brush.

Whatever happens, don’t despair if you can’t achieve perfectly symmetrical eyebrows, don’t let your asymmetrical eyebrows get you down because most of us have uneven breasts, feet and eyes. One of your feet (or even one of your breasts!) is most likely larger or more prominent than the other, and it’s just a small imperfection that makes you beautiful and unique.

At least we now know that our eyebrows are scientifically imperfect. So we can begin to accept their unique identity and apologize to our left eyebrow, because we are always upset that its brow bone is not perfect.

Nobody is perfect, and that is the beauty of life. So keep displaying your bad eyebrows, because you never know when uneven eyebrows might become the next beauty trend.

So be proud of your “bad” eyebrow – it looks great just the way it is!

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