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The Most Trendy Eyebrows of 2021 are here – and What eyebrows makeup looks are trending

Eyebrow trend makeup have always been a priority for the general public. They follow, which is not to say that they are parade fictions in eyebrow design, which are often overlooked. What kind of eyebrows will be in fashion in 2021?

A lot of time has passed since a real brow-boom began in the beauty industry, and girls have managed to make sure that the eyebrows – their shape, width, volume – have a notice able effect on the image as a whole.

Eyebrow makeup was a separate stage in the daily beauty ritual. Some girls simply highlight the eyebrows in their natural look, while others adjust their shape and color to the trends that evolve every year. Let’s find out what the eyebrows are in fashion now, in 2021.

Eyebrows: fashion trends – 2021

Trendy eyebrows in 2021 may look completely different. Here are a few options.

Soap Eyebrows

This is primarily an eyebrow styling technique that allows for the effect of groomed brows, or “eyebrow scout”. It is a texture volume that makes the eyebrows look thicker – just in the spirit of trends.

To get this result, even makeup artists sometimes resort to a brush with dry soap: they are rubbed with a round brush soaked in water, which is then combed the eyebrows. The soap envelops the hairs, adding volume to them, and at the same time fixes the shape – no worse than reliable gels.

Soft tinting

By the rules, eyebrows can only be 1-2 tones darker/lighter than hair. This is neglected by many in an effort to follow eyebrow trends. We are already used to seeing contrasting eyebrows in most girls. Even blondes with strong lightening.

This season’s makeup artists are calling for a change in approach. Why darken your eyebrows when there is no immediate need? They shouldn’t stand out too much from other features. For example, light-red girls are advised to pick up relatively light shadows – not so much for the correction of the shape of the eyebrows, so much to give them a more neat and well-groomed appearance. Shades for every taste can be found in the collection Eyebrow Cake Powder from NYX Professional Makeup.

No makeup

In 2021, natural images will still be in fashion. In this case, the eyebrows are not tinted – just comb them with a round brush with colorless gel, which will help to fix the shape. Try it and limit yourself to it. It is quite possible that the color correction will not be needed.

Eyebrows with wet effect

The reincarnation of the wet finish fashional so touched the eyebrows. It is important to lay them with a thick layer of transparent fixation gel like Control Freak from NYX Professional Makeup.
A glossy glow adds liveliness and freshness to the image. So does the glow effect on the skin.

Eyebrows with brush cut

One sure way to expand your eyebrows visually is to arrange them with a round brush so that the hairs point upwards.

You will get the desire deffect of density and a slight negligence, which today is considered synonymous with naturalness.

Decolored eyebrows

This eyebrow trend, in contrast to the above, not every girl is ready to follow. However, it’s not the first season it’s claimed on the shows. Jason Wu, Sies Marjan, Rick Owens – at the show of these brands, the models appeared on the podium with bleached eyebrows. This technique allows make-up artists to turn their face into a “blank canvas” to create on it, experimenting with the color and texture of means.

How to achieve a fashionable eyebrow shape, taking into account the type of face?

Average width

In recent years, girls who were not awarded sable eyebrows by nature, tried in every possible way to correct this “mistake” with the tricks of makeup. Make-up artists call for work with natural data.

The average width can also look interesting, especially if you highlight its lightly with cosmetics. In fact, it is a universal option for all facial types.

Soft curved arched eyebrows

Another trend that is a thing of the past is eyebrows-pins with dramatic fractures. This shape gives the face a strict expression, and such an effectis not necessary for everyone. Judging by eyebrow trend, it is better to strive for the shape of the arc with a soft bend.

It especially goes to girls with square, triangular or rhomboidal facial types.

Straight eyebrows

This eyebrow trend is inspired by Asian beauty traditions: straight eyebrows can be seen on old Japanese geisha engravings and on Koreans today (in the West they are called K-brows).

It is fair to say that girls in Korea, Japan and China rarely have eyebrows that curve from nature. For them, straight eyebrows are natural. But in general, this form is universal. More over, it makes the image softer, which means it is suitable for girls with sharp features.

Natural shape

The eyebrows do not have to have a specific geometric shape. If it is inherently undefined, smooth, with knock-out hairs, leave it like this.

You don’t have to adjust your eyebrows to some kind of stencil. The natural formis a part of your personality, don’t forget it. Especially since today the manifestation of individuality is the most important trend. And the missing hairs can be easily drawn in the hair technique using a Hard Formula pencil from Shu Uemura.

How do you make eyebrow makeup?

For blondes.

Blonde girls in 2021 should give up the notice able blackening of their eyebrows. Pick up shades or a pencil in a sandy shade. Or, for example, coffee and milk colours if your hair is brown. Either way, the shade of the product shouldn’t be darker than your hair colour by more than a ton or two.

You don’t have to look for cosmetics exclusively in eyebrow rulers. The right shades can be found in the collections for eye makeup. Renounce the contrast and try to emphasize the eyebrows, only after a little work on the contour and its filling.

For brunettes.

Make-up artists have always advised brunettes to use in the make-up of eyebrows products 1-2 tones lighter than hair. This recommendation is worth paying special attention to in eyebrow trend 2021.

Judging by trends, brunettes can refuse color correction at all, because their eyebrows are so expressive. Try other butish techniques, such as creating a wet effect or soapy makeup.

For the kitten

The puppies don’t need to darken their eyebrows either. In their case, the best choice for eyebrows makeup is cosmetics that match the color of hair. Otherwise, the eyebrows will distract attention from the eyes and lips.

For redheads.

Many girls with red hair have blond eyebrows and eyelashes. So that they don’t disappear against the background of bright hair, they need to be slightly emphasized.

eyebrow makeup For redheads.


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It is not worth circling your eyebrows with a pencil or filling the contour with a thick layer of shadows. It is important that they maintain their natural appearance. Choose the method of light shading in hair technique.

Wide eyebrows: a new eyebrow trend – 2021

In 2021, the fashion for wide eyebrows is changing. This option is still preferable to “strings”, but it is not necessary to achieve extravagance.

Wide eyebrows: a new trend – 2020

Exactly do not “move” the natural contour and repaint it with a pencil in order to achieve a fashionable width. Use tricks and deceptions: for example, a technique with diagonally brushed eyebrows helps to make the eyebrows visually wider and at the same time does not deprive them of their naturalness. It is important to be moderate and not try to change your appearance by something that is not natural.

Perfect Eyebrows – 2021: Current Brow Tips

More texture

In 2021, the triple width – color – texture plays the leading role. Make-up artists call for abandoning painting new forms. Fashion for thick and lush eyebrows came to us with the easy hand of those who have them from nature and who do not need to achieve this effect with all the truth and untruth. Therefore, it is better for us not to get carried away and not to zeal. It is better to test new make-up techniques with soap or shiny transparent gloss. It’s likely to be enough to make your eyebrows look groomed and textured.

Attention to the undertone

Brow-masters in 2021 pay attention to the selection of shades of cosmetics for the color correction of the eyebrows: it must not only be close to the color of hair, but also match it on the subtone.

PerfectEyebrows - 2020: CurrentBrow Tips

Be sure to consider whether it is warm or cold. Blondes with a cold colour type, for example, a sand-coloured pencil with a red head, for example, will not be exactly suitable.

Last step in make-up

To make sure you don’t over do the eyebrows, finish your makeup. Apply a tone, then paint your eyes and lips. And only then, in the last place, correct the eyebrows. This way, you avoid the risk of making the emphasis on them too strong (read: vulgar).


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