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The eyebrow wigs: the wig to display beautiful eyebrows

Eyebrow wigs, yes, it’s a real product, eyebrow wigs are made of 100% natural hair and they adhere with a very strong but comfortable tube glue. They are available in two shades: brown and dark brown. They can be cut as needed to fit the shape of your natural eyebrows. They can be considered as very small adhesive hair extensions, which are applied directly to the existing eyebrow line.

Did you over-shave or miss your brow line? Don’t you have seconds to waste in the morning to intensify them with a stroke of the pencil? If your eyebrows don’t come naturally from Frida Pinto or Cara Delevigne, don’t worry: there are now lace wigs, the most natural eyebrow wigs in the world.

Who are the eyebrow wigs for?

eyebrow wigs for those who want fuller, darker or more defined eyebrows. It can also be suitable for those who suffer from alopecia (hair and hair loss) or trichotillomania (a mania for plucking eyebrows), eyebrow wigs for those who have had too much hair removed or those who have undergone chemotherapy.

Eyebrow wigs are simply a hairpiece for the “lace eyebrow”, as would be a fake moustache, a fake beard, a pair of false eyelashes or simply a wig. It’s good for those who don’t want to opt for such radical methods as volumizing eyebrow mascaras, wax and make-up kits, extensions, mathematical formulas for perfect hair removal, stimulating gels for hair growth, cosmetic surgery… There are now eyebrow wigs, or rather “lace wigs” for eyebrows.

Eyebrow wigs: the new beauty trend

The 90s were marked by the trend for ultra-thin eyebrows,Recent seasons have seen the peak of “faded” eyebrows,but today it’s thick, bushy eyebrows, some would say, that are in vogue .

Before eyebrow wigs became a fashionable beauty accessory, eyebrow wigs were intended for patients suffering from cancer, following chemo or radiotherapy. An ingenious idea to make them feel feminine in spite of the disease… But beauticians, always looking for a clever product to divert, quickly stole the idea from them.

It was this difficult experience that prompted the designer to invent these eyebrow wigs, because when she lost her natural eyebrows, she realized that she could never achieve a truly realistic result with pencils.

The product was marketed by the American company Volition Beauty, which operates in the opposite direction to the usual marketing process: instead of trying to “dictate” trends, the company instead markets ideas submitted by the public and customers.

How are eyebrow wigs applied?

eyebrow wigs. They come in different colours: brown, chestnut, blond and have several degrees of thickness, depending on the effect you want to achieve on your eyes. It is not only a way to fill them in in a few seconds, but also an opportunity to feign their existence more naturally for those who don’t have naturally drawn eyebrows.

To apply them, simply apply a special glue on the strip provided for this purpose and stick the wig on your real eyebrows,Simply remove the hairpiece from its support and superimpose it on your own eyebrow line. Some come in the form of a sort of self-adhesive gauze rectangle that melts completely into the skin, for others you have to add a touch of false eyelash glue to hold them in place. In both cases, you have time to reposition them for a nickel application.

When evening comes, all you have to do is peel them off and remove the glue from your face but also from the eyebrow wigs if you want to use it again.


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To apply them correctly, you must use the glue that goes with it and above all clean the skin and the “sticky” surface of the artificial eyebrow after use if you want to be able to prolong its use as long as possible.

Lace wigs are known to be the most natural wigs on the market today and look like real eyebrows.The eyebrow wigs are sold on different sites like Alibaba and seem to make emulators.
As a proof, many tutorials have bloomed on YouTube to teach the art of applying the eyebrow wigs.

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