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The best eyebrow wigs to replace tattoos and shadows

For several years now, the fashion for thick and wide eyebrows has been out of fashion. No matter what girls do to get the perfect shape: some use decorative cosmetics, while others choose invasive methods to achieve long-lasting results. Today’s ideal, by today’s standards, eyebrows can be made to look their best with the help of… eyebrow wigs!. This new beauty trend has already been tested by renowned bloggers and has been successful.

Originally, these eyebrow wigs were invented for people who had undergone chemotherapy and those suffering from other diseases that lead to hair loss or complete disappearance. However, eyebrow wigs can also make life easier for those who, in their day, went too far in removing eyebrow hair.


Many cosmetic procedures to decorate the eyebrows are effective, but often expensive and painful. However, now the ideal form can be achieved without extra effort in just a few minutes. For this purpose, experts in the field of brutie offer to use false eyebrows. These miniature wigs are easily glued to the skin with a special product and can last on your face for up to three days.

Eyebrows wigs- is it a joke or not?

Many people want to have attractive eyebrows, but are afraid of complicated and painful procedures of their correction. Overlay eyebrow wigs allow you to quickly and safely change the shape of your eyebrows and make them more attractive.


The layering of eyebrow wigs is one of the methods of eyebrow extension, actually similar to a wig. These are strips with hairs, which are applied with a transparent glue or glue base.

Eyebrow wigs suitable for?

• Those who have undergone chemotherapy or diseases that lead to hair loss.
• Those who do not have thick enough eyebrows.
• For those who have tried too hard, plucking their eyebrows.
• Those who faced with a badly done tattoo.



• The presence in the area of the eyebrows and eyes of any skin damage, irritation, tumors, edema.
• Allergic reaction to glue.


• Simplicity and accessibility. You can apply and shoot yourself, including at home.
• Painless.
• Safety. “Wigs” have almost no contraindications, and therefore cause any problems in rare cases.
• They allow you to correct almost any deficiencies of the eyebrows.
• They are made of natural hair, so they look natural.
• It is easy to return “your” eyebrows – it is enough just to remove the “wig”.


• It is inconvenient to glue the eyebrows all the time (in some cases you have to do it every day).
• The eyebrows should coincide with the growth line of your own eyebrows as much as possible, otherwise the eyebrows will look unnatural. If your eyebrows are too wide, you will still have to pluck them constantly.
• You should avoid getting your eyebrows wet or too wet, otherwise they may become loose. Therefore, you should not use such eyebrows in rainy weather, in areas with high humidity, on the beach and other similar places.
• In some cases, the eyebrows may have difficulty to be removed (especially if you choose a poor quality glue).
• Not all overhead eyebrows may be comfortable. Some of them seem to be too heavy, not too reliable, you should get used to them.
• Glue can cause irritation and allergic reaction.

Which eyebrow wigs is the best?

eyebrows wigs differ in many respects:

• length;
• width;
• color (which includes various shades of brown, red, golden);
• price (from 9 to 40 $ per package, depending on the materials and mode of production);
• material (artificial hair or natural, different types of mesh for fastening);
• method of attachment (self-adhesive or with the need to apply the adhesive separately).

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Which eyebrow wigs is the best

Waterproof Imitation Ecological Natural Tattoo Eyebrow wigs.

best eyebrow wigs Easy to apply Forget about messy application with glues or excess ink and powder all over your face. Just use a small amount of water to moisten the eyebrow wigs, wait ten seconds and open it to get natural eyebrows.

Multiple Styles to Choose There are eight styles of eyebrow wigs to choose from, each style has different size eyebrows to meet different requirements. Whether you fancy a sharp arch, a gentle curve, or a straighter structure, you can find the best eyebrow wigs from this selection to flatter your face shape.

Long Lasting Eyebrow wigs, Medium Arch, Natural Black.

There is no more need for daily application of eyebrow pencils or powders.

Godefroy My Brow Temporary Eyebrow Tattoos are they best eyebrow wigs available in the most popular eyebrow shapes and colors so you need never have another bad brow day.


Eyebrows wigs Invisible Realistic Natural Fake Eyebrows.

Best eyebrow wigs Suitable for film makeup and special effects, as well as people without eyebrows or partial missing eyebrows. The local missing of the eyebrows can retain your own eyebrows, and the corresponding part of the simulated eyebrows is attached to the missing place. There is no way to paste the eyebrows, and it is easy to stick your eyebrows when you stick them.

Apply an adequate amount of glue on the reverse side and let dry for about 5 minutes. Stick it on a clean and dry skin, press it well and wipe off the spilled glue. Very good. When applying the glue on the reverse side of the eyebrow wigs, fix the eyebrows and eyebrows to prevent them from rolling into a ball. After a few minutes, the film will be restored.

Eyebrow wigs Stickers Eyebrow Grooming Shaping Makeup Sticker for Women Girls.

With the modeling makeup is the best eyebrow wigs allow you to create a charming eyebrow that harmonizes with your hairstyles and dressings and create a beautiful visual effect without drawing your eyebrows every day, suitable for everyday life, partying, shopping and encounters.

Comes with various styles of eyebrow shapes and each style contains different size of eyebrows, which have included the most eyebrow styles and size, whether you like a arch pattern, curved style or straight structure, the best eyebrow wigs will satisfy your desire, suitable for most women and girls.


Long Lasting Natural Eyebrow wigs For Woman and Man.

Best eyebrow wigs For Professional Or Beginners This temporary eyebrow wigs is very easy to use and can be used well by both novice and beginners.

They can last for 3 – 5 days or more and they are waterproof, They can be worn in the shower. They can last for 7 days if properly cared for.You can find the best eyebrow wigs from this selection to flatter your face shape. Also you can save time and money!


In addition, there are decorative overhead eyebrows. They often look unnatural and provocative: they can be painted in different colors, decorated with sequins, sequins and rhinestones, and have an unusual shape. They are used mainly for photo sessions in images, carnivals and the like.


How to choose the right eyebrow wigs?

• It is necessary to determine the color of the eyebrows – they must match the color of the hair and the type of appearance (usually 1-2 tones darker or lighter than the hair).
• Choose the shape closest to the shape of your eyebrows – so they will look more natural. In addition, the eyebrows must harmonize with the rest of the face.
• Choose an overlay that fits the skin color. This way, it will blend in with the skin tone and remain invisible.
• Pay attention to the eyebrows’ structure. Those whose hairs mimic the real ones will be best imitated by natural eyebrows.
• The eyebrows should be movable, change their shape according to their facial expressions, be “alive”.

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How to choose the right eyebrow wigs

How to choose glue?

There is a special glue for eyebrows, sold in small bottles or tubes. The main criterion to be followed when choosing it is the absence of allergic reaction. In addition, the glue should be transparent, flexible and well fix the eyebrows. It is best to use latex glue.

How do you make an eyebrow wigs?

• Cleanse the skin with any degreasing agent.
• Use a cosmetic pencil to mark the beginning and end of each eyebrow on your face. You can also use eyebrow stencils, which will make it easier to fix the eyebrows evenly.
• Unscrew the strips from the base, apply the glue evenly to the base of the eyebrow and wait for half a minute. The glue should soak up a little.
• Glue the strips, gently pressing them to the skin and moving from the nose bridge to the outer corner of the eye. It is important to control the process with a mirror to glue evenly.
• Gently remove excess glue with a tissue or cotton pad.
• You can apply some powder to the face to make the transition from the base of the eyebrows to the skin more even.

How do you make an eyebrow wigs

How to take care of eyebrow wigs?

Artificial eyebrows do not require special care. The main rule is not to wet them (except when they need to be removed).

For the eyebrows to stay on your face longer, you should carefully wipe the area around the moistened cotton pads without touching the eyebrows themselves.

How to take care of eyebrow wigs

In addition, you should not rub and scratch the glued eyebrows, or stretch them.

Removed eyebrows should be gently cleaned from the glue with your fingers, wait until they dry (if necessary) and place them back on the sticky substrate.

How to remove the eyebrows wigs?

• Wet eyebrows.
• Use your fingers or tweezers to pick up the edge of the eyebrow and pull gently, moving from the nose bridge to the outer corner of the eye.
• Clean the skin of the remnants of glue, apply a moisturizing cream.

How to remove the eyebrows wigs


How long do eyebrow wigs last?

From a few days to two weeks, depending on the conditions of wear (and if not wet). If desired, the eyebrows can be removed at any time.

Are you comfortable with your sock?

Nice and properly selected flap eyebrows are comfortable to wear. But, depending on your individual sensitivity, you may need to get used to them.

Can I apply cosmetics to artificial eyebrows?

You can – for example – apply powder or shadows. Cosmetic pencils or ink are not recommended.

Can I use the same eyebrows several times?

Yes, you can. If handled gently and correctly, they can be used for quite a long time.


Thus, overhead eyebrows are a simple and convenient way to make your appearance attractive due to neat and beautiful eyebrows. They can be used at any time, quickly and painlessly – and just as easy to get rid of them if you do not like the result.

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