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The best eyebrow tint – How to choose Eyebrow Tint, Buying Tips, Rank and Reviews

On the market you will find many options and different shades to choose from: how to choose a best eyebrow tint? When you are looking for a perfect eyebrow tint there are several factors not to be underestimated at the time of purchase, which you will find in this guide to choose the best eyebrow tint.

The 5 Best Eyebrow Tint – Rank 2020

According to some expert make-up artists the use of the pencil to make up eyebrows is now outdated, the new way to have them perfect in every occasion is represented by the colors we tell you about in this purchase guide.

         1. Wunder2 Dark Brown Tone Eyebrow Gel

Main advantage:

The security of buying a well-known brand that has already made its way into the market, winning over many consumers, including professional make-up artists.

Main disadvantage:

The supplied brush is not suitable for precision application, but rather as a dispenser for picking up the product. It is therefore necessary to apply the gel with a hard corner brush specifically for eyebrows.

If applied precisely, following the recommended methods and using a brush with angled bristles, the result is excellent for intensity, coloring and natural effect.

It is guaranteed to last two days, during which time you can forget about eyebrow make-up. What’s more, you can find advantageous online offers that make it one of the cheapest products around.

2. Swiss-o-Par, Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting, Brown

A complete eyebrow tint kit, which finally satisfies even the less experienced, since, according to many opinions, it is very easy to use. Very popular among very young girls thanks to the low and affordable prices and the many possible applications, even using little product.

The indications are scrupulously reported on the package: it is necessary to follow the steps and wait for the shutter speed. The kit contains everything necessary to recreate a uniform color and ten applications are guaranteed. The package contains a vial of liquid, a tube of coloring gel, a cotton swab, a small comb and ten sheets for lashes.

The coloring is easy to perform: cover the skin with the leaflet that you find in the kit, apply the fluid with the cotton bud as the first step, wait a minute and go to the second step, spreading the colored gel with the comb, to allow a homogeneous coloring.

The excess product should be removed immediately and thoroughly to prevent the skin from becoming dyed. A large rinse with neutral soap or shampoo is sufficient. Because it is so easy to use, you can’t miss it!

3. Maybelline New York Tattoo Brow Peel-off

A very special dye, the one proposed by Maybelline New York, in a new and funny peel-off format, more commonly called “tear-off”, just like one of those face masks that you remove after having dried perfectly and taken the consistency of a film.

You can choose the intensity you want to obtain, simply by varying the shutter speed (the basic one is 20 minutes) and the result lasts for three days, with no need for touch-ups.

Swimming pool-proof, it’s like having tattooed eyebrows: among all the products sold online, Maybelline’s eyebrow tint was very easy to apply with the brush applicator and it’s just as easy to correct any errors with a cotton bud.

Consumers have also expressed positive opinions on the number of uses with a single vial: it is possible to make as many as ten with the right doses of the product. To increase the success of this color contributes the large distribution of the brand: you can always know where to buy the cosmetic and at the best price on offer.

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4. Kalentin Eyebrow Tint Kit Lashes

The fourth product in our ranking is a professional eyebrow tint capable of enhancing the depth of the eye to make it magnetic. It is one of the best-selling and most appreciated items of the moment, not only for its ultra competitive price, but also for its creamy texture that makes it easier to apply, although the absence of an applicator could turn the nose up at the less experienced who are not very familiar with this kind of products.

Its formula is designed to ensure a dual effect: intense color and volume, since it aims to hide the first white hairs and make the eyebrows thicker, with an absolutely natural result.

Users who have had the opportunity to try it, declare that the color has a long life and good water resistance, so it is also suitable for those who practice sports, and since it does not contain ammonia and parabens, it will not cause damage to the skin even in case of skin sensitivity.

5. RefectoCil Sensitive Tinting for Eyelashes and Eyebrows

New packaging, improved formulation with pigments based on plant extracts and the same guarantees, for one of the best-selling and best known products on the market: RefectoCil dyeing is very easy to apply, fast as it takes only three minutes and only two steps.

The first step involves the application of the eyebrow tint, simple thanks to all the instructions, which are carefully written inside the package. The second step consists in applying Refectocil development gel, which is left to act for about one minute and is simply removed with a cotton ball soaked in water: the eyebrows are ready and enhanced by a saturated color.

The eyebrow tinting has a good duration but it is not specified exactly how many days of intense color are guaranteed. It does not contain hydrogen peroxide and is very suitable for those who want to use a cosmetic as natural and delicate as possible. It is also possible to dye eyelashes: it is suggested to always protect extremely delicate areas with the appropriate paper.

How to use eyebrow tint

In order not to make mistakes, we want to give you some useful tips to have perfect and thick eyebrows, in a short time and with the right products. Let’s see together how best to use your purchase.

It is an easy procedure, which can also be homemade in one, two or three steps at most and even if you have little time. Fundamental in this case is the choice of the product that best suits your timing and your manual skills.
We have seen that, among our proposals as the best eyebrow tint of 2020, there are some that require only a pass, because the cosmetic is already ready to use and the dispenser supplied also acts as an applicator brush.
A much more practical choice for those who are always on the run but still want to be always in order. The two-step colors require a laying time that can vary depending on the brand proposal and the result you want to obtain.

The first step is to apply a sort of activating product to facilitate the next step and the coloring, then take a small amount of dye and, trying to be as precise as possible, apply it well on each hair and on the sparse areas.

They are highly appreciated for the duration of the intense color, guaranteed from three days to a week, without the need for any retouching. However, it is absolutely not recommended to use your fingers to apply any type of color.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the eyebrow tint last?

The average duration of a shade varies from two days to a week and is determined both by the type chosen and the duration of the laying, but not only. It must be taken into account that each hair is different and has a different consistency: there are eyebrows that absorb and retain pigments better than others. In this case you need to experiment with various solutions to find the one that best suits your needs.

Where to buy eyebrow tint?

Today you can find the colors both online and in specialized stores: on the web you can find many offers and read the personal experiences of other users, to see if the desired product is really for you.

On some sites you can make a comparison of the costs of the various products and evaluate their quality/price ratio to make the most suitable choice for your budget and needs. In addition, the choice is very wide and it is certainly easier to find the perfect product for you.

How to make eyebrow tint?

The kits currently on the market are already equipped with everything necessary to facilitate the application of the shade, so that it can be used by every type of consumer, from the most experienced to those who are experimenting with the shade for the first time.

The general rule is to spread the product on the eyebrows, wait for the right application time and remove the excess shade with a disc soaked in water or soap and water. It should be remembered that there are different types and the proposals of cosmetic companies are numerous, so the application and use of the shade may vary depending on the product purchased.

How to remove the dye from eyebrows?

In most cases, the removal of a normal dye can be easily performed using any biphasic make-up remover, unless it is a henna dye or dye gel.

In this case it is necessary to wait for the eyebrows to gradually discharge the pigments: normally the removal time varies from one to four weeks. Avoid using a non-natural brightener to speed up the wait, especially if it is a DIY remedy: you may get an orange or greenish color, depending on the starting color of your eyebrows.

How to lighten eyebrows without dyeing?

You can lighten them by following completely natural methods, such as with chamomile compresses: this remedy works best on eyebrows already clear or light brown. It is important to specify that it does not have an immediate effect: you need to arm yourself with patience and repeat the compresses constantly until you get the desired result.

Another possibility, to be done in the comfort of home, is to use hydrogen peroxide at 10 volumes. Even this solution is quite simple: you use a cotton swab soaked in hydrogen peroxide and you pass it on the eyebrows, taking care to cover every hair well.

On the contrary, when there is a need to lighten up more quickly, you can rely on an ammonia-free bleach that is easy to use.

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