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The Best Eyebrow Brushes – Overview and application procedure

Eyebrow brush is an accessory that must be present in every modern woman’s cosmetic bag. The best eyebrow brush makes eye makeup much easier. Among other things, it massages the skin and hair, which allows you to activate sleeping follicles (by increasing the speed of local blood circulation), accelerate the penetration of valuable substances to them, stimulate hair growth. Consider the features of such accessories, popular brands and subtleties of their use in make-up.

Review of best eyebrow brushes and combs for eyebrows and eyelashes from well-known manufacturers

Kodi professional or joy bui joy – such brands are undoubtedly known to women who keep up with the times and use modern accessories to take care of the beauty of their appearance. Eyebrow brushes are necessary for make-up, hair care, in addition, regular brushing has a positive effect on the condition of the eyebrows.

If you perform the procedure twice a day, you can achieve activation of local blood circulation, through which the follicles get more oxygen, nutrients. After this effect, the hairs begin to grow more actively, get a healthy shine and silkiness.

Eyebrow styles can be made of different materials:

• metallic;
• plastic;
• silicones;
• in the form of lint.

In beauty salons are more often used metal combs. They have several advantages:

• convenience of hygienic cleaning;
• hair straightening;
• ease of styling eyebrows, giving the eyebrows;
• no damaging effect on the dyeing pigment.

Similar models are available at iLuLu Lash & Brow, refectocil.

Plastic accessories have the following features:

• amenity;
• safety;
• possibility of treatment with cosmetic products;
• effective hair straightening;
• probability of removing shadows or pencils from the hairs, make-up violations.

best eyebrow brushes Plastic accessories

On the shelves of professional cosmetics stores you can find a variety of accessories that combine several care products.

Popular models:

• toothed brush;
• combination with scissors;
• device with two sides, one of which has sharpened ledges;
• with metal teeth;
• with a brush for making decorative cosmetics.

Tweezerman and lash comb blink

The manufacturer offers a wide range of products for various purposes. Special attention should be paid to a novelty, in which the comb is extended, there is the possibility of adjusting the density, width of the teeth (depending on the task).


During the simulation of the shape of the brow arcs is convenient to use scissors equipped with a comb, with their help it is easy to adjust the length of the hairs.

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The scissors, which have a curved shape, are convenient to work with, with their help only unwanted hairs are cut, without affecting the rest.






This company has long pleased the fair sex with various cosmetics of high quality, as well as accessories that make it much easier to take care of yourself.

The double-sided brush from IAC easily separates hairs and brushes the brow arcs. It has metal cloves, which are very convenient to comb through the vegetation, to give it the desired shape.




This brush is made of a number of small needles, which are indispensable for glueing sticky hairs (for example, eyelashes after coloring with low quality mascara).

Work with this product very carefully so as not to accidentally hurt your eyes.




1. There are plastic fibers in the form of bundles.
2. Here are the cogs made of plastic.

Both sides are best eyebrow bruch suited for the formation of the line of brow arcs, preparing the hairs for application of decorative cosmetics.



Mary kay

The best eyebrow brush from this manufacturer has a high level of functionality. It performs a variety of functions:

• hair combing;
• shadowing;
• removal of surplus decorative cosmetics;
• separation of hair rods;
• eyebrow modeling;
• creating an optimal styling;
• eyebrows tinting.




The whole brush is made of highest quality materials – synthetic hair, light weight & strong wooden handle
That’s why it has full hypoallergenicity, suitable for sensitive eyes.

Such a comb easily stacks the hairs, separates them, allowing you to create the most natural image.


How to use eyebrow brush?

Profmix, baby brush, as well as other brush companies, should be applied correctly, it will help to achieve the planned result. Do not forget that after applying the brush should be timely cleaned from the remnants of decorative cosmetics, washed and dried. Instructions on how to use the brush for eyebrows:

  1. Clean the surface of the brow arcs of decorative cosmetics (it is prohibited to use an accessory on the eyebrows painted with cosmetics), dry with a towel.
  2. Run the comb from the front of the arcs to the middle, moving slightly upwards.
  3. Place the comb vertically to form a contour. Repeat the hairs if after the first exposure there are rods that are not included in the general contour.
  4. Lift the brush up with bristles and slightly smooth out the hairs.
  5. After the design of the desired appearance of the main part of the eyebrow, proceed to design the tail. Move the brush here to the direction of hair growth.
  6. Use for coloring eyebrows with shadow or ink. Carefully grow cosmetic products.
  7. Apply fixing wax and gel to the brow arcs.
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The brush is often used with shadows or carcass, other decorative cosmetics. With this accessory, it is very convenient to distribute the pigment over the entire surface of the eyebrows, to paint over empty spaces. If a woman uses an eyebrow pencil, she will also need a brush, it can be used to shape arches, remove the remains of pencil marks from the surface of the skin.

How to use eyebrow brush

For a comb to last as long as possible, you need to take good care of it:

• Flush after use under clean water, if necessary, with a light soapy water solution;
• dry after washing;
• Store in a cosmetic bag, a special case so that the brush does not accumulate dirt and dust;
• Periodically disinfect using a cotton swab moistened in antiseptic, alcohol solution.

In addition to accessories with many single uses that can be cleaned, the stores sell disposable combs for eyelashes and eyebrows. They are notable for their affordable price and large quantities in packaging. Their important advantage is that there is no need for care, after using such an accessory is simply thrown away.

Disposable combs are most often made of silicone and have a spiral shape.

The simplicity of use of these products can hardly be overestimated:

• affordable price;
• easy to use at work, on business trips;
• suitable for creating the most exquisite eyebrow makeup;
• does not require additional care.

Beautifully decorated brow bars make the makeup complete. To work with this facial area can not do without special accessories, one of which are brushes. Their proper use allows you to carefully arrange the hairs, grow cosmetics, create a well-groomed image.

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