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The 9 eyebrow mistakes to avoid

a reverse guide on the correct use of tweezers. With the suggestions of the make up artist who explains why some mistakes should not be made.

Never as in recent years have eyebrows been in the spotlight of women of all ages and experts in the field. That – they assure – the face changes visually if the arches above the eyes are perfect and kept in order. The word “perfect”, however, should not induce one to look for THE ideal shape, perhaps admired on models, which however does not suit one’s face. Pursuing perfection, one risks making mistakes, first of all, tearing up badly. “And if the tear is done badly, the eyebrow grows badly too, losing its natural beauty.”

Mistake No.1: Frequently pluck eyebrows

Taken by the obsession with the perfect shape, one finds oneself “pushing” often – too often – one’s eyebrows. As soon as a little hair comes out, it is immediately eradicated at the root without mercy. “Tear after tear, the hair bulb can suffer irreparable damage, until it burns, with the result of not growing anymore – says Massimo Infusino, make up artist and image consultant for Diego Dalla Palma – this happens if the epilation is too “wild”, frequent and clumsy. It’s a mistake to touch up your eyebrows every 2-3 days: if the habit is daily you have to lose it as soon as possible”.

Frequently pluck eyebrows

Once you’ve found your shape, rip the hair that comes out of the line, without ever touching the top. The hairs that you have to pull out are only those on the lower arch and that grow on the bone of the eye orbit.

The complete retouching – alone or in the salon – should be done 3 to 4 weeks after the first “study” session of the eyebrows. Don’t be ashamed to walk around “bushy”: many people don’t even notice it! “On the contrary, making the hairs grow well helps to give them the correct shape, and more valuable for your eyes”.

Mistake No.4: Avoid overly geometric shapes

It is true that the “study” of eyebrows is a matter of harmony of straight lines and diagonals, but it must not follow a geometric design, as if it were made with teams and compasses! “You risk an artificial effect that can remove freshness from the face and harden the features – explains the make up artist Infusino – the expression could also be compromised for the worse”. Lovers of design lines, you’re warned: the risk of “looking unpleasant, even if it’s not” is just around the corner, even printed on the face!

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overly geometric shapes

Respect the proportions of your face, keeping these rules in mind:
– The eyebrow must start exactly above the inner corner of the eye;
– It must end at the imaginary line from the nostril to the outer corner of the eye.
Go easy with the pencil too: the strokes must be light and never as if you wanted to colour an empty figure.

Mistake No.3: Follow the fashion of the moment

As in all matters of trend, it takes a bit of critical spirit: if in the second decade of the Third Millennium the diktat is “thickness”, how will those who over the years have “eaten” their eyebrows to imitate Mina follow it? Above all, it’s good to remember that not everyone is happy with the shape of the moment.

fashion of the moment

“Actually, fads are not all to be demonized because, despite their exaggerations, they help to rebalance the model in vogue in the previous era: if, for example, thick and thick eyebrows are in fashion today, women will be more inclined not to shave them frequently (which we have just seen what that entails); on the contrary, thin eyebrows have opened the way to eyebrow care as a status of their look”.

Mistake No.4: Use tweezers that tear badly.

Make sure that, by tweezing the tweezers, it can perform an elastic movement with the two “braces” of the same, “the grip must also be firm and not slow or soft – says the image consultant – Also remember that if it falls on the ground more than once it is to be thrown out because it is untied, with the result of tearing badly, cutting the hair and losing the right elasticity”.

tweezers that tear badly

Treat your tweezers as if they were jewellery and, after 3-4 years of use, buy another one. To avoid infection, disinfect it with an alcohol-soaked wad.

Mistake No.5: No eyebrows too thin

They harden the features, make the eye less expressive and give an air of artifact.

eyebrows too thin

The right thickness of eyebrows must adapt to the size of the face and especially the forehead:
– yes to thin eyebrows if the whole face is tiny;
– not if the features are marked with a high forehead, important cheekbones and large eyes.

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Mistake No.6: No arched eyebrows

It is the opposite of geometric eyebrows with the aggravating factor that completely distort the harmony of the face, and alter the expression of the eyes: even the most beautiful ones are not enhanced with the round arch that pushes upwards too much!

arched eyebrows

Grow them back with a lot of patience (it will take at least 2 months to cover the arch) and then entrust them to the staff specialized in the study of eyebrows. Are you undecided about the beautician? The best way to test it is to see how she wears it… If something in her eyes doesn’t convince you, go over and look again.

Mistake No.7: no eyebrows too far apart and/or short

It’s always tempting to thin out too much. If there is too much distance between one eyebrow and the other, one could alter the perception of the nose and get a perpetually amazed expression. You can only achieve greater distance if your eyes are close together.

eyebrows too far apart and/or short

To understand the right eyebrow distance, orient yourself as follows: keep the wing cartilage of the nose, that is the outer part of the two nostrils, as reference points. The distance must be identical. How to find out? Place a pencil vertically, from the nose to the inner corner of the eye.

Mistake No.8: no eyebrows too close together

They give it a sullen, frowning expression. Someone might think you’re permanently angry!

eyebrows too close together

The indications of the correct proportion with the width of the nose, as in the previous point (distant eyebrows), are valid.

Mistake No.9: No frequent waxing hair removal

The result is certainly perfect, but regular waxing may lead to relaxation of the eyelid tissues, accelerating a sagging effect of the eyelid before time. It is better not to stress this already delicate area of the eyelid, which is exposed to ageing, too suddenly than other parts of the face. Otherwise, later on you will be forced to remedy the blepharoplasty…

frequent waxing hair removal

Tweezers and common sense, as we saw. And if waxing is not recommended, shaving is forbidden!

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