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Tattooing your eyebrows: what you need to know before you get started

All your eyebrow tattooing questions, answered

Eyebrow Tattoo: You should consider this!

The decision for an eyebrow tattoo should not be made in a hurry, because after all, permanent make-up remains faithful to us for a long time. Also the shape should then perfectly match the face. You should pay attention to that.

Eyebrows in top shape, wow Brow!

The eyebrows give a face its true expression. In recent years, they have become a beauty factor that the industry has also discovered for itself. Brow styling palettes, brow ink, powder, applicator, pens, growth serums – we are encouraged to style our eyebrows in top form. If you are tired of daily repainting and styling of the brows, think about an eyebrow tattoo. A good alternative to make-up?

How does the tattooing of eyebrows work?

The classical form of the eyebrow tattoo is applied with a pigmentation device at a cosmetician. This is a form of permanent make-up where the colour lasts for about one and a half years and then slowly fades.
Tattooing of eyebrows- If you are tired of constantly repainting, you can get your eyebrows tattooed. But what are the costs for the treatment? And does it also involve risks?

Have you ever thought about getting your eyebrows tattooed? In any case, permanent make-up has the advantage that you save a lot of time in the morning and evening in the bathroom. However, it also involves costs and risks, about which we inform you here.

dangers of tattooing eyebrows

If you get your eyebrows tattooed, the same risks can in principle occur as with tattoos. In addition to redness and swelling of the skin, inflammation and allergic reactions can occur. If the colour is applied too deeply into the skin, scarring can occur.

The most common risks also include brittle lines and an asymmetrical shape of the tattooed brows. This can happen especially if you have the treatment performed by a layman. You should therefore inform yourself in detail in advance and have your eyebrows tattooed only by specially trained beauticians.

  • The basic risks involved in tattooing can also occur when an eyebrow tattoo is stitched.
  • In addition to infectious diseases, such as hepatitis or HIV, inflammation of the skin can lead to scars. Finally, the fine stitches leave wounds in the skin.
  • The colour can cause allergic reactions.
  • Since the needles are placed manually by the cosmetician, errors can naturally occur during placement, asymmetrical or brittle lines are the result.
  • Problem: Eyebrow color. The colour result is not natural. The tattoo colours can actually appear different, because for some skin types some colours appear very intense, for others they are less visible. Skin metabolism and skin structure play an important role. A good cosmetician can assess this.
  •  Before tattooing, the form must be clear! You should discuss this in detail with the cosmetician. The pigmentation therapist will first draw the shape of the eyebrows with a pencil. Take your time for this step!

Tip for preparation: Do not take any blood-thinning medication, such as aspirin, or drink coffee or alcohol before the procedure. This could increase bleeding and falsify the desired colour result.

does tattooing eyebrows hurt

The pigments are brought into the skin under local anesthesia using a very thin needle. There should be no pain during the treatment, usually the stitches in the skin are rather perceived as tingling. Swelling may occur after pigmentation, but this subsides relatively quickly with cooling. An arnica ointment can support the wound healing. You can also store it in the refrigerator, then it is especially pleasant to apply on swellings. There are even special tattoo care products that calm the skin with panthenol, allantoin and bisabolol. Please make sure that there is no perfume, preservatives, microplastics etc. in these lotions and ointments, because the injured skin can react with inflammation.

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How Much Does It Cost to Get Your Eyebrows Tattooed?

If you get your eyebrows tattooed, you will never have to take the time again to pluck and repaint your eyebrows – this fact has its price. The cost for a bilateral eyebrow supplement is about $500. If the eyebrows have to be completely redesigned, you will have to dig even deeper into your pocket – this cosmetic treatment costs around $700 to $800. If only a few hairs are optically supplemented, the effort is of course less than if a whole brow is traced with fine needles. Usually two to three appointments are necessary for a perfect permanent make-up. Often, shortly after the treatment, the colours are still a little too strong, too weak or irregular. After 3 weeks the final result can be seen.

Is microblading the perfect alternative to the traditional eyebrow tattoo?

In microblading, fine needles (blades) are used in a row to trace the hairs. The cosmetician can apply the needles individually, so that the result looks completely natural. Small spaces on the outer eyebrow can also be filled in. As microblading is a form of permanent make-up and therefore only penetrates the upper layers of skin, the colour lasts for about a year. The even gentler variant is called microshading, in which only tiny dots are pricked between the hair roots and filled with colour.Advantage: The skin is not so heavily stressed due to the minor injuries and the risk of scarring is reduced.

Eyebrows: Tattooing instead of microblading

A frequent question that beauticians are asked in their daily work is the difference between Tattooing eyebrow and microblading. This is understandable as microblading is one of the latest developments in decorative cosmetics. The treatment originally comes from Asia and has taken the world by storm in recent years. Tattooing eyebrow , on the other hand, has long been established and is part of the conventional range of many beauty salons. So what does the new method entail and what are the differences betweenTattooing and microblading?

Tattooing eyebrow :With tattoo techniques, patterns and contours are worked on the skin that visually match the desired make-up. Usually facial areas such as eyebrows, eyelids and lips are treated. The result is aesthetically accentuated facial features that no longer require daily make-up. This effect is achieved by pigmenting the upper layers of the skin with a pigmentation device and special colours. Depending on the quality of the colours and the method of treatment, permanent make-up can last for years, but fades with time and must be renewed. Permanent make-up is also used for medical pigmentation, for example to pigment the breast. Great results can be achieved with permanent make-up, but the method can reach its limits when it comes to fine details – especially around the eyebrows.

Microblading: Microstrip is a sub-category of permanent makeup and is used in the eyebrow area. Instead of a pigmentation device, blades, small needles threaded together, are used to pull fine hairs. The treatment is done manually, without any machines. After working the desired eyebrow shape with the blades, the pigment dye is massaged into the microscopic openings of the skin. The result is very fine and detailed hairs that give the eyebrow a natural and full appearance. At the same time, the skin is not penetrated as deeply as with permanent make-up. This gives a 3D effect and the hair looks much sharper.

• In microblading, the pigments are brought under the skin “by hand” – the cosmetician must independently regulate the depth at which the needles penetrate the skin. As a result, the skin is often incised too deeply, bleeds far too much and the colour is washed out again. Permanent MakeUp uses a pigmentation device, with which even less fine work can be done.
• An anaesthetic is usually used, which flushes out the skin and thus falsifies the result.
• It must always be reworked after about 4 weeks because the colour cannot get under the skin properly.
• Cosmetic colours are clearly (!) less durable than tattoo colours – after 1.5 to 2 years at the latest, the eyebrows disappear again. So the extremely high costs are incurred again.
• With rather oily skin, the lines blur faster with microblading.
• Microblading and Permanent MakeUp is often taught in dubious weekend courses or within a few days. Afterwards, nobody can prove how successful the respective participant was – and would you like to let someone who learned all this in a crash course touch your face? Not me.
• I know simply too many people with whom it went wrong

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Important: Hygiene when tattooing!

During a permanent make-up treatment, lymphatic fluid and blood leak out through the pigmentation of the skin with the finest pinpricks. Disinfection of the pigmentation device and high quality equipment are extremely important to ensure that no infectious diseases such as hepatitis and HIV are transmitted. If you decide on an eyebrow tattoo, it should only be stitched by a certified beautician. Although the principle that the more we invest, the better the result, does not always apply, the treatment should not be too cheap. A good beautician also invests in good equipment and further training – and therefore has its price.


Natural permanent make-up (Tattoo) shows up on
• Exactly the same colour as your own eyebrow hairs
• More density of the eyebrows
• Arch can be reinforced and extended
• Small scars and holes are eliminated
• OR in case of total hair loss: Complete eyebrow is replaced

How long does an eyebrow tattoo take?

The first session lasts about 2 hours and you already have finished eyebrows, but the skin loses about 40% of its pigment in the first month, these are then reworked in a second session, which lasts only 1 hour
Oncologic eyebrow-permanent make-up
microimplantation of the finest colour pigments in the upper layer of the skin.
This method is specifically for women and men who are about to undergo chemotherapy or have already done so. With chemotherapy, the eyebrows become lighter or fall out completely. We can counteract this condition with permanent make-up.
However, the treatment should not be carried out during chemotherapy as the immune system is still too weak for such an intervention.

Our extra tips on eyebrows

  • Finding the right shape: If you are still looking for the right shape for your eyebrows, you can work with stencils. With our tricks, eyebrows can be plucked painlessly – but if you still have plucked your eyebrows, you can correct them with our beauty tips.
  • Let’s try it out first: Dye your eyebrows. A permanent make-up needs to be well thought out. Eyebrow colour for do-it-yourself tinting is available in the drugstore. With a little practice and the exact time of application you can achieve great results that last for several weeks. The beautician or hairdresser also offers eyebrow tinting. Advantage: The colour can be adjusted more individually than with the eyebrow colour from the drugstore.

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