Eyebrow plucking

Tapered, slanted, rounded: What are the different eyebrow tweezers for?

Whether it’s plucking eyebrows, putting on eyelashes or removing hair from a woman’s chin, tweezers are needed for many cosmetic procedures. If you used to use one type of this tool for all manipulations, it’s time to make your life easier.

What type of tweezers are best for eyebrows?

We explain what eyebrow tweezers are used for.

How much are eyebrow tweezers?

Different models of tweezers

Cosmetologists work with different models of tweezers, which are used for different purposes, for a reason. Each form has a specific task.

What can I use instead of tweezers to pluck my eyebrows?

The most common types of eyebrow tweezers:

Inclined. The inclined tweezers can be used to pluck several hairs at the same time. The bevel makes it easy to hold and use, so this shape is suitable for treating the area of skin under the eyebrows.

Straight. Even with straight tweezers, you can pick up multiple hairs at the same time. The straight shape allows you to treat large areas quickly, so the tool is used to pluck hairs on the chin as well as above and between the eyebrows.

Sharp-tipped. With such tweezers it is possible to precisely capture individual hairs. The tool can remove very thin and as short hair as possible. This model is also preferred when applying artificial eyelashes.

Angular. This form combines the advantages of pointed and angled tweezers. With its help, you can work accurately and remove several hairs at the same time.

Rounded tweezers. Particularly suitable for hair removal in sensitive, easily traumatized areas such as the nose or ears.

Can you use tweezers for eyebrows?

To get the splinter out

In addition to tweezers used for cosmetic purposes, there are also cases where the use of a tool is necessary for health reasons. For example, there are special tweezers for splinter removal. They have a conical shape and can easily remove the foreign body.

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