Eyebrow makeup

Eyebrow Faceshape

6 Easy Steps to Make Beautiful Eyebrows from australian makeup

Dreaming of learning how to make eyebrows at home? Get the perfect eyebrow shape? Are you rarely happy with the…

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Eyebrow Makeup

Most attractive Eyebrows of a Housewife

Eyebrows are like the frame that highlights a painting: the eyes. Well trimmed and brushed, they enhance the eyes and…

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Best of

The six best products for natural eyebrow makeup

Between the emphasize on eyebrows and their natural eyebrow makeup, they increasingly choose the second option. And they do it…

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Eyebrow Faceshape

Eyebrow shape for a triangular face

Girls who have a triangular face that looks like a heart often wonder what shape of the eyebrows for a…

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Round face

Eyebrow shaping for the round face and methods of correction

Many girls wonder what eyebrow shape fo round face should be used. The eyebrow line should be slightly raised, the…

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Oval face

How to choose the shape of eyebrows for an oval face?

Since ancient times, women with an oval face were considered the most attractive. The fact is that this face fits…

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Eyebrow makeup : Common mistakes and ways to avoid them

Overly shaved, spread, straight, arched… a bad gesture can have consequences that are difficult to hide or repair. Your eyebrows…

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Eyebrow concealer

How to apply concealer to eyebrows?

Today, when you make a woman beautiful, the eyebrows have taken on a whole new meaning. When the eyes are…

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Eyebrows Can Change Your Entire Face : 8 Celebrities Eyebrows before and after

Eyebrows have become more than ever a real obsession for all of us and we now know how important they…

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eyebrow filling

Make-up tips: Eyebrow make-up made easy

Tutorial for perfectly made-up eyebrows Striking eyebrows are in fashion! Whether natural and bushy or finely plucked with clear lines…

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