eyebrow color

Round face

Eyebrow shaping for the round face and methods of correction

Many girls wonder what eyebrow shape should be used for a round face. The eyebrow line should be slightly raised,…

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Oval face

How to choose the shape of eyebrows for an oval face?

Since ancient times, women with an oval face were considered the most attractive. The fact is that this face fits…

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eyebrow tinting

Eyebrows: What color fits?

Eyebrows – Many women are not really satisfied with the color of their eyebrows. And indeed, it can’t hurt to…

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eyebrow drawing

How to draw eyebrows well?

A beautiful look requires a complete eye make-up. The eyebrows, it waxes and then it takes shape. Yes, but then,…

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Eyebrow concealer

How to apply concealer to eyebrows?

Today, when you make a woman beautiful, the eyebrows have taken on a whole new meaning. When the eyes are…

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eyebrow pencils

How to use eyebrow pencils correctly and which colours match your eye colour

With the help of eyebrow pencils, the eyebrows can be wonderfully accentuated and the eye area can be given more…

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