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Eyebrow Makeup

Most attractive Eyebrows of a Housewife

Eyebrows are like the frame that highlights a painting: the eyes. Well trimmed and brushed, they enhance the eyes and…

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Best of

How to make up your eyebrows: advice and Best make-up products to define them in a natural way.

How to repair your eyebrows? They are often sparse and thin, but with makeup, you can draw the right shape…

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Eyebrow Ruler: how to select and use?

When it comes to correcting the eyebrows, it is difficult to find the right shape, you need an individual approach.…

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Oval face

How to choose the shape of eyebrows for an oval face?

Since ancient times, women with an oval face were considered the most attractive. The fact is that this face fits…

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eyebrow drawing

How to draw eyebrows well?

A beautiful look requires a complete eye make-up. The eyebrows, it waxes and then it takes shape. Yes, but then,…

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