Shape eyebrows: How to find the perfect shape for your face.

Which eyebrow shape is the right one for you, what should you pay attention to when plucking and which products really set your eyebrows off? You can find out all this here!  

Eyebrows are undoubtedly one of the most important elements of the face, which unfortunately we often forget about in make-up. But they define the whole face and thanks to them we can read the emotions. As many as 12 muscles are involved in their work. No wonder that eyebrows are masters of communication – they “speak” for us even when we are silent. That is why it is so important to properly care for and emphasize them – because they are one of the most important elements of female charm and charm.

Eyebrow styling: what you need

We’ve put everything you need for a perfect eyebrow hairstyle!

The ideal eyebrow shape for every face

First of all, determine which geometrical figure resembles your face – just assign it to one of three basic shapes: circle, square, triangle. To do this, pull all your hair back smoothly and look at your reflection in the mirror in front of you. The shape of your eyebrows will depend on this assessment.

When well designed and compatible with the shape of the face, the eyebrows not only enhance natural beauty and expression, but also highlight personal characteristics. They can indicate the personality and even the temperament of a person, so it is necessary to be aware of the format chosen for the eyebrow, joining these characteristics to what best fits your type of face.

Eyebrow shape with angular face

A triangular face is one where we use all tricks to make the wide forehead seem narrower. Properly modelled eyebrows should rise slightly upwards at the ends, and the beginnings come closer and thicker.Quite long, straight and full curves optically shorten the face. Try to keep the eyebrow line as natural as possible. Their arches must not be too bent – a line close to the straight. Only the outer tips can slightly curve.
Triangular face: prefer more rounded or arched eyebrows.

Eyebrow shape with oval face

In the case of an oval face the ends of the eyebrows should be clearly thinner. this face shape calls for slightly angular eyebrows, with the most arched threads,until you ask for a gentle shape. Here we put on a natural eyebrow pattern, but under the condition that it automatically forms the shape of a gentle arch.

Eyebrow shape with round face

Round face: if you have a round face, run away from the thin eyebrows, which leave the face more chubby, and bet on the angled and arched to take the attention off the width of the face.
we need a stronger accent that optically lengthens the face a little bit and that’s why light triangle-shaped eyebrows are best, sharpened with a stronger hillside arc (never round!).
It will need an optical extension of the oval. The arches should not be too thin and must not resemble the shape of semicircles – these will emphasize the circles instead of covering them up.

Eyebrow shape with a square face

Square face: this shape asks for angled, straight eyebrows with a sharper curve at the tip. such a face is sharp in perception, the shape of the eyebrow arch we must strive to soften its features, so the shape of the eyebrows should be mild and slightly round.
You have to balance out the sharp, slightly angular facial features to give her feminine gentleness. Emphasize the beginning of the eyebrows more strongly, narrowing them firmly to the temples. Remember that the curve line must not be too long.

Shaping eyebrows: the right technique

Shape your eyebrows before plucking them with a brow brush. Use tweezers with bevelled edges – the more tension it has, the better it grips even fine hairs. Pull the skin taut and pull the hairs out in the direction of growth. Make sure to pluck between the brows as well – they can quickly look unkempt. Step away from the mirror again and again during plucking to check the intermediate result. This way you avoid the risk of removing too many hairs. Never pluck at the upper edge of your eyebrows and keep the natural length of your brows.

Determine the length of the brow and correct facial asymmetry

Unfortunately, not many people have symmetrical facial hemispheres. By marking the eyebrow arch this can be perfectly adjusted and, if necessary, optically lift one part of the face. In this situation, the eyebrows are shaded a little higher than the hairs grow, so we can even out the proportion and do a “lifting”. However, precise correction of the shape of the eyebrows can often cause many problems.

When determining the beginning of the eyebrows, apply a brush along the wings of your nose and the inner corners of your nose in a straight upward line (if you have wide nostrils, the distance between the eyebrows will be too great – in this case, move the line slightly towards the middle and reduce the distance between the eyebrows).
The eyebrow erecting arch is the most important element in achieving the ideal eyebrow shape. It should be 2/3 from the beginning of the eyebrows and be their highest point. We remember that the arch should not be too sharp and that the eyebrow should gradually narrow towards the end. This shape of the eyebrows will open our eyes.
If we determine these two important points, it is also time to determine their end by using the brush again, leading a straight line from the nasal wing through the outer corner of the eye. This is called a gentle fall arch, here the eyebrow should be thinner and take 1/3 of its length.

Perfect eyebrows require, in addition to the care with the threads, a harmonious design that matches your face. Not with your friend’s or the famous ones you respect. We consult our expert and give you practical tips so you do not miss the shape of your eyebrows.

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