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Revolution eyebrow tint: instructions and useful tips

More and more women are tinting their eyebrows for a bold and deep look. Here are all the methods for coloring your eyebrows and the mistakes to avoid.

The look of the face is becoming increasingly important. Until a few years ago, eyebrow tint was little used and seen as something that only concerned the stars, but now things have changed. More and more women are using it and are able to give their eyes incredible depth.

Using a revolution eyebrow tinting allows you to plump them up, making them look thicker and well-defined. However, if you don’t want to dye them, there are other solutions to improve the appearance of your eyebrows.

How to tint your eyebrows?

The most important benefit you will get from using an eyebrow dye is to get well-defined arches, which will allow you to correct the defects of your eyebrows. Dyeing your eyebrows is a very simple task to do.

First, apply Vaseline to the area around the eyebrows to avoid staining the skin. Then proceed with the actual coloring. Once finished, remove the excess hairs with tweezers. If you don’t want to color your eyebrows with dye, there are alternative products you can use, such as eyebrow pencils and powders, but their results are not as long-lasting.

Where to buy the tint and alternative solutions?

Eyebrow tint can be bought in perfumeries, but at least for the first few times it would be better if you had a professional help in the application, to avoid making a mess. Once you become an expert then you can do it yourself, buying the tint and mixing it, or buying ready-made products. In addition to the dye, they can also be colored with henna for eyebrows, a natural substance.

Makeup revolution eyebrow tint instructions

Are you tired of having to color your eyebrows every morning to keep them in order? The solution is the eyebrow tint, a color that persists and lasts for a long time just like the hair color. Coloring your eyebrows at home is really easy, but you need to follow a few rules to avoid finding yourself with a matted face or annoying irritations.

So here’s what products to choose and how to proceed with coloring. First of all, NEVER USE HAIR DYESTUFFS ON YOUR EYEBROW – these products are too aggressive! You must choose natural dyes, such as henna, specific for facial hair, or shaving dyes, especially good for more intense colors.

To choose the right color there are three different possibilities: a lighter tone than the hair, a darker tone or the same one. Lighter eyebrows are suitable for those who have red hair or particularly fair skin, darker ones to intensify the look and give greater prominence to the face, while those that are the same as the hair are perfect for a more particular and whimsical style.

Before applying the color, the skin in the surrounding area must be protected. You can use Vaseline or a very greasy cream to spread all around the eyebrows to avoid smudging the color. Then, you can start with the actual dyeing: in the packages of commercial products you can often find a special brush, otherwise you can also use a cotton bud to be used carefully. It is necessary to take a little color at a time to prevent it from dripping into the eyes and to be more precise in the application, following the natural pattern of the hair.

It is also advisable to shave the eyebrows only after coloring because the small wounds caused by waxing or tweezing could burn very much in contact with the coloring products.

Can you use revolution eyebrow tint on eyelashes?

Eyelash tinting can be applied to both eyelashes and eyebrows. You can use the exact same process to dye your eyebrows, but if you do, keep in mind that this is a larger area with longer hairs and the dye will be much more obvious – as will the mistakes. That’s why you should only leave the dye on your brows for one to two minutes. If you leave it on longer than that, you may end up with jet black brows that look very clearly dyed – not a good result.

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How to choose the color of eyebrow tint?

Redefining and coloring your eyebrows mainly serves to enhance your eyes and gaze, but it must be done in the right way. There are three colors you can choose:

  • lighter tones than those of the hair;
  • tones darker than those of the hair;
  • tones of the same color as the hair.

Light and dark tones

Choosing the right products for light or dark eyebrows of a different shade from the natural one, will allow you to make even the sparse ones more intense, making them appear immediately much fuller and well defined. When choosing the color to use, however, remember not to overdo it, as Miley Cyrus did with her invisible eyebrows, made so light that they are no longer visible. This is one of the risks of bleaching your eyebrows.

Hair-like tones

If you’re an exuberant type and you like to impress, you’ll probably color your eyebrows a different tone than your hair. But if, on the contrary, you want a natural and classic look choose a shade similar to that of your hair.

In fact, choosing a shade here close to that of your hair will give a classic and very natural effect, keeping the colors of your face harmonious and very delicate. You will feel this effect even more if you have used a dye for your hair.

The mistakes you make when tinting your eyebrows

Applying eyebrow tint requires attention. When preparing the product check its consistency, which must be creamy, in fact if it was too liquid the tint would drip into the eyes. The application time is about 3 minutes; it’s better to do two applications than to get too dark a color from the first one.

A permanent eyebrow tint lasts longer, but use a semi-permanent one for the first time to see if that’s the effect you were looking for. Important: never use hair dye to color your eyebrows.

how long do you leave revolution eyebrow tint on for?

An eyebrow tint is essentially a temporary tint designed to give you that full, structured look. It fills in sparse areas of the eyebrows for a few days so you don’t have to fuss over the mirror every morning with an eyebrow pencil, praying that they both match.

Makeup Revolutions Brow Tint is an apply-and-release formula that develops in 20 minutes, but you can leave it on for up to 2 hours.

This time around, they’ve launched an eyebrow tint that can be done in 20 minutes and they say can last up to 3 days!

Revolution eyebrow tint how to use?

After applying the product with a liner brush, you put a good thick layer back on top to make sure you’ve coated your brows with the product, wipe it off with a cotton swab and make yourself a cup of tea.

After 30 minutes you have it off and you have to say that getting it off is strangely satisfying, it makes you feel nostalgic for getting dried glue off your hands as a kid.

Once you took them off you treated yourself to a mini photo shoot in the bathroom, you were so shaken up by your face, those juicy little eyebrows had appeared and it looked like Jesus had sculpted them himself.

The only downside is that there is a red shade in the color and it’s not your personal preference for eyebrows, but we’ll pray for the shade range to expand.

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How long should brow tint be left on?

You have dry skin and you have an 8-step nighttime skincare routine and your morning routine isn’t that different, so you had a feeling the product wouldn’t survive your high maintenance skincare system.

The first morning you forgot you put the tint on and spent a few minutes rubbing them with your Clinique Take The Day Off balm before realizing what you were doing, my expectations of longevity were dashed because you assumed you had rubbed them off.

By day four, they are just starting to fade, all you need to do is apply a little brow mascara in the morning and you’re set. Your mornings just got so much easier.

You’ll love this product after just one use, but honestly, you’ve never tried anything from Makeup Revolution that you didn’t love. You love what the brand stands for and you love the products they bring to us every week.

How revolution eyebrow tint gone wrong?

Eyebrow tinting is a tricky task, and getting the right shade is essential to avoid looking out of place. We always like to start by saying: go to a professional – but even if you do, things can still go wrong.

Eyebrow tinting always fades within the first week due to the skin’s natural oils and regular showers and cleansing.Don’t stress about the immediate color.

Be careful how much dye pigment remains on the skin underneath the eyebrow hairs. To remove excess dye from the skin underneath, use an oily (or silicone-based) makeup remover, and wipe lightly with a makeup pad. If the pad leaves a brown residue, you’re on the right track. Once dry, it should calm the color by at least a shade.

the next step is to use a clarifying shampoo. Clarifying shampoo is used to remove residue built up on hair from hair products and oils, so when you apply it to your eyebrows (taking care of your eyes of course), it should do the same thing. Apply the product with an eyebrow brush or old toothbrush and leave on for 60 seconds. Wash off.

If the dye still doesn’t come off or you’ve waited a while and your eyebrows are still too dark, there is a home remedy that some salons also use to remove hair dye. In a 1:1 ratio, combine baking soda and your regular shampoo to create a thick paste.

Apply it with a foundation brush and leave the paste on your eyebrows for a few minutes, then rinse (the thicker the hair, the more baking soda you need). Keep in mind that this may take a few passes.

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