Rapid evolution of iconic styling of the eyebrows

Outside the window in 2021, the fashion for eyebrows changes almost every six months, but, still, not inferior to the trends and simply natural eyebrows of medium thickness, and with a soft curve. Such eyebrows will suit any type of face, and to make them is not so difficult.
Want to know how?

I invite you to dive into the world of eyebrows today. I will try to tell you about all aspects of creating the shape, coloring techniques and eyebrow care.

Eyebrow Fashion: Then-Now

Women have always paid attention to their eyebrows: both in ancient times and in the age of Instagram.

In ancient times.

every country treated eyebrows differently: In ancient Egypt, bright eyebrows and makeup were a tribute to the gods, it was believed that makeup could protect against disease and misfortune; in ancient Greece, on the contrary, bright eyebrows were considered a sign of easy behavior and were condemned to makeup eyebrows unmarried girls, were very valued set on the bridge of the eyebrows; In ancient Persia a monobrow was considered especially beautiful; in ancient Japan, on the contrary, eyebrows were shaved off, whitened, and bright black arcs were drawn high on the forehead.

The Middle Ages and the Renaissance

The ideal of beauty was a high forehead and the absence of eyebrows. The eyebrows were shaved off completely or to a thread.

Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci
Portrait of a Girl by Christus Petrus

Victorian era – 19th century

The eyebrows became natural, women did almost nothing with them and yet they were trendy.

20th century

And that’s where the era of the “unbridled soul” began, the fashion for eyebrows began to change every decade.
With the rise of the film industry, actresses became the trendsetters.
The naturals were replaced by the dramas (20s).
In the thirties arched eyebrows appeared as a detail of the femme fatale seductress image. Decorative cosmetics also become available. Women begin to look theatrical.

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Marlene Dietrich
Clara Bow

In 40-50s comes back thick – to do the eyebrows at first becomes a time, a style icon at the time was Grace Kelly with the most natural eyebrows with a pointed tip, and later appear new style icons with thick and curved eyebrows – Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe.

Grace Kelly
Audrey Hepburn
Marilyn Monroe

In the 60’s-70’s the focus shifts from the eyebrows to the eyes, and avant-garde makeup becomes fashionable. Smooth curved eyebrows give way to thread eyebrows, and a little later a new trend appeared – the eyebrow in the form of a comma.

twiggy lesley hornby
Donna Summer

In the 80’s natural fluffiness and wide, bushy eyebrows became fashionable again. Fashionistas were even using special gels at the time to give their eyebrows maximum fluffiness.

brooke shields

The ’90s and early ’90s were crazy. The eyebrows were plucked in any way they could – both with a house and threads (the most popular trend – I had exactly those eyebrows laughing ), and in commas.
And then it comes – tattooing. Fashionistas and beauties of all ages lie down in a chair to a beautician and are ready to suffer pain for the sake of beautiful and bright eyebrows for a few years.

Geri Halliwell
gwen stefani
drew barrymore

The end of the millennium and now.

Natural, bushy eyebrows with a natural curve are back in fashion. Tattooing is improving, turning into microblading, powder technique and other buzzwords. In essence, it’s still the same wink tattoo.
The emergence of instagram gives birth to the fashionable “instabrow” – eyebrow makeup, which looks beautiful in macro pictures – the maximum clarity, as accurately traced hairs.
There are also separate specialists in eyebrow coloring and design – eyebrow specialists. (previously everything was done by cosmetologists).

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cara delevingne
angelina jolie
kim kardashian

As you can see, fashion is always cyclical – trends follow each other, constantly coming back again.

I also had threads and commas in my youth – I don’t want to remember it, to be honest. But fashion is fashion.

Now I have moderately bushy eyebrows with a soft curve and I’m unlikely to succumb to the whims of fashion, if the threads become popular again. In my opinion naturalness and naturalness will always look stylish.

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