Eyebrow plucking

Pluck eyebrows properly and bring them into perfect shape

Do you know the correct plucking technique? That’s the way to do it.
Expressive and correctly shaped eyebrows give your face that certain something. We have experimented, checked with experts and here are the instructions for perfect eyebrows: Pluck them just right, and do it painlessly.

Why pluck eyebrows?

The best shape of eyebrows is super important to emphasize your natural look and give your face the right frame. Since eyebrow fashion changes frequently, it is best to find a natural and well-groomed shape for yourself. The colour of the eyebrows should match the hair colour and skin tone. It is usually more advantageous if the colour is a shade too light than too dark. Last but not least we show you the most amazing eyebrow styling and the eyebrow styles of the stars.

The eyebrow shape

A natural shape is still the most beautiful, which means: If you have round rather than square eyebrows by nature, you can keep this basic shape. Otherwise: If you have an angular face, you can compensate for this with a round brow shape – and vice versa with a round face with an angular brow shape.

How to find the perfect eyebrow shape?

Draw an imaginary line (you can also hold a pencil vertically to help) from the nostril to the inner corner of the eye – this is where the eyebrow should start. You can find the highest point of the eyebrow by drawing a line across the pupils (when looking straight ahead). The end point can be seen by drawing a line from the nostril to the outer corners of the eyes.

Pluck your eyebrows: that’s the way to do it!

plucking technique

If you have never plucked your eyebrows before, you should start very carefully with tweezers at the arch of the brow and slowly work your way to the desired shape. Make sure to use two fingers to pull the skin a little bit, so that the hairs can be plucked better. Attention: Always remove only the lower hairs, only pluck “ricochets” away at the top! The best way to pluck eyebrows is with a magnifying mirror.

Pluck eyebrows with template

If you are not quite sure about plucking your eyebrows, you can also use a template to help you. Place this on your eyebrow and fill the form with brow powder in the direction of growth. Then remove the template and pluck away all hairs that lie outside the contours with tweezers.

Eyebrow trimming: The painless alternative

For those for whom plucking eyebrows is too painful, can also simply trim their eyebrows! Either you grab a trimmer specially made for eyebrows, i.e. a small razor, or you use the cosmetic scissors. For trimming with the scissors you only need three utensils:

• Scissors

• eyebrow brushes

• Mirror with magnification function

Here’s what you do:

1. Removes all traces of make-up that may be in the eyebrow. Then comb through your eyebrows with the brush in the upward direction.

2. Cut off the protruding hairs along the eyebrow line. Brush the hairs up again and again to see if you have cut all hairs the same way.

3. Always start at the inner edge of the eyebrow and cut towards the outer direction of the brow. Be careful to cut in smaller steps. This way you can’t cut yourself and keep on touching up.

Styling eyebrows with the trimmer

A trimmer is nothing more than a small razor designed for facial hair. For this you also need a small brush and a mirror. The only difference to the scissors is that after removing the make-up, you draw the desired shape of the eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil. Then comb your hair back in the direction of growth and walk carefully with the trimmer above your eyebrow – et voilà!

Bringing eyebrows into shape with the thread technique

When plucking eyebrows you do not necessarily have to use tweezers. Ever heard of the thread technique? All you need is a cotton thread – and talent. Because let’s be honest, it’s not quite that simple. The thread should be about 50 centimetres long. Knot it together at the ends and keep the resulting circle apart with both hands. Then cross the thread in the middle at least five times to make an eight, which you can push back and forth. Now lay the thread flat on the spot to be plucked and pull up the middle cross. So one hand stays still and the other twirls the thread with ladies and forefinger up – Yes, quite complicated, but practice makes perfect!

Insider trick: trim eyebrows! Very long or bushy eyebrows can be brushed down with a special eyebrow brush – an eyelash comb will also do the trick. Then trim the tips of the extra-long hair with a small pair of scissors. It is important here to cut off really only one to a few millimetres so that it doesn’t get too thin. Then comb the hairs upwards again and also slightly shorten hairs that are too long – this way the eyebrows “lie” particularly well.

eyebrow cutting with the eyebrow scissors

Unfortunately, they are not always treated with care, forgotten or simply neglected. For example, in some people, eyebrows degenerate into regular bushes. It is not uncommon for hairs to grow on the bridge of the nose, giving the eyebrows the appearance of a dark, continuous line on the forehead. This is an image that only a few men or women can really get used to. With the help of eyebrow scissors it is possible to keep the brows in check, trim and shorten the hair and prepare them for plucking with tweezers.

Trimming and cutting eyebrows needs practice

If you have never cut or trimmed your eyebrows with eyebrow scissors, you should definitely read the following lines. Because often it is necessary to use them first in order to be able to pluck the eyebrow later. The use of a conventional razor or nail scissors is not recommended. Although the Philips brand offers excellent products in the field of shavers or hairdryers and the like, only selected products are suitable for eyebrow trimming. After all, the scissors, or other hair clippers, can also completely disfigure the brows, for example if you hold the scissors too close to the skin or wiggle your hand too much. Then it happens quickly that the eyebrows are cut unevenly long, holes appear and in the worst case even the skin is injured. Accordingly, handling with the eyebrow scissors should be done in a quiet minute, after all you are with a sharp and cutting object in the face and especially near the eyes. This is to ensure that no pets or children can disturb, push or jostle you while you are cutting your eyebrows.


In fact, it is not so easy to define and cut your eyebrows perfectly. If you don’t have a really good-looking shape in your eyebrows, you might have a little problem. If at this point you don’t dare to cut your own eyebrows, you can let a professional do it. In the meantime, all hairdressing salons offer the cutting and plucking of eyebrows. Alternatively, special eyebrow scissors with integrated comb, ergonomic handle and precision scissors are available. These are available online for little money and make it easier to cut in front of your own mirror. Conventional eyebrow scissors require a steady hand and a trained eye. After all, no master has fallen from heaven yet. However, if you take care not to remove too much and proceed with care, you will quickly get practice in cutting eyebrows. If the eyebrows are very bushy and dense, an eyebrow trimmer can make the work easier.

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