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Perfect eyebrow shapes for a square face

Each type of girl has its own shape, today we will try to choose eyebrow shape for square face. The square-shaped face is the straight rigid lines of the jaw and cheekbones. To soften the transitions, the eyebrows should be made arched, without a clear break. High rounded eyebrows will suit you, you can even make them wide enough and visible.

Features of a square face

As you know, there are no ugly women, and each type has its own unique charm and elegance. A square face is distinguished by some heavy and rough, but correctly selected make-up, including properly designed eyebrows will easily correct the situation.

The eyebrows shape for square face will be determined by its features, among them:

  • Big cheekbone width.
  • Cheekbones, forehead and jaw are almost the same width.
  • Heavy chin.
  • Square contour of hair growth.

It may seem that such nuances make a woman rude or masculine, but it is far from it. For example, sex symbols such as Angelina Jolie and Demi Moore are immediately remembered. Remembering their images, it is difficult to say that their face was square, because the accents were correctly placed.

Blocks for this type should smooth the contours, make them softer. Which form will do the job, let’s look further.

How to define a square face type

There are some distinctive features that make it possible to determine the type of face. It can be oval, round, square or triangular in shape. Although this division is often conditional, it allows to understand whether it is worth giving the eyebrows shape for square face.

Such form is defined by the following features:

  • Presence of wide cheekbones.
  • The rectangular or square form of a forehead.
  • Identical width of chin, forehead and cheekbones.
  • Strong delineation of the jaw.

Often such combinations give the appearance of some roughness and angularity, but do not worry. A square face can make a softer and more attractive. Proof of this is the memorable appearance of Sandra Bullock, Demi Moore, Keira Knightley and many other women known throughout the world. Successfully placed accents and properly designed eyebrow shape for square face allowed to soften its features a little and bring its shape closer to the oval, which is considered the standard of female appearance. You can see this by looking at the pictures of the beauties.

Eyebrow shape for square face

Which eyebrows shape are suitable for square face? First of all, the ones that can make the face feminine. Rounded with a gentle smooth bend is the best option. If you have quite massive cheekbones, you can make the fracture slightly sharpened. In this case, it should be exactly in the middle or above the outer corner of the eye. Beautiful looks eyebrow – arch. It is the most feminine option, it perfectly balances proportions.

But avoid short and narrow lines, they will weigh the face, distort its features. Also, the eyebrows drawn in the same line, absolutely do not fit in this case. They will make the mime silly too round and smooth eyebrows.

Best eyebrow shape for square face

When you create an eyebrow line for square face, you can select several options:

  • Corners. It’s a rectangular line. It rejuvenates the face and makes the features softer.
  • Curved. They look like corners, but they don’t have a sharp fracture. The flat line is rounded, making the edge curved. Curved eyebrows are similar to the spelling of S.
  • Arched. The line has a soft shape and starts to round off from the beginning of the eyebrow.
    The soft rectangular form is capable not only to smooth the angular features inherent in a square type of a face, but also visually to rejuvenate a woman.
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The curved form has received the name because of similarity to the outline of the Latin letter S. It differs from the previous one by its greater roundness. The brow takes its origin as a straight line. Then it is rounded and goes to the curved tip.

The arched shape is a soft arc along its contours. The rounding begins at the beginning of the eyebrow and is shaped like an arch. The thickness of the eyebrows is chosen according to the girl’s preferences. The high arched shape will make the look more dramatic. The use of straight lines of the eyebrows combined with rounded and elongated tip will give the face and appearance more femininity.

Eyebrow Color for square face

An important aspect in make-up is the color of the eyebrows. Although it is chosen based on the color of hair and eyes, it may also fit or not fit the type of face.

The square type of face is not combined with a rich black color, it is better to give preference to natural shades, such as light or dark – blond. It is possible to use natural brown color.

The shade should always be combined with the color of the hair, usually it is a little lighter than the basic color of the hair mop. Brunettes can be offered to use only a corrective agent, it can make eyebrows 1 -2 tones lighter.

When the shape and color are defined, you can start the correction itself. Of course, it is best to go to the salon, where a professional will mark the boundaries and give the right eyebrow shape for square face, and you can maintain it yourself. If it is not possible to visit a specialist, you can do the procedure yourself.

Finding the borders for square face.

Each person is unique, it is possible to talk a lot about general rules, but the following instructions will help to find borders in each particular case:

  1. To determine the inner boundary, apply a pencil through two points: the nose wing and the inner corner of the eye. The intersection of the slate and the brow and will be point A.
  2. To determine the bending point, apply a pencil from the nose wing to the center of the pupil. You got the second point.
  3. The outer corner of the eyebrow is at the intersection of the pencil passing through the nose wing and the outer corner of the eye.

Tip! Draw a light line with a pencil through all three points, so you get a visual diagram.

By the way, you can use special stencils for convenience. They can be of different shapes, experimenting, you can choose the best option. Now you are on the finish line, the only thing left is the correction. For this you will need some knowledge and tools.

Absolutely not a square face form.

Straight lines are categorically not suitable for the square face. They do not go well with this image and make the face disproportionately short.

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Round and thin eyebrows do not add beauty. On a square face they look ridiculous, making the expression confused and stupid.



Also it is not recommended for the owners of a square face to be fond of coloring in black, which visually adds to the age of 5-7 years. Focusing on the color of hair, the eyebrows are dyed a tone darker.



Eyebrows shape for square face should hide angular features and emphasize femininity. Make-up artists recommend a slight fracture. It is better not to place it directly above the pupil, but to move it slightly to the outer edge.

The widest part should be left near the bridge bridge and gradually narrowed to the outer edge, which should not look very thin.

Basic rules of correction

The success of eyebrows correction depends not only on the correct shape and color of the eyebrows, but also on the correct procedure. To make you happy with the result, take a few tips:

  1. It’s best to do the correction in daylight.
  2. The average distance between the eyebrows is 2 cm, this is the optimal parameter for medium sized eyes.
  3. The plucking is done at the lower edge.
  4. The width of the eyebrow should be the same from the beginning to the bend.
  5. It is recommended to pluck the eyebrows one by one to achieve maximum symmetry. It is possible to use a thread.
  6. Remove in the direction of hair growth.

Please note that even if you need not only to adjust the shape to create a visible effect, but also to make your eyebrows expressive using color. Shadows, eyebrow pencil, henna or paint can be used for this. You can also go to the salon for permanent make-up. In this case, be sure to draw with the master the future shape of the eyebrows, make sure that it smoothes the square of the face. Pick a shade, the once popular black color will not work.

When you start the correction to find the right options, determine the exact type of face. The eyebrow shape for square face is characterized by a pronounced wide forehead, cheekbones and a heavy clear chin line. Thus all parts of the face are the same width.

Experts know how to pick up eyebrows on the face shape and give some recommendations for those who start to correct them independently.

There’s no such thing as ugly women. This fact has been known to everyone since ancient times. The combination of congenital features and proper care allows you to create a unique attractive appearance. Properly designed eyebrow shape for square face can emphasize the expressiveness of the look, hide from prying eyes age, make the image unusual and charming.

Now you know which shape of eyebrows is suitable for square face type. And that’s very important because there are limitations. Take our advice, and your look will be irresistible.

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