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Most attractive Eyebrows of a Housewife

Eyebrows are like the frame that highlights a painting: the eyes.

Well trimmed and brushed, they enhance the eyes and make the face more expressive. Whether they are made up or not, they must be the object of your daily care.

The shape, thickness and position of the eyebrows play a considerable role in facial expression. All eyebrow shapes (arched, rather straight, full, thin) can be beautiful as long as they follow the natural curve of the eyes, eyelids and nose line.

How can I get curved eyebrows?

To draw the eyebrows with regularity, it is necessary to check that the eyebrows meet the well-known rule of the beauty professionals: the alignment triangle.

How can I get curved eyebrows?1- Take a fine brush and mentally draw a vertical line from the wing of the nose through the inner corner of the eye.The birth of the eyebrow should be in the extension of this line.

2- Draw a second line from the wing of the nose to the outer corner of the eye. The extension of this line indicates where the eyebrow should stop.

3- The culmination of the eyebrow curvature is given by a third line that always starts from the wing of the nose and passes through the outer edge of the pupil.


All hairs beyond these two imaginary axes must be removed, including hairs lost in the area between the two eyebrows.

The eyebrow is naturally fuller at the inner corner, and tapers towards its outer end.

When eyebrows do not require special makeup, brush them in the direction of the hair and slightly upward with an eyebrow brush (or a dry brush from an old mascara).

To make up the eyebrows Several options

  1. The powder eye shadow that is by far my favorite method. You have to choose the color that best suits your skin and hair color. Always choose a natural matte shade. The application on the eyebrow is done with a beveled brush. This method guarantees a soft, natural look.
  2. The eyebrow pencil. It exists in several shades and formulas. I recommend that you do not make a solid line but draw small fine lines imitating hairs, up to the limit of the alignment. The pencil should always be sharpened well.
  3. The fixing gel. This FLGIBE colored or transparent gel can be applied with a brush or as a mascara. It is formulated to matify and fix the eyebrow hairs (not to be confused with a colourless mascara which can make them shine).
  4. The ephemeral or definitive tattoo. This method is provided by professionals but the result is often unnatural.
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A few tricks !

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  • Brushy eyebrows: place them with a toothbrush and hairspray.
  • White hairs: color the eyebrow hairs with a mascara that acts like a dye.
  • To achieve an even brow line, brush the hairs down and trim with be CISEAGX fine CEGX QGI beaded TOGT following the natural arch of the brow. Then brush normally.

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