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Men’s Eyebrow Grooming – The Basic Steps

Beautiful, well-groomed eyebrows are not only found on a woman’s face. Some men also want to improve their facial features by working on too thick and rough a part of the vegetation above their eyes. You may never have heard of it, but beauty salons offer a service such as grooming men’s eyebrows. You shouldn’t feel insulted in your manly nature if you get your eyebrows trimmed… If you want to give your face more contour and character, you should have your eyebrows groomed. With a few tips, it’s easy.

Men’s eyebrows shape and type

If you compare men and women, the former have sharper features. It is particularly noticeable on the eyebrows – wide, dark, thick, close to eye level. Men’s eyebrows should not require too much grooming, as too fine features will deprive the male face of its roughness. And vice versa: if the hairs are too long and shaggy, the eyebrows look messy or neglected.

Grooming of men’s eyebrows is inherent to naturalness and carelessness. The effect should be as if their shape is rooted in nature itself. Overly skillful features will give an inappropriate femininity, so it is important not to overdo it.

Men’s eyebrows are divided into several types:

  • The wider ones are the easiest to care for, because to change their shape, all you have to do is remove extra hairs ;
  •  the thinner ones are the opposite, which are a little harder to groom because of the lack of foundation;
  •  Joined eyebrows are a common type of eyebrow, which certainly needs to be decorated;
  •  smooth;
  •  arched;
  • shrugging.

Do men better get their eyebrows groomed

Everyone, whether a woman or a man, must take care of themselves and their appearance. When they meet and communicate with each other, each one first looks at the other’s face. Neglected and ruffled eyebrows will not make a good impression. Many men are convinced that only celebrities and TV presenters should think about their appearance. This is not quite true, because in today’s world success will not prevent the head of a department, and an ordinary employee, from looking good.

Do men better get their eyebrows groomed

Men with clear eyebrows are more popular with women than people with uncared-for faces. Skillful treatment of the line above the eyes will give depth and luminosity to the eyes, making them expressive and memorable. If you’ve already been impressed by the description of the benefits of eyebrow hair removal for men and have decided to take care of your eyebrows, don’t rush to grab the tweezers and pluck immediately. Often, all you have to do is comb the tangled hairs a little, shorten them for too long and knock them out, and then put them in the gel. If you are not sure if you can cut your eyebrows yourself, you can find a specialist in beauty salons for men’s eyebrow grooming who will help you.

How to Groom Men’s Eyebrows

Most of the strong half of mankind doesn’t even know a service like men’s eyebrow grooming, and, moreover, has no idea of its varieties; here is a 4-step guide to men’s eyebrow grooming for perfect, powerful and masculine eyebrows :

  • plucking;
  • a haircut;
  • a color change;
  • stacking


A thick eyebrow, welded to the bridge of the nose, does not make the face attractive. Some owners of single eyebrows are used to shaving the hair on the bridge of the nose. Specialists discourage men in this way because… :

  • the hairs start to grow even faster, there are more of them;
  • the result doesn’t last long, and the new hairs look even worse.

It is best to arm yourself with tweezers and remove the hairs at the fusion of the eyebrows. Compared to waxing, tweezers are less painful to use.

A haircut.

Some men’s eyebrows have different lengths, so the hairs that are too long should be shortened so that they do not stand out and spoil the view. You can do this yourself with small scissors or a trimmer, but be careful not to exceed the limits.


Yes, you can change not only the colour of the mop’s hair, but also the colour of the eyebrows. Dyeing or tinting a lighter or darker shade can give your face an expression. Using contrasting colours puts too much emphasis on the eyebrows and gives an unattractive look.

Eyebrow colouring is also used to give the face a youthful look and to hide grey hairs. According to the speed of hair growth, the correction is done in a few weeks.


The last step of eyebrow grooming for men is styling. To do this, the magician uses a hard brush, brushing the hairs towards the branches. Professionals apply a special gel to keep the eyebrows in shape and to make them grow in a certain direction. A single application of a drop of gel is enough for 2 to 4 weeks.

men’s eyebrow grooming at home.

If you consider that a beauty salon is women’s territory and they are not ready to go there, and the desire to improve eyebrows is clear, you can do it at home. But first look at the pictures in the search engine and think about whether you need men eyebrow grooming. Before and after photos are available in large numbers on the Internet.

The process itself is not too complicated and consists of several steps:

For the grooming of men’s eyebrows, you will need: scissors, tweezers, a small comb and a clipper.

All available tools should be treated with disinfectant and the skin above the upper eyelid should be degreased so as not to accidentally cause infection. For your comfort, take a white cosmetic pencil and mark the hairs you intend to remove. If your eyebrows are too thick, make sure you damage them. The treatment can be a bit stressful for the skin, so to quickly relieve irritation, apply a soothing agent or skincare oil.

Long hairs that are removed from the total weight should be cleaned with small scissors or a clipper with a nozzle, but before cutting, brush your eyebrows with a stiff-hair comb.

Once the eyebrows are in the desired shape, brush them in the direction of growth. For setting and fixing, apply a drop of special gel, previously pressed out of the tube, to your fingertips.

If you are doing the grooming for the first time, do not change the shape right away. Try to maintain the usual eyebrow line by removing excess and protruding hairs to make them look neat.

In today’s world, men take care of their appearance by performing regular cosmetic procedures, including grooming their eyebrows. The man who is groomed is a success, he gives the impression of being a reliable and serious partner, he is trusted in important matters.

How to perfect men’s eyebrow grooming.

You can always use tweezers, but first think about the shape of the eyebrows you want to see on your face. There are two ways to identify the right line:

First step.

Stand in front of the mirror, take a marker or something else you can draw on the mirror, and wrap the reflection of your face around the outline, paying no attention to your ears and hair. The line must be smooth so that on the geometric figure received, it is possible to define the shape of a face.

Second step.

Using a ruler or tape measure, measure the following values: height from forehead to chin, width of forehead, chin and face from right to left cheekbone. Write down the numbers on a piece of paper and compare the results:

  1. If the width of a face is equal to height of a face then you have a circle or a square;
  2. If the width of a face is equal to the width of a chin and width of a forehead, then you have a square;
  3. If the height of a face is no more than 1.5 times the width of a face, you have an oval or heart;
  4. If the width of the chin is less than the width of the forehead and the width of the face, you have a triangle.

How to determine the limits of men’s eyebrows before grooming.

Before you start waxing, determine the approximate limits of the eyebrow line.

  1. Take a pen, pencil, or ruler and apply it so that one end of the line falls on the right nostril and the other is at the inner corner of the right eye. The line that leads to the forehead is the border of the right eyebrow. Any hairs on the bridge of the nose that extend beyond this line can be cleaned away.
  2. Next, the upper end of the handle is directed to the right, keeping the lower part in place. This is the point where the right eyebrow should end.
  3. Use the same technique with a pencil or pencil to determine the fracture line of the eyebrow. The object is located from the right nostril through the centre of the pupil. The line of intersection with the eyebrow has a bend point. In the end, everything is individual: the curvature may be slightly shifted or the angle may be made less sharp.

Men’s eyebrow care after grooming

Having done a procedure such as grooming men’s eyebrows, we want to keep the result for a long time. It doesn’t require a lot of effort:

  • it is enough to brush them daily in the morning with a small brush from the bridge to the temples ;
  • if eyebrows are rare, grease them with castor oil tonight, to make them thicker. Allow 5 minutes for a gentle massage: pat and tick along the eyelid line ;
  • Gently massage the loose, shaggy hair with gel, applying it with your fingers or brushing towards the hair growth.

With the Brow Grooming Guide, you can make your facial features more expressive, refresh your appearance or, if you’re a little older, look more serious and presentable.

If you proceed step by step and not too fast with eyebrow pluking, you will get a visually attractive result. If you want to play it safe as a man, go to a beauty salon and have your eyebrows professionally grooming.
grooming Eyebrow is not just for girls and women today’s body-conscious men also wax their eyebrows.

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