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Make-up tips: Eyebrow make-up made easy

Tutorial for perfectly made-up eyebrows

Striking eyebrows are in fashion! Whether natural and bushy or finely plucked with clear lines – the eyebrows frame the face and give an incredible expression. Eyebrow make-up is therefore an integral part of the beauty routine of many women and can work wonders, especially with very light eyebrows. In the video you can see step by step what is important when styling eyebrows!

Eyebrow make-up vs. eyebrow tinting

In contrast to eyebrow tinting, eyebrow make-up is a way to style your brows more distinctively only until the make-up is removed. In addition, make-up will help you to forgive small mistakes more quickly, because everything can be washed off easily and quickly!

Eyebrow pencil & Co. – what you need for make-up

For really perfect eyebrows, several (but simple!) make-up steps are necessary – and these cosmetic products:
• Eyebrow pencil (two shades lighter than the hair colour)
• eyebrow brushes (already included in some eyebrow pencils)
• Eyebrow powder
• Slanted eyebrow brush
• Eyebrow gel

Step 1: Measuring eyebrows

In order to be able to trace your eyebrows as naturally as possible, you should first measure your eyebrows. Sounds complicated, but it’s easy with the 3-point trick and the eyebrow pencil as an aid!.

By the way: If you have not plucked your eyebrows beforehand, you will also find out by measuring which hairs still have to disappear for the perfect shape. You can find more tips for plucking and shaping eyebrows here.

Step 2: Brushing eyebrows

Before the actual make-up work begins, get your hairs into shape with the small eyebrow brush. In this way, even small gaps become visible, which you can fill all the better in the next step.

Step 3: Tracing and filling up eyebrows

Draw the contours of your eyebrow with the eyebrow pencil and also draw the hairs of the eyebrow with the pencil. This way you can draw the eyebrows fuller and darker. The drawn lines should be very fine, just like your natural hair. Then brush the hairs outwards with the eyebrow brush to soften the colour.

Tip: It is best to follow the natural contours of your eyebrows and not draw too much in addition. After all, you want to achieve a natural look and not have bars over the eyes.

Step 4: Apply eyebrow powder

With an eyebrow powder you can achieve even more optical fullness. This is available in different shades. Apply a lighter powder to the inner part of the eyebrow and use darker powder for the rest of the eyebrow. This can be blended wonderfully with a slanted eyebrow brush.

Variation: For a more discreet, natural look, you can do without tracing with an eyebrow pencil and use only powder.

Step 5: Fixing eyebrows

Finally, you can use an eyebrow gel to fix the hairs so that the look lasts all day long. If you choose a colored gel, it will give the eyebrow a more intense shade.

Eyebrows as part of a natural make-up

The hairstyle of the eyebrows is now perfect, but of course the rest of the make-up must also fit. Read more in this paragraph about the make-up steps that are part of a beautiful natural look.

3 methods: Eyebrow make-up

 Step by step  you can see how you can also set your eyebrows in scene with a few tricks.

Expressive eyebrow make-up: How to give your face the right frame.

Eyebrow make-up has long since become a must for anyone who wants to give their face a particularly intense expression. But you can achieve the right result not only in one way. With these three methods you are prepared for every make-up routine. The perfect look, the perfect expression. For us women, eyebrows are more important than some people think. No wonder – only beautiful eyebrows give your face a special look. The look becomes more intense, the face appears more defined. And so that every woman can achieve this, there are three simple methods for the eyebrow miracle. Eyebrow make-up made easy.

Little tip: Before applying make-up, the eyebrows should be clean and free of grease. This way the colour will last better and above all longer.

1. make up the eyebrows with the pen

Probably the best known method of eyebrow make-up is the eyebrow pencil. With it you can repaint your brows and your brow arch looks denser and fuller. If you have narrow, uneven eyebrows or want to darken the hair a little, then an Eyebrow Pencil is just the right thing. An eyebrow pencil lies in your hand similar to an eyeliner pencil, but the consistency is a little firmer.

When choosing a color, make sure that the color is not too dark for your eyebrows and also your hair color. Otherwise the result will quickly look like two bars on your face. Apply the colour in small, fine lines. Avoid long strokes. This makes the eyebrows look unnatural and painted.

2. beautiful eyebrows with powder

You want to make up your eyebrows and still emphasize them naturally? With brow powder this is no problem. It is important that you choose a powder that is slightly darker than your own eyebrows.
Apply the powder in the direction of hair growth with a bevelled eyebrow brush. Alternatively, a slanted eyeliner brush is also possible. Top Tip: If you can’t find a suitable eyebrow powder, simply reach for a suitable eye shadow. This should be matt and in no case contain glitter particles.

Take up some powder with the brush and paint the eyebrows in short, stroking movements. Start at the thickest part of the eyebrows and then work your way to the end. The look will look especially natural if you do not emphasize the front of your eyebrows very much.

3. quick matter: make up eyebrows with gel

Only a hint of colour but still an intensive look you will get with eyebrow gel. It strengthens the small hairs and they stay where they should be all day long. To keep the natural shape of your brows, you should pull the brush with the gel upwards from the beginning to the highest point of the eyebrow. For the rest, pull the brush down from the middle to the end of the eyebrows. Eyebrow make-up has never been so easy.

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