Eyebrow piercing

Is it better to do a piercing on the left or right eyebrow?

Facial piercings are made in the most unusual places: cheeks, nose, lip and even on the forehead. Eyebrow piercing, despite its external complexity, is considered one of the easiest types of body art. To do it it is not necessary to have the skills of a specialized master or deep knowledge of the acupuncture.

How do you decide which side to get your eyebrow pierced?

The ideal location is the caudal (lateral) part of the eyebrow, where there is the most soft tissue. The marking points are placed at the very base of the fold, so that the distance between them corresponds exactly to the length of the bar or ring,It is a matter of personal preference. There is no meaning behind the side you drill. Here are a few things to consider about this:

  • do you prefer one side over the other when you sleep? If so, it’s best to pierce on the opposite side to prevent the piercing from getting tangled in the pillowcase.
  • Do you have a “droopy” eye or a scar in your eyebrow? If so, you may want to do the other side to deflect attention. Not that there’s anything wrong with droopy eyes or scars!
  • Depending on the side, it’s a sign of homosexuality or heterosexuality, but none of that matters anymore.

Risks related to the placement of an eyebrow piercing.

As long as the safe piercing procedure is followed, eyebrow piercing is generally safe. However, there are potential risks depending on the location. This is part of the reason why you should go to a professional piercing store for your next piercing.

All piercings have some risk associated with them. In general, the main risks are infection or rejection of the piercing. These risks can be avoided by following proper postoperative care, choosing hypoallergenic jewelry, and using experienced piercers in health studios.

With some brow piercings, it is claimed that there is an additional risk. The supposed risk is that if you pierce too low between the eye and the eyebrow, or too close to the nose, you could hit an important nerve. If the nerve is pierced, it is possible that the nerve could be slightly damaged.

This can be avoided in two ways. The first is to choose a different location for your eyebrow piercing, such as the upper outside of the eyebrow. The second is to visit a professional piercing studio. They have the experience to pierce without going too far.

How to do eyebrow piercings step by step

In order to make an eyebrow piercing, you need to prepare a round clip, needle for piercing, jewelry and antiseptics. As clips it is most convenient to use professional tools, such as those made by Sponge Forceps (USA) or other brands. The main difference between professional clamps is the material they are made of. For their manufacture, only high quality steel is used.

How to do eyebrow piercings step by step

The site of the procedure is carefully sterilized. Unlike many types of body art, eyebrow piercing does not require hair removal from the treated area;

Removal of excess hairs

In the place of the future hole, it is necessary to put a marking. For this purpose, a point is put with a spirit marker or other available tool;

The principle of operation of the clamp

The skin around the point is placed in the clamp, which also regulates the depth of penetration of the needle and the location of the future location of the hole. To ensure that the piercing is not located too close to the surface of the eyebrow, it is necessary to capture a fairly dense area of epidermis;

Piercing clip

The needle pierces the skin exactly in the place of marking and remains in it. After that, the clip is removed. To quickly insert the jewelry, you need to start pulling the needle out of the skin and in its place to advance the bar. It is important to do this slowly so as not to lose direction. Otherwise, there may be a secondary piercing of the hole;

The piercing process

After replacing the needle on the jewelry, blood will appear on the skin. This is normal, it is important to remove it immediately with cotton swabs treated in a special antiseptic. In any case, do not use perfume or other improvised means. It is better to immediately prepare alcohol, “Chlorhexidine”, peroxide (only for the time of piercing).

Piercing is best performed in specialized salons that have all the necessary tools for this procedure. To avoid undesirable consequences that could adversely affect your health or even cause cosmetic skin imperfections, it is worth taking this issue seriously. The experience of the master-professional, who knows the physiology and peculiarities of the human body, ensures quick healing and absence of complications.

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Piercing site care

The piercing itself is not harmful, the main danger is improper care. To prevent rejection of the piercing by the body, it is important to give the piercing proper time, treat it and wipe it with special antiseptics.


In the first two days after the piercing, do not wet the place where the earring was placed.
For quality treatment, you need to wipe the skin and the earring at the same time. To do this, the eyebrow is first treated with a small amount of hydrogen peroxide, and then with Miramistine. It is important to remember that it is acceptable to wipe the skin with peroxide after the piercing only in case of excretions from the hole;

Miramistin solution.

In winter, the healing process is much slower, in addition, if the earring freezes, it can begin to release pus. If the piercing is festering, the piercing site is treated with Octenisept;


It is not recommended to remove the earring in the first month, but it is necessary to turn it all the time so that it does not overgrow the skin.


Care after eyebrow piercing

The healing of the piercing and the formation of the canal takes 4-6 weeks, after which you can change the decoration. It is recommended to apply chlorhexidine bigluconate 2-3 times a day for four weeks to the piercing area and the decoration.

  1. Do not remove the earring for 6 weeks.
  2. In the first 3 days after the piercing refrain from going to the swimming pool, bathing, bathing in bodies of water.
  3. Every day, morning and evening, for 6 weeks treat the pierced area on the skin side with a special antiseptic or chlorhexidine bigluconate. The product should be applied so that it gets to the entry and exit points of the needle, as well as in the canal. During treatment, it is necessary to twist the earring and move it in the canal.
  4. For a month, it is undesirable to wear headgear that presses tightly against the eyebrow.
  5. Do not treat the piercing site with alcohol – tissue burns can occur.
  6. After showering, sporting activities, bathing and bathing, you should additionally treat the piercing site.
  7. After 4 weeks, you can remove the earring and change it for another piece of jewelry.
  8. Remember to remove all metal jewelry when visiting the sauna and solarium. Refrain from visiting the sauna and the solarium until the canal has healed.
  9. If redness, swelling, pain and discharge occur around the earring, remove the jewelry immediately and contact the professional who performed the piercing.
  10. Do not buy jewelry of dubious quality, because the bad material of the jewelry may cause inflammation of the already formed canal.
  11. It is recommended to wear the earring at all times, as the canal can quickly tighten.

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