I have bangs so should I still get my eyebrows done?

I’ve had straight, classic bangs for about six years now. I have curly hair, so I have to pull it out every day. Bangs are no exception. That said, it terribly pisses me off when it’s badly laid and unevenly trimmed. You know, it gives me a lot of inconvenience. Because as soon as it starts to rain, my perfect hairdo turns into a dandelion (although I have almost learned to cope with this). I cut my bangs myself… because I’ve never found a hairdresser who does the job perfectly, alas.

You’re probably wondering why I can’t grow out my stupid bangs. It’s simple. Everyone around me, including my mother and my husband, rolls their eyes every time I do it. And they’re all like, “It doesn’t suit you.” My mother does not like the fact that without bangs I have oriental features that are inherited from my father (no, no, their relationship is normal). The bangs according to her soften them. In general, the story is long and uninteresting. I just firmly decided to grow my bangs and make my life much easier. So I’m wondering, does it really look that criminal? To cut a long story short, girls, who don’t mind looking at some pictures of me in variations and give me some tips about my hairstyle, you’re welcome!

Everyone knows that straight hair needs to be curled, curly hair needs to be straightened, long hair needs to be trimmed, and short hair needs to grow out. But what to do with bangs?

Surely each of us at least once in our lives wanted to change the hairstyle, and the fastest way is, of course, to cut the bangs. It does not take a lot of time and money – in general, once – and it’s done. Except that, sometimes, the next day comes the realization. Why? And begins a long and arduous journey of at least six months (and even a year) to hide traces of their minute “weakness.

I have no right to pass up this project. For as long as I can remember, I’ve worn bangs all my life, the kind you know, straight, long ones that cover my eyebrows. Probably somewhere in the first grade or earlier my mother decided that I have a big forehead, and that cover it with bangs – the right decision. According to her, walking around with such a big forehead without bangs is not pretty. Do I need to tell you how firmly it was ingrained in my head that I CANNOT go without bangs?

In my opinion, bangs youthful any face and accentuates the look. It suits almost everyone. At the same time I think straight bangs are a little bit old-school element of the image, which will slightly forgive the face. Of course, bangs come in all kinds – slanted, geometric, filigree, etc. Therefore, if you have never worn bangs – you can risk it, the image changes dramatically. But keep in mind that it is a long and painful process to grow them.

Our authors have already managed to be on both sides of life “with bangs” and “without it” and are ready to share their opinion, why bangs are cool or vice versa, why they will never go back to it.

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Stylists tell why it’s better not to cut bangs: three main disadvantages¬†

For many women, bangs have become an integral part of their lives. They are afraid to even think about the fact that they can look stylish and attractive with an open forehead. However, making sure of this is very easy. You need to take a pair of invisible bangs, go to the mirror and pinned bangs. After this you can first admire the obtained result, and then you can play with several variations of your new image. If there was nothing to like, you can let the bangs to take their usual place again.

But what about those who don’t have this element of hair yet? They can’t cut off their hair, play around with the new look, and if they don’t like it, glue it back on. Such girls need to use the Face App for smartphones or listen to the advice of experts. Many of them are categorically against bangs. They argue their opinion not by vague arguments about beauty, which, as you know, for each his own, and quite real inconveniences delivered by this element of hair.

Doesn’t suit everyone.

Girls whose face is too thin or elongated, and the forehead is disproportionately high, bangs are really necessary. It visually evens out the proportions and rounds out the cheeks. Hair that covers the forehead is the perfect way to hide scars and pimples that protrude above the eyebrows. At this point the need for bangs is pretty much over. From here its presence in a hairstyle is a matter of taste.

The smooth hair, covering the eyebrows, gives the face a certain mystery and fatal magnetism.

However, this requires an appropriate makeup. If the right makeup did not work, bangs to the eyes will make the image more gloomy and unpleasant, and too short will unfavorably emphasize all the flaws of the face. This element of hairstyle also is not suitable for those who have large cheeks or a low forehead. Round-faced beauties bangs also do not beautify. They need to open the forehead and make high hairstyles to make the face more attractive.

There is another feature of bangs. They make their owners younger and bring a share of naivety and sentimentality to their image. Stylists say that it makes a society lioness a provincial simpleton. In some cases it does not matter. But in the official style bangs do not fit. It can play a negative role at the interview if you are trying to get a responsible position.

If you are sure that bangs will not spoil your image, then think about how much attention it will require.

Losing half an hour of sleep

It is naive to think that beautiful hairstyles happen by themselves. Sometimes it takes a few hours to create them. A bang also takes time. Do not think that it is enough to get out of bed and just comb your hair. Especially difficult are the “sloppy” bangs. When creating it, it is necessary to find a place for each hair. Otherwise you will have a look that is not romantic, but unkempt.

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To get your bangs in the right shape, you’ll need to get up half an hour early. You could spend that time doing something nice, like lying in bed before you get up or eating an extra bun. But you have bangs to style, and they don’t always take the right shape the first time.

Creating new pimples

Many dermatologists say that hair covering the forehead causes skin problems. The fact is that they create in this part of the face suitable conditions for the reproduction of all kinds of microorganisms. Not all of them are friendly. Many are a source of infection. As a result, pustules and ugly spots on the skin. The result is a vicious circle. Girls wear bangs to hide pimples on the forehead from others, but they themselves help their appearance.

Getting used to daily grooming procedures

It is common for people to sweat outdoors in summer and in winter in heated rooms. This is especially true for those who perform physical activities. Perhaps everyone has faced the situation of having to wipe sweat from the forehead. If it is covered with bangs, the process of sweating is more active. In this case, the hair quickly absorbs the fluid excreted through the pores on the skin.

To keep your bangs looking neat, you have to wash them more often. This requires extra shampoo and conditioner, as well as more time. But the main problem is that frequent washing makes the sebaceous glands work even harder. It’s like a vicious circle all over again. The more often you wash your bangs, the greasier they get. But that’s not all. Washing frequently removes the protective layer that protects bangs from the environment. As a result, they become brittle and begin to fall out.

Drawing conclusions

Each girl decides for herself whether to wear bangs or not. Many people like it so much that they are willing to tolerate any discomfort. In recent years, ripped bangs are popular. It makes the image more original and mischievous. But to create such a masterpiece by yourself will not work. Here you need the hand of a specialist in the hairdressing art.

Keep in mind that bangs grow back very quickly for unknown reasons. Its increase by even a couple of millimeters can spoil the whole view. Therefore, it is necessary to use the services of a stylist at least twice a month. If all of the arguments stated in the article do not scare you, then wear bangs with confidence. After all, any hairstyle helps to create only the external image of the person. Its inner content does not depend on the bangs.

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