Eyebrow hair removal

How to use eyebrow razor?

The brow arches can be shaped in different ways. The most painless and fastest way is shaving. Special new devices have been created for this purpose. For example, a razor for eyebrows and a trimmer. The work with devices has its own advantages and disadvantages. Girls who have decided to buy beauty aids, it is important to know how to use them correctly.

About proper eyebrow care

The eyebrows, like any other part of the body, undergo age-related changes. Over time the hairs lose their elasticity, shine, and become brittle. Proper care can help extend the youthfulness of your eyebrows. Procedures that should not be ignored include the following:

  • Hygiene of the entire face and brow area. Every evening, any cosmetic products should be thoroughly washed off the skin.
  • After cleansing, the skin of the face and eyebrows are treated with a absorbent cotton or tissue soaked in a tonic. Toning helps to restore the acid-alkaline balance of the skin, moisturize it, remove residues of decorative cosmetics.
  • The bristles should be brushed daily. For this process, an ordinary toothbrush for kids or a special comb for eyelashes, eyebrows will do.
  • After washing, it is useful to treat the brow bristles with any of the oils: castor, olive, avocado, burdock. The oil product will nourish the scales, the root of the hair, and rejuvenate the dermis. Before going to bed, remove the rest of the oil with a towel or napkin.
  • Every day it is useful to please the eyebrows with a warming massage. It takes 30-60 seconds and consists of simple rubbing, pressing and tweezing the area. Thanks to this, you can quickly grow healthy hairs.

Is it permissible to shave eyebrows?

Can I shave my eyebrows? The question is of interest to many representatives of the fair sex. Some hesitate to take this step because of the information that frequent shaving stimulates the growth of stubble. This data is true. Among the disadvantages of the procedure is that shaving provokes bristle growth, in this case you have to use a razor more often than tweezers. However, it is this way of eyebrow design that girls and guys in Korea do.

Korea has recently been called the beauty capital of the world. It is there that a variety of cosmetic products and gadgets are invented and created. Men and women from Korea use decorative products more than other people in the world.

The procedure of shaving eyebrows is gradually becoming the norm for Europeans as well. If previously it was considered a mauvais ton, now many bloggers promote this method. This is due to the merits of the procedure:

  • This is the fastest way to correct the shape.
  • It is the most painless way to remove unwanted hairs.
  • You can shave unwanted bristles at home, in the car or at work. Visiting a beauty salon is not necessary.
  • This method saves you when you urgently need to put yourself in order, and there is no time.

Exactly shaving will help get rid of fluff in the brow area, on the bridge of the nose, the lips, etc. It’s very difficult to pluck that pesky little down. A razor, on the other hand, copes with it effectively and quickly.

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Eyebrow shaving accessories

Among the accessories for removing excess vegetation in the brow area, three stand out:

  • razor;
  • a scraper;
  • trimmer.

Each of these accessories does not pull out hairs, but rather trims them. All miniature helpers are small in size. You can take them with you when you travel or carry them in your cosmetic bag at all times.


The instrument is a sharp knife on a leg to be held by. The blade of the knife is as sharp as a scalpel. Because of this, the hairs are cut with ease. Facial razors do not look like an ordinary razor. They resemble a folding knife. Such devices come in several types:

folding (imitating a folding knife); straight (a special cap is included to protect the blade).

The cost of a set of two razors starts at $20.

Is it good to use eyebrow razor?

Scraper bar

This is a stainless steel eyebrow blade. The blade has a working point on one side and a plate on the other side, which you hold during the procedure.

The scraper is the cheapest device for removing unnecessary hairs. Its price is about 50-70 rubles. The seller advertises the blade as a device for removing unwanted hair not only from the eyebrows and lips, but also from the armpits and the bikini zone.

How do you use an eyebrow razor at home?


The product resembles an electric razor, only the size of a ballpoint pen. The trimmer trims hairs close to the surface of the skin. It’s best used on light bristles. Tiny dots of stubby hairs will be left on the stiff dark hairs after use.

Trimmers come in three varieties:

  1. mains-powered;
  2. battery-powered;
  3. combined.

Trimmers are an expensive beauty aid. For a good device it is necessary to pay several thousand rubles. Such a device, with proper care, will last more than a year. The kit often includes several nozzles and a brush to clean the treated surface. The device can also be used to remove vegetation from other parts of the body.

A Razor Guide to Safe Eyebrow Trimming

  • It is best to perform the process in front of a clean mirror in a room with light.
  • Cosmetologists advise shaving eyebrows, as well as shaving any other areas, after a bath or shower.
  • The brow area is well dried. Some manufacturers recommend using the devices after applying shaving foam to the dermis. Girls who regularly use the device say they can do without additional products.
  • In one hand takes a razor, the other hand pulls the skin.
  • On the stretched skin, all unnecessary hairs are removed.

The razor is used to remove all hairs on the lower and upper parts of the brow arch. For complete aesthetics, the blade is allowed to go along the bridge of the nose.

The procedure is completed by washing the entire face. The treated area is disinfected with an alcohol lotion.

Within 60-120 minutes after shaving it is better not to apply decorative cosmetics or any cream on the eyebrows.

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These instructions are also suitable for shaving your brow arches with a brow scraper.


The brow arches are combed.

Depending on what the trimmer model is called and what it is designed for, vegetation removal is done in the shower or in a regular room in front of a mirror.

If the trimmer is designed to work in a wet environment, a drop of shaving gel is applied to the bristles. If the device works in a dry environment, no additional product is needed.

The trimmer is held firmly in the right hand. The left hand pulls on the skin.

The head of the trimmer should go against the growth of the bristles.

What happens if you shave your eyebrows?

What would happen if the eyebrows were completely shaved? In this case, the face will lose one of the most visible elements. Without eyebrows, a person will not be able to express his emotions properly. The face will look like a mask.

Why shave eyebrows? There are several answers to the question:

This is what girls who don’t like their eyebrows at all do.

Ladies who want to stimulate the active growth of the bristles come to this.

They also shave their bristles for the sake of outrage. To show their uniqueness. For example, that is exactly what Lady Gaga did.

lady gaga shaved eyebrows

In the case of a woman who has shaved her eyebrows completely, they will have to be drawn, or she will have to turn to the services of a master tattooist.

How long do eyebrows grow after shaving? It is not easy to grow back the shaved bristles. In addition, the girl should be prepared for the fact that the hairs will grow and grow back in different directions. If you decide to use shaving to stimulate hair growth, then you should have patience.

Professional Advice

For a shave to be effective, the skin in the area to be treated is scrubbed before the procedure.

A suitable shape is outlined with a white or black pencil. The contouring is necessary so that the trimmer, the razor accidentally does not remove too many hairs.

Quicker grow bristles after a full shave will help daily brushing, massage, rubbing oil compositions, vitamins A and E.

Some beauticians are advised to combine the tweezers and razor. Tweezers pluck thick, long hairs. The razor removed the tiny, downy hairs.

Razor should be used often enough – once every 2-3 days. You can use a trimmer a little less often – once every 3-4 days.

Razor, scraper, trimmer are good helpers in the design of eyebrow areas. Each woman decides for herself which method of hair removal is suitable for her. For ladies who do not tolerate the pain caused by tweezers, shaving will be the best option.

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