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How to use eyebrow pencils correctly and which colours match your eye colour

With the help of eyebrow pencils, the eyebrows can be wonderfully accentuated and the eye area can be given more overall radiance. When using these cosmetic eyebrow pencils, it is advisable to know which colour is best to choose and how to use it correctly. It can also be interesting to learn about the disadvantages of eyebrow pencils and how much money you should invest in a good eyebrow pencil.

Eyebrow pencils are commercially available in different shades from various manufacturers and meanwhile belong in every well-assorted beauty case. They are always helpful and above all effective, because with eyebrow pencils you can

→ give the eyebrows more expression,
→ define them perfectly and
→ make her a great looker on your face.

However, in order to achieve the most perfect result possible, which does not look painted but natural, it is important to find out beforehand which colour is best to choose and how to use eyebrow pencils correctly.

Colour tone

Before using an eyebrow pencil to correct the shape of the eyebrows or to retighten the brows, you should first choose the right color of the eyebrow pencil. You should always pay attention to the natural colour of the eyebrows. If you have rather light eyebrows, it is not advisable to choose a very dark eyebrow pencil, whereas darker eyebrows can only be shown to their best advantage by tracing them with an equally dark eyebrow pencil.

However, the colour of the eyebrow pencil should never appear too dark. In case of doubt, it is always recommended to use a lighter shade. However, eyebrow pencils are available in umpteen different colours, so that you can usually find the shade that matches your eyebrows.

Which colours match my eye colour

Blue eyes

The second step is to match the colour of the eyebrow pencil with the colour of the eyes. Blue eyes usually have a particularly bright, friendly appearance, so that this should not be affected by a too dark eyebrow colour. Rather lighter brown tones are therefore recommended in this case.

Green eyes

The same applies to green eyes, whereby one should ideally choose a light brown, which has a small green tint. In this way, the colour of the eyebrows can be used to further emphasise and wonderfully accentuate the natural colour of the eyes.

Brown eyes

You can also accentuate dark, brown eyes, if you give them a great counterweight in the form of dark eyebrows. So here a dark brown eyebrow pencil, which possibly even contains nuances of your own eyes, is recommended.


Also the condition of the eyebrow pencil should be considered before its application. The best result can be achieved if the eyebrow pencil

By the way: Never use a normal sharpener to sharpen an eyebrow pencil. This would stick together very quickly and would not sharpen the pencil optimally. In drugstores and perfumeries, however, there are special sharpeners for eyebrow pencils.

→ soft and
→ well sharpened


The correct way to use the eyebrow pencil is to draw very fine lines into the eyebrows and to trace them bit by bit. This looks especially natural, as the small strokes fill the gaps between the eyebrow hairs.

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Under no circumstances, however, should the brows be painted in one piece over a large area or an accentuated, outer border be drawn. In most cases this looks too exaggerated and completely unnatural and artificial.

For whom an eyebrow pencil is suitable

Eyebrow pencils have become an integral part of any make-up bag. These small miracle tools make it possible to conjure up beautiful eyebrows into a face in just a few simple steps. But for whom are the eyebrow pencils actually particularly suitable and do they also have their disadvantages?

For women with narrow eyebrows

The field of application for eyebrow pencils is manifold. They are often used for eyebrows that are quite narrow and consist of only a few hairs. The eyebrow pencil can clearly emphasize the eyebrow and make the few hairs appear more luxuriant.

He also conjures up an eyebrow where Mother Nature or the tweezers have not provided one. With the help of various eyebrow stencils, which either

→ to a pen to it or also
→ individually

for sale, you can model perfect eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil.

                «For women with narrow eyebrows the pencil has an advantage over powder»

For carnival make-up

Even our youngest children will enjoy the occasional eyebrow pencil. Because the best carnival costume looks unspectacular if the matching painting on the face is missing.

And so an eyebrow pencil

→ to create a beautiful beard for the pirate,
→ give the princess a little beauty mark, or
→ to a clown with an enchanting eye line.

In addition, it is possible to give the eyebrows a very individual colored touch with the help of a eyebrow pencil. From white to black, everything is possible here.

All in all, such a pen is very flexible in its use. If you take good care of it, it can serve you well for a long time.

With the special sharpener, it can be brought into shape again and again and thus never loses its optimal working shape. It is also very space-saving and requires no other accessories except the sharpener.

Disadvantages of an eyebrow pencil

But even such a universal make-up utensil as the eyebrow pencil has some small hidden disadvantages.

1- On the one hand an incompatibility with various ingredients can occur.
2- In addition, the application may take some getting used to for untrained      make-up artists. Because with an eyebrow pencil you should only run lightly  over the eyebrows in order not to get the well-known “bars” over the eye.
3- Also, once an eyebrow pencil has been applied, it can only be removed with cleaning cloths and is quite difficult to remove, as a good eyebrow pencil is waterproof. This can also be perceived as annoying.

Avoiding the disadvantages

The good news, however, is that once you have a little practice and skill, the disadvantages, especially the problems with the application, can be easily avoided.

Skin compatibility can also be tested in advance on a less conspicuous area of skin than the face. The crook of the arm is therefore ideally suited for such tests. The skin here is similarly soft and sensitive as on the face and thus provides the most authentic result.

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use eyebrow pencils correctly and which colours match my eye colour              «In order to accentuate the eyebrows optimally one should not apply too much»

A visit to the beautician is worthwhile

If you are unsure whether to use an eyebrow pencil on your own face or if you would rather use eyebrow powder, you will find a contact person and consultant on this topic in a beauty salon. Experienced beauticians can

→ the skin,
→ the eyebrows and
→ the overall impression

You will find here the best eyebrow pencils we suggest you buy

analyze and make a recommendation, as well as provide make-up tips. In addition, they can explain the handling of various make-up items in the best possible way.

How much one should invest in a good eyebrow pencil

Eyebrow pencils are available in a very extensive variety in different colours and from different manufacturers. Also the financial expenses, which must be raised for such an eyebrow pencil, can vary therefore very strongly. So the price range is sometimes between

→ 2 $ and
→ 80 $.

But how much money should one actually spend to buy a good eyebrow pencil?

Low price category models

Supermarkets and drugstores carry eyebrow pencils in their assortment starting at only 2 $. However, in most cases these are neither waterproof nor particularly attractive in colour. In addition, they tend to release the color quite generously to the eyebrows, which can quickly lead to a “dark bar” over the eyes.

But if you invest around 6 $, you get a product that

→ in handling and
→ in the paint scheme

is very comfortable.

In addition, such pens may already carry stencils with them, which allow easy and precise application. If the pencil is also waterproof, it has all the characteristics of a good eyebrow pencil.

«The eyebrow pencils from the middle price segment achieve a good result»

Models in the higher price category

In specialist perfumeries and well-stocked drugstores, eyebrow pencils are also available in a significantly higher price segment. In most cases, these bear the name of a well-known brand in their name.

Whether these are now of higher quality than a product from the middle price segment depends very much on the respective brand. As a rule, however, the good name is probably the most important factor in pricing.


For this reason, a mid-priced eyebrow pencil is perfectly adequate for simple eyebrow make-up. In addition, there are pencils that are available in

→ Color,
→ Durability and
→ Handling

are very comfortable.


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