Eyebrow slits

How to shave a slits in eyebrow?

The brow stitch can be shaved by shaving a small slits. It is believed that such an element in the area of the arches becomes a sign of myjeweledness and makes the image look more beautiful. The slit is made not only by men, but also by girls, to shade the soft facial features. You can have your slits in eyebrow done in any beauty salon or home.

Slits in eyebrow men

Shaving the slits in the area of the arches was especially popular in the noughties. This was due to the fame of various music bands, whose members had extravagant looks, tattoos and bright makeup, and many teenagers imitated them.

Shaved arcs were often seen in rappers and pop musicians. Many men made slits on their arcs to give them a sloppy look, to become brutal and unflappable. The unusual eyebrow shape lost its popularity in the mid-noughties, but became popular again after the famous British footballer Bekham changed his appearance. Then the tradition of shaving slits returned.

Slits don’t make much difference, they draw attention to the face. Patterns can be made by both boys and girls. In order for the elemeunt to look stylish, you will need some performance skills. Pomeyotok can be one or more on one or two arcs. Such ellements can be combined with piping.

Why do they shave slits in eyebrow?

The shaved eyebrow was popular in the noughties among girls and guys. A small slits imitpye shampooing, scarring, and gives it a brutal appearance. Nowadays, the shaved eyebrow is popular among certain subcultures.

In addition to artificial cuts and shaving part of the hair, acrimonious haircuts, artistic tattoos and piercings are periodically coming back. Many celebrities, such as Bekham, Ronaldo wear slits in their eyebrow, and as a result, fans of celebrities also make themselves such accents on their lines.

Sometimes a slits in eyebrow can mean a regular scar. In girls, these lines sometimes appear not by choice, but because of the improper use of a wax or tweezers. Such a social network as the Incatopam has led to the popularization of flash mobs, including shaving slits in the eyebrow of girls and guys.

Slits in eyebrow meaning

A slits in eyebrow, made on purpose, can visually enhance the shape of the spam. A popular question is what a shaved stripe means and why many young people make a smooth line in the eyebrow area.

This trend began in the 1990s, and shaved slits were especially popular in the mid-noughties. In many subcultures, the absence of part of the hair on the eyebrow can be a “telltale sign”. Some people make such arcs for camo-expression purposes, without giving the problems a deep cmcal.

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Slits in a girl’s eyebrow

The slits eyebrow is a long forgotten trend, eyebrow slits for girls were popular in the noughties. There are people who believe that artificial eyebrow slits are important for different subcultures. Earlier, shaving the slits was relevant for rap singers.

It is believed that the artificial shpam is a sign of bravery and cleverness, of character. Such a line accentuates the eyes, the face becomes more spectacular. To make the slits in eyebrow, it is better to ask a stylist, then it is more likely that the effect will be beautiful and will not spoil the appearance. You can make such a slits with wax, tweezers or trimmer at home.

The slits in men’s eyebrows

The eyebrows of men with a shaved slits make a special accent on the face. The round shape makes the expression look lighter, while the pointed lines give a sterner look. A slight correction of the lines can significantly change the proportions of the face visually.

One popular trend has been to shave slits in eyebrow, to make the hair look shammy. Such an element makes my woman more mysterious and creates an accent on her eyes.

Slits in a guy’s eyebrow

Taking care of the lines means not only maintaining the shape, but also removing unwanted hairs. The meaning of the slits on a guy’s eyebrow is his belonging to various cyber-cultures, his fascination with music. However, sometimes the slits are not due to my male desire, but because of the received traumas.

It is possible to make slits in a simple way. To do this, you will need to cut off the excess hairs with an eyebrow trimmer or a pair of scissors. When you do this action, the emphasis will be on the arches, and they will need to be corrected completely – removing excess rods on the bridge of the nose, along the lower growth line.

How to make a slits in eyebrows?

The slits in eyebrow is easy to make. You can have some of the hairs shaved off to get an even slits in a beauty salon or at home. To get a high-quality result, you should use only sharpened, sterile tools and tools.

You will need a disposable razor or an electric razor with an arc-correcting nozzle to perform the hair removal. If you plan to remove hairs with tweezers, keep in mind that they may take a long time to grow out, there is a risk that they will later be peaked at the correction, there is a possibility of the formation of slits.

Before you start making adjustments, you have to determine what kind of result you want in the end. A thick slit in women might look ridiculous and strange, such a pattern is most in demand for men. Do not make the slits very close to the beginning or the end of the eyebrow, otherwise the line will be visually shorter than the other, it will be acymmetrical.

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Before starting the procedure, remove all make-up from the face and wipe the face with a cleansing lotion. Before you start the correction, use a soft pencil to mark the corner of the slits and its borders. At this point, do not rush, because the result will not grow back for a long time, usually after a few weeks.

After the slits is finished, it is necessary to correct the arc by removing the excess hairs with wax, thread, cloth or tweezers. Then the hairs in the area where the element that will be used to create the slits are removed.

How to shave slits in eyebrow ?

You can make a slits in eyebrows at home, but it is better to ask your stylist to do it for the first time. When making lines on the eyebrows, it is important to be careful not to spoil the image with improper actions.

The area to be treated should be preliminarily cleaned, and the lines of the future slit should be applied with a pencil. After that, special attention should be paid to the shape of the lines, as they will attract attention in the presence of the slit simulation. With a precise movement of the tool, remove the hairs exactly along the marked lines.

Excess stems can be removed with wax. The disadvantage of this procedure is that it is difficult to correct an unsuccessful result, the hair will grow back for a very long time, there is a risk of traumatizing the follicles. The area of exposure is pre-drawn, then a wax slit of the desired size is cut out, applied and removed with a soft movement.

To ensure that the result after waxing does not disappoint, you need to perform the procedure with a sufficient amount of light, without haste. All the tools you use must be cleaned, and the skin must be carefully cared for to prevent hair ingrowth and inflammation.

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