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How to get clear eyebrows?

Thick, thick eyebrows are a trend that appeared some time ago, mainly due to such celebrities as Lily Collins and Cara Delevigne. However, Audrey Hepburn already knew that such eyebrows can add charm. Not all of us have been given the opportunity by nature to “grow” such eyebrows on their own. That’s why I’m putting here some tips to help you grow, adjust and paint your dream eyebrows.

best star's eyebrows Lily Collins
Lily Collins

1-Determine the appropriate eyebrow thickness

Thick eyebrows may be trendy, but not everyone will like it. If you have small eyes or a low forehead, seriously consider this decision. It takes a few months to grow eyebrows, so consider whether it is worth the trouble if you may be disappointed with the end result.

2-Forget about the eyebrow crayons

Give up eyebrow crayons in favour of brown powders specially designed for filling them. They work better with thick eyebrows because they stick to hairs rather than skin. Applying too much pigment to the skin (as is often the case with crayons) results in an artificial, unnatural look. Perfectly matched powder to the eyebrows will fill them discreetly.

3-Find the right shade

Choosing the right shade can be difficult. If you haven’t used eyebrow powder before, start your adventure with a pigmented eyebrow gel. The rule about color is simple: no matter what product you use, choose one that is 1-2 shades lighter or darker than the eyebrow color. Darker color will be especially useful for evening makeup.

4-Learn how to use an eyebrow brush

It is also necessary to start the pigmentation in the eyebrows. Too much pressure on the small, bent brush will cause the pigment to be spread on the skin, which will give the same effect as when using a crayon. Instead, apply the eyebrow powder exclusively to the bristles, gently brushing it in such a way that it does not touch the skin at all. Always move in the direction of the hair growth, so you will get a more natural, but still distinct, effect.

5-Apply the pigment in the right place

Even a perfectly matched powder for the eyebrows should not be applied in large quantities at the beginning of the eyebrow arch. Instead, focus on the outer 2/3 of the length of the eyebrows. Then you can lightly rub the pigment towards the inner corner.

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6-Cut carefully

Even thick and dense eyebrows require trimming. Properly adjusted, they are also easier to fill. The longest hairs are combed vertically and directed towards the ears. Then, with the help of small scissors, trim them a little at the top and then check them again in the direction of your eyebrows.

7-Remember the clear eyebrow gel

If you decided to have thick, expressive eyebrows, you will have to accept that you will have to give them a little more time. Even if you manage to cut, fill and arrange your eyebrows perfectly, you will still have to put a little bit of gel into your eyebrows to keep them in shape for longer.

8-Match the rest of your makeup

Thick eyebrows are such a distinctive element of makeup that the rest should be as natural as possible. However, if you don’t decide to add extra emphasis to your eyes with a strong makeup, you can concentrate on emphasizing your lips.

9-Don’t forget about proper eyebrow care

Makeup will help to give your eyebrows a perfect look, but it will not work without proper care. Remember to have a vitamin- and mineral-rich diet and use preparations for your eyebrows that will strengthen them and stimulate their growth.

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