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How to draw eyebrows well?

A beautiful look requires a complete eye make-up. The eyebrows, it waxes and then it takes shape. Yes, but then, why and how do you draw your eyebrows? What is the right colour and what are the right tools? What shape for what effect and for what face? Tips and tricks, Cosmo lifts the hair on the right way to draw your eyebrows!

Why drawing eyebrows?

Drawing your eyebrows can be used for many things. First, to correct the line of your eyebrows. To draw them perfectly, you paint them outwards while respecting the movement of your eyebrows. Then, using a pencil held vertically, you correct and define a perfect curve.

Drawing the eyebrows can also be used to repair a failed eyebrow waxing. With the help of a pencil of the right colour, you give the illusion of filling in the eyebrows.

Drawing your eyebrows can also help to enlarge your eyes. Simply apply a touch of light at the end of the eyebrows using a pencil, an illuminator or even a light eye shadow.

Use the light eye shadow and place it where the arch rises.

draw eyebrow

How to draw eyebrows?

To draw the eyebrows well, you must always hold the pencil vertically. Hold it along your nose right next to your nostril. The base of your eyebrow is right here, in the extension, and that’s where you should start drawing.

Move the pencil in the direction of the curve and draw the line that suits you. Usually you should draw the highest line of the eyebrow.

When it comes to tools, choose a fine brush and powder or eye shadow for fine eyebrows.

If you have thick eyebrows, however, you may prefer a rather hard pencil. Use a clear mascara or wax to structure your eyebrows once the work is done.

The right trick to draw eyebrows

To draw them well, you have to go through a perfect eyebrow waxing.

If you have thick eyebrows, start by removing every third hair to soften the look. Here, the question is not to change the shape of your eyebrows but just to lighten an overly heavy eyebrow.

On the other hand, if you have too thin eyebrows, you can slightly underline them below and delimit them well above.

Drawing the right eyebrow shape

Drawing eyebrows can be considered an art. Beyond the colour, it is important to choose the right shape. And to find out, know that the shape of your eyebrows depends on your face, eyes, forehead or even your nose.

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Plus, eyebrows can be a great help. Did you know that the hair removal of your eyebrows and the way you draw them can hide imperfections, small defects or complexes by playing like a trick on the eye?

For example, if you have a big forehead, you must have thick, battling eyebrows. If you have a small forehead, you wear your eyebrows straight and rather thin. If you have a large nose, your eyebrows should be full and rather wide apart. If your nose is long and thin, you should trace your eyebrows as low as possible.

The shape of your eyebrows also depends on the shape of your eyes. If your eyes are small, you should avoid digging into the arch and enlarge your gaze with a touch of light. If your eyes are round, your eyebrows should be long and thick. If your eyes are too wide apart, you should bring your eyebrows closer together with a pencil stroke.

The right color to draw eyebrows

Choosing the right colour to draw your eyebrows is a very important step. To make sure you don’t mess up, choose a tone a little darker than your hair colour.

For real and fake blondes, you opt for the blond pencil. Light and dark chestnuts and brunettes opt for a brown pencil. And then, grey or even khaki pencil is used by all hair colours.

If you want to play the originality card, you can try the bleached eyebrow, which consists of… bleaching your eyebrows!

techniques to draw them well

1) Imagine a line starting at your nostril and passing through the head of your eyebrow. The intersection between this imaginary line and your eyebrow, is the starting point of the head of your eyebrow. You can then pluck all the hairs that are present after this imaginary line. When you start to make up your eyebrow, it will be this same starting point which will delimit the beginning of your make-up.

2) Next, imagine a line starting at the heart of your lip, passing through your nostril, through the center of your Iris, and ending on the line of your eyebrow. The intersection of this line is your eyebrow, and the precise place where your eyebrow will be rounded. When you apply make-up, you can draw an angle from which is rounded, or draw a more or less marked angle. This is a matter of taste, style, look…

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3) The last step: imagine a line starting at the heart of your lip, passing through the outer corner of your eyelid, and ending on the line of your eyebrow. The intersection of this line and your eyebrow is the exact spot where your eyebrow will end. When you apply make-up to the tail of your eyebrow it should end on this imaginary line. If you have some hairs present after this imaginary line, don’t hesitate, you can pluck them.

What eyebrow shape should I choose for my face?

It is important that the shape of the eyebrow is in harmony with the shape of your face. This helps to balance facial expressions and gives your face character. Well-defined eyebrows can rejuvenate and enhance the look. You can make these corrections to your eyebrows using make-up products, or you can pluck them. The choice is yours!

• Square face: The square face is marked by the angles present at the level of its jaw. It should therefore be softened with a medium or thick eyebrow with a curved angle and a long, pointed tail.

• Long face: This type of face must be shortened thanks to an optical illusion offered by more or less horizontal, almost straight eyebrows. They can be medium or thick depending on your taste.

• Triangular face: This type of face is composed of an angle either at the chin or at the forehead. This angle must be broken with slightly rounded eyebrows.

• Round face: This type of face perfectly supports arched, thin, medium or thick eyebrows. Regardless of the size of the eyebrow angle, the tail of the eyebrow can be long.

• Oval face: This face type supports all eyebrow shapes. So take advantage of it! And give yourself the look you’ve always dreamed of for your eyebrow.

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