How to do Eyebrow Slits: Tips and Essential Steps

Eyebrow Slits are a way to cut or shape eyebrows that is usually seen as a trend. The main idea is to remove a small section – or, alternatively, to paint over it with makeup – to give it the appearance of a slit or patch open in the eyebrow. Some people choose a single eyebrow slit, while others choose a more striped look; the eyebrow slits can also be in one or both. They can be created in many different ways, with different patterns. In most cases the reasons why people choose this look are entirely personal.

Eyebrow Slits are a way to cut or shape eyebrows that is usually seen as a trend.

It’s up to you to do or not do the eyebrow slits. We have just told you how to proced so that you do not regret your decision. Find out more about eyebrow slits by reading this article.

When did eyebrow slits start?

As you know, the fashion for eyebrow slits tends to repeat itself, because everything new is old and forgotten. So, today, the fashion trends of the last century – the 90s and 80s – are becoming popular again. Eyebrow slits are coming back to life. This last point, by the way, has never lost its relevance for many. For many years now, we have been observing young people with eyebrow slits to add a little eccentricity to their image. In this way, boys and girls try to emphasize the individuality of their image and stand out from the crowd.

Why eyebrow slits and what does it mean?

In many subcultures, a slit off a man’s or woman’s eyebrows is considered a calling card. In the early 2000s, eyebrow slits guys could be either a rapper or a member of a popular boy band.Today, social networks and Internet-based applications for communicating and sharing photos and videos are widespread around the world. “Instagram” stands out particularly from all available applications. It is the first service through which all kinds of campaigns and flash mobs are launched. It was “Instagram” that began to popularize eyebrow slits not only among athletes and artists, but also among ordinary people. Today, eyebrow slits girl means that she identifies with a particular group or community.

generally,eyebrow slits meaning are purposely shaved spaces in the eyebrows, they are a choice of style or a form of self-expression. Over the years, the look has been associated with gang membership or affiliation, but today the general appearance has no particular significance.

Where to put the eyebrow slits?

There may be several eyebrow slits, the right and left eyebrows are involved, sometimes the location has some significance. To further emphasize their individuality, some young people add one or even two eyebrow piercing earrings to the eyebrow slits, even though some people do not like and do not understand well. Informal individuals see it as their duty to prove to others that they are different, and experimenting with their own appearance is seen as the easiest way to express themselves.

Creating the Eyebrow Slits best ways

You can make eyebrow slit  in the salon or by yourself. Those who choose the second option must prepare the tools and attributes. This will be necessary:

Preparatory phase

So you decided to do eyebrow slits with your hands.
Make sure you have the following tools on hand:

processes phase

For the process to be successful and for a partial eyebrow slit to be a highlight rather than a comical image, these recommendations must be taken into account :

  1. Before choosing an eyebrow slits, the first thing to do is to prepare everything necessary for the procedure.
  2. Remove all make-up from your face (if any), wipe the skin with a cleansing and degreasing lotion containing alcohol. If your skin is prone to inflammation or swelling, it is best to pre-treat it with ice cubes or a compress.
  3. Before starting to shave, mark the angle and edges of the eyebrow slit with a cosmetic pencil. If you make a shaving mistake, it will be very, very difficult to repair it, as the hairs will not yet grow back. In addition, they may look different.
  4. After marking the location and view of the future eyebrow slit with a pencil, correct the shape of the most important eyebrow arch by pulling out the extra hairs with tweezers. You can do this with a razor, but tweezers will give you a more lasting result.
  5. If you use a razor, maintain a certain angle while shaving. Use small, gentle strokes and gradually shave the hairs in the area you want to shave. If you still can’t get rid of slits, treat the skin immediately with peroxide or alcohol.
  6. Those who are confident in their abilities can perform the procedure with a dangerous razor. Remember to sharpen it well in advance, a dull instrument will only scratch the skin.

If you want to completely eliminate the use of sharp objects, you can use one of two alternative methods. The first is to use an electric shaver with a cutting attachment. In a short time, it will help you carefully select the area to be cut, eliminating the risk of cutting on a sharp blade.

You can also buy eyebrow wax strips in a cosmetics store. Many young girls are familiar with this wonderful hair removal tool.

How to do eyebrow slits?

You can create eyebrow slits using an electric or handheld razor and ribbon. If you do not need permanent slits, there are also ways to create eyebrow slits with makeup. If you follow the right steps, you can create your own style of eyebrow slits in the shortest time possible.

Use an electric razor

You can create multiple permanent eyebrow slits using a razor to shave the missing patches or alternatively use tweezers to tear the hair off one by one. If you use a razor, small razors tend to work better because larger razors designed for the face or legs have a tendency to shave too much. To pluck the eyebrow slits with tweezers, the hairs must be plucked individually or a few at a time until the desired effect is achieved. In general, tweezers offer more control, but this approach can be more painful and time-consuming.

Create eyebrow slits with make-up

The easiest and least invasive way to achieve eyebrow slits is with makeup. People usually start with a liquid foundation or eyebrow concealer that perfectly matches the skin tone of their face. This should be applied freely on the area to do eyebrow slit. Go around the edges of the forehead with an eyebrow pencil but jumping over the crack can also make the disparity more noticeable. Setting it all up with a loose powder can help to last longer.

Create eyebrow slits with make-up

The advantage of this method is that it will eliminate very easily and can be a good way for someone to experience the look without actually having to commit to more permanent hair removal. This eyebrow slit method tends to work best on individuals with very thin or sparse eyebrows. For those who have thick eyebrows, it may be necessary to do some trimming and thinning first so that the appearance is credible.

Common eyebrow slits designs

You can be creative when trimming eyebrows – there are no rules that say an eyebrow slit must look specific! You can have a single eyebrow slit or multiple eyebrow slits, and you can have it on one side or keep it symmetrical with matching slits on each eyebrow. The famous Big Daddy Kane had slightly diagonal eyebrow slits all along one of his eyebrows, while the other remained completely intact.

Big Daddy Kane

The most common ways to tilt an eyebrow slits are a little behind the arch, lower along the tail of the eyebrow, or just at the arch – these are the most popular places because they don’t interfere with the way the eyebrows influence the features. Some people choose to do an eyebrow slit before the eyebrow bone, but we find that it generally looks less intentional and slightly unflattering for most facial shapes.

Some people like to have several eyebrow slits from the eyebrow bone to the tail, while others have only one. The eyebrow slits can be vertical or slightly diagonal, and their width also depends entirely on your preferences. We’ve even seen X-shaped eyebrow slits on guys; a few creative people! You can look at the pictures here to see what you like and to get inspired.


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Do Eyebrow Slits Grow Back?

Whether or not you decide to have your eyebrow slit or not depends very much on how well you know your eyebrows. On average, eyebrow hair can take from two weeks to over a month to grow back. Personally, I would never dare to attack my eyebrows in this way; they are simply too precious. So if you want to do it permanently, be careful!

If you follow our shaving method to create an eyebrow slits, then yes, the hair will definitely grow back! Eyebrow hair growth is very different from person to person, but you can expect new hair to start growing a few days after shaving and the eyebrow slit will be completely covered with new hair within a few weeks or months at the most.

Will an Eyebrow Slits Grow Back?

In fact, there is no particularly sacred meaning to what do eyebrow slits mean. It’s not an indication of a particular religion, a sign of special status, etc. It’s not a sign of any particular religion. Quite simply, young people are trying to distinguish themselves from their peers and highlight their individual style in every possible way.

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