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How to create eyebrows with arch?

You can see eyebrows with arch on the faces of beauties smiling from the pages of fashion magazines. Otherwise, this version of the design of the brow arches is called “house eyebrows”. It perfectly looks on most types of faces, emphasizing and opening the look, making it expressive, and the image is accomplished. To achieve this form is not difficult, it is only necessary to correctly adjust the eyebrows and skillfully use cosmetics to create makeup.

The eyebrow with arch-shape outline of the line

Eyebrows with arch make the eye look more open, playful, and surprised. Arched eyebrows are loved by stylists, makeup artists, often creating such an image on the faces of models, actresses. The line can be refracted in the middle part, or closer to the tip, coquettishly upturned to the temples. There are many variations of the design, all of which give the face a flirty expression.

Physiognomy characterizes the mistress of arched eyebrows in this way:

  • A controlling person;
  • desire to keep everything under her control;
  • pronounced leadership;
  • The presence of a firm, decisive character.

The main advantage of this contour is its excellent compatibility with different face shapes.

Arcuate lines perform the following functions:

  • visual enlargement of the eyes;
  • rejuvenation;
  • to soften excessive harshness of features;
  • to give a playful, flirtatious expression to the face;
  • to lift the eyes;
  • Drawing attention to the upper part of the face;
  • giving symmetry;
  • Visually reducing the parameters of diamond, oval, and round face types.

Stylists recommend choosing this form for women who have:

  • narrow eyes;
  • sharp features;
  • older age;
  • flat forehead, bright eyes, with not too beautiful lower part of the chin;
  • With asymmetry of features.

Experts recommend abandoning the arched eyebrows when:

  • the eyes are large, wide-open;
  • the face is symmetrical;
  • there are blackheads on the forehead;
  • The eyes have bruises or puffiness.

Matching the face shape suits arched eyebrows

Eyebrows with arch are suitable for any type. They skillfully conceal flaws, advantageously emphasize the advantages, level out the features.

There are nuances to consider for each form:

round: average thickness of arc with high elevation of contour. The beginning should be wide, tapering smoothly toward the tip;

triangular: a rounded, smooth curve, without an obvious corner (it will draw attention to the prominent cheekbones, a sharp chin);

square: use smooth lines that have a medium thickness;
oval: universal, both straight and arched lines will work here. It is better to choose a medium height, without too sharp a curve;

elongated: straight, wide arcs that visually remove the excessive width of the skull are more suitable.

How to give an arched shape to your eyebrows?

To correct your own brow arches, you need to prepare a few necessary tools.

The following accessories will be useful for the correction:

  • tweezers;
  • antiseptic;
  • cotton pads;
  • A cosmetic pencil.

To find your own perfect contour, you need to follow a simple formula:

The base is found as follows: put the brush to the wing of the nose, so that it passes through the eyebrow. The point of intersection will be the beginning.

The high point of the bend: put the pencil in the center of the pupil.

Tip: the lower tip of the brush on the wing of the nose, the upper one goes through the outer corner of the eye.

It is necessary to begin the work with the treatment of tweezers, hands and the area of future exposure with an antiseptic agent. This approach will minimize the likelihood of infection, because the removal of unwanted hairs is a traumatization of the skin.

Useful tips for correction:

  • Before starting work, comb the hairs with a brush;
  • Treat the curves from the bottom, do not remove hairs on the upper border. Otherwise, you will get an overhanging arc, which will give a visual heaviness to the look;
  • Form outer, inner tips on one horizon line. It is allowed to slightly raise the outer tip;
  • Keep a distance of two fingers between the eyebrows;
  • pluck the stems in the direction of their growth.

Correction does not always allow you to achieve the desired shape. Sometimes the lack of the right amount of vegetation prevents you from achieving the desired result. It is possible to correct the situation with the help of decorative cosmetics (shadows, cosmetic pencil).

The rules for designing eyebrows with makeup:

  • Start drawing from the middle, not from the base of the line.
  • Avoid drawing the eyebrows from the very beginning, as it would make the eye look too heavy.
  • Apply shadow with a slanted brush.
  • Brush it from the middle to the tip of the eyebrow.
  • Don’t use an even outline.
  • Apply light strokes with a pencil with different angles, imitating the growth of natural hairs.

Tips on how to give your eyebrows the perfect look

Before you start experimenting with kinks, the closer will be to bring your own arches to a neat, groomed look. To achieve visual beauty, you can use methods such as:

  1. Apply vegetable oils to the hair. Castor oil, burdock oil, almond oil, peach oil, olive oil, dill oil will do.
  2. Make masks of egg yolk.
  3. Dab hair with liquid forms of vitamins (tocopherol, retinol).
  4. Apply fixing gel when your own hair is very dense.
  5. Complete the creation of makeup by applying highlighter under the brow. This will create an open look.

How to get the right eyebrow shape with a stencil?

Groomed eyebrows will always look great. To give them more sophistication, you can use makeup. The first time a girl may have difficulties, due to lack of experience. The use of a special stencil will help here.

Tactics for using the stencil:

  • Choose a stencil that fits your face type;
  • Place it on the arc line;
  • trace a line along the notch with a cosmetic pencil, avoiding excessive pressure;
  • Correct the shape by removing excess vegetation that extends beyond the created contour;
  • Fill the base with the tiniest strokes resembling natural hair;
  • Use a brush or shadow to blend the initial outline;
  • Comb the hairs and arrange them in a fixing gel.

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    The eyebrows with arch decorate any look. Even if you do not have such a shape, you can create it with your own hands, using correction means and decorative cosmetics.

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