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How to Correct Eyebrows?

The attractiveness of a woman’s face largely depends on the color and shape of her eyebrows. A good shape opens the eyes and hides traces of fatigue, making the eye look young. Correcting the shape of the eyebrows helps bring the lines of the face closer to the ideal. But most importantly, brow correction gives more expressiveness to the face.

Stylists say that eyebrows usually repeat the line of the brow arch (which, contrary to the name, is underneath them) and to get the best shape you just need to follow the curve of this arch. However, there are other methods of determining which eyebrows suit you, such as the oval of your face.

Owners of a round face is recommended to raise the ends of the eyebrows, choose a “broken” shape, as in Hayden Panettieri.

Hayden Panettieri

For the triangular type of face the most suitable rounded forms of eyebrows. A striking example of such a face shape is Megan Fox with her slightly rounded eyebrows. But do not forget that overly round eyebrows will not look very harmoniously on such a face, for this it is recommended not to round the eyebrows strongly, and bring their shape to a straighter line.

Megan Fox

And an oval face, such as BeyoncĂ©‘s, will need to be rounded more strongly with the help of a shape of eyebrows modeled with a gentle curve. The shape of eyebrows in girls with an oval face can be pointed at the outer corner of the eyes.


If your face has a more elongated shape, for example, such as Liv Tyler‘s, you should give preference to eyebrows modeled on a straight line. After all, such a straight shape will help visually round out the features of your face, making it softer and more feminine.

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Liv Tyler

If you have a square face shape, like Natalie Kelly, then a pointed eyebrow shape, somewhat similar to the shape of eyebrows for a round face, will suit you best. However, pointed eyebrows of a square face should be made so that the maximum angle of curvature was located closer to the middle of the eye, or was shifted to its outer edge. A square face shape does not exclude long eyebrows.

Natalie Kelly

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