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How to choose a brush for eyebrows?

Brush for eyebrow: a real “must-have “In the beauty arsenal of any modern fashionista. For over a year now, leading stylists, stylists and makeup artists have focused on thick, even black eyebrows.

Why paint your eyebrows?

A quality tool can paint the desired area in one motion and, therefore, match the natural width of the “eye circles”. It is used to apply shadows and special dyes to the hairs, as well as their “stacking”.

It helps to give the eyebrows the necessary shadow with the help of decorative cosmetics, flatten, or vice versa, harmoniously “put in disorder “Them, creates a visual effect of shiny hair with the help of colorless glitter.

Let’s find out how to choose the right brush for makeup and eyebrow care, and what tool to block optimally, pursuing this or that purpose.

Professional tint brushes for eyebrows

If you’re used to doing a temporary tattoo yourself, at home, you’ll definitely benefit from some tools to make the job easier. How do you apply paint to your eyebrows and eyelashes?

A glass or plastic adhesive with a flat or ribbed tip is included with any color pigment. It is designed to apply the pigment to the hair. However, professional masters and ordinary women who know how to do dyeing properly abandon the basic tool in favor of a brush.

Professional brushes for eyebrow tinting can be purchased from online stores or specialized boutiques for hairdressers and cosmetologists.

How to choose it correctly?

  • The blunt brush for painting eyebrows with synthetic stiff bristles is designed for quick, accurate and precise pigment application possible in the treated area. Because of the nature of its material, it serves a long time and rarely fails at first. The artificial pile does not fall off, the instrument itself is easy to clean and wipe. Everyone knows that for a qualitative and attractive dyeing of the eyebrows, all the hair must be used. And it is with this thing that this really – in one fell swoop covers all the vegetation above the eyes with a thick layer of dye cream or paste;
  • Soft flat brushes with rounded tips are used for smooth and even application of the product to the thin eyebrows. They are also suitable for use in women with thin and sensitive skin, as it is almost impossible to contact the paint with the eyebrow patches. The brushes accurately and precisely apply the paint, in particular, clarification. Excellent washing with normal shampoo, which you used as a care for your hair. Synthetic material provides strength and durability of the product;
  • Soft blunt brushes with a short hair are ideal for those who are not very careful when applying makeup or paint. Even if your movements are not very careful, such a brush will not allow the paint to spread to nearby areas of the skin. Quickly and evenly apply the paint to the hairs according to the desired shape. In case of “off” from the vegetation, you can quickly remove the paint from the brush with a dry cloth and remove the excess cream from the skin under the eyebrows. A soft brush can be either natural or artificial. And it is better to choose in favor of synthetics: it is stiffer, stronger and more suitable for use as aggressive compounds and hard shadows.

Secrets of the right choice

The best eyebrow brush, suitable for every girl, just doesn’t exist! You have to proceed from your comfort by choosing the tool. Pay attention to the handle: if it is too thin or thick, it will be uncomfortable to hold it, which means that the quality of pigment application will decrease dramatically.

The material of the handle can be made of plastic or wood, and it also depends on personal preferences. But we can not fail to notice – plastic products are much more practical, since they can easily and effortlessly remove the remains of cosmetics and creams.

Wood, however, actively absorbs the coloring elements and reluctantly gives them away when washing or another method of purification. If your choice fell on her, take care of its protection and apply a clear varnish on the wooden surface.

With professional eyebrow correction, it is better to use tools with synthetic hair. Natural pile is sensitive to chemistry, which is sufficient in all hair dyes. Therefore, if you dye your hair not with henna, but with other compounds, it is better to give preference to synthetics. Squirrel wool will not last long, and soon it will need to be changed.

A pony pile, which is often used in the production of brushes for coloring, is more resistant to irritants. However, it is best to give preference to nylon or other man-made materials.

The practicality of the brush for eyebrows is above all

The best brush used in practice is the eyebrow seam. It is able to repeat the contour of the eyebrow and quickly give it the right shape. Such a tool is also suitable for amateurs in the application of makeup.

Quality makeup is always attentive to details. These include not only the eyebrows, but also the eyelashes, which should not be forgotten in the pursuit of fashion. Freshly attached eyelashes, reminiscent of spider legs, can give your image of mystery and magnetism.

But it’s not just a matter of choosing a carcass. The edge of the eyes must be combed and deeply stained. That’s why the optimal choice: a combination brush for applying cosmetics on the eyebrows and eyelashes.

Such a tool includes a flat stiff brush to distribute the hairs on the eyebrows and a plastic “comb “With frequent fine teeth for a clean separation of the eyelashes. If you then put a base on your eyes with mascara and then dye your lashes, your eyes are guaranteed to look open and expressive!

  • In your cosmetic bag there must be a place for at least one “the forehead “Brush;
  • Combination brush for eyebrows and eyelashes – another necessary tool for lovers of decorative makeup;
  • To select the tools you need to proceed from their own convenience;
  • If the brush is intended to apply shadows and blend a pencil, it is better to buy a tool with natural stacks. If it is planned to paint with a special cream – prefer synthetics;
  • “ideal “The handle should be made of plastic: it is easy to remove excess cosmetic products and other contaminants;
  • It is necessary to carefully take care of the products, periodically wash them with shampoo, thoroughly clean after direct application;
  • Items serve a long time, so do not be stingy to buy several options at once;
  • When choosing a tool, start from your needs for convenience.

Choosing a quality and comfortable brush for eyebrow, you will learn to masterfully change the shades of the eyebrows and their contours, applying excellent makeup for everyday and solemn occasions, make a temporary tattoo with a special paint. Be beautiful and unique every day.

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