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How to apply concealer to eyebrows?

Today, when you make a woman beautiful, the eyebrows have taken on a whole new meaning. When the eyes are called the windows of the soul, the eyebrows are supposed to be the frame. They can actually form or break your entire facial beauty. Surprise and destroy! Yes, I can especially understand this, because not all women are blessed with perfectly formed thick luscious eyebrows.

The situation is even worse, because the full, thick and bold eyebrows of the 90s make waves when you runaway. Fortunately, beauty products have so-called concealers, without which no woman can imagine being perfect! Let’s get an idea of how to apply concealer for eyebrows to stay trendy and create stunning looks with picturesque, arched eyebrows!

What is the use of a concealer ?

The make-up works like a concealer. The term concealer comes from the English word “conceal”. It does: the product conceals typical blemishes such as dark circles, pimples, scars, redness and wrinkles and makes for a radiant, alert and fresh face.

The first concealer: In 1954, cosmetics manufacturer Max Factor launched the “Erace Cover Stick” in the USA. It looks like a pink lipstick and promises women a flawless complexion.

Concealers come in five different shapes and offer fantastic make-up elements that can be used to accentuate facial contours, highlight blemishes, spots, discolouration, dark circles under the eyes and correcting accents. You just can’t dream of making the picture look perfect! They are available in all stationary stores or online in a variety of light and dark tones for light and dark prongs. Used on and around eyebrows, they give your eyebrows magical results and give them structure. They give them a clean and slender look that will leave you looking amazing. They are great at camouflaging the markings that result from the shaping of the eyebrows. But the trick is to choose the best eyebrow concealer based on your skin type and eyebrows, and you’ve mastered the art of applying concealer for eyebrows. As far as the eyes are concerned, they offer two advantages – both as an eraser and as a eyebrow highlighter.

Eyebrow concealer – The color correcting

Finding the right concealer shade based on skin type and the problem addressed is the key to ultimate success or disastrous end result. Nothing can save the result from going wrong here. If you want to use concealer as a spotty eraser, it is recommended that you use exactly the same shade as your complexion or a colour toner lighter. However, if you want to using concealer to highlight them, you should choose two shades lighter. In both cases, the basic tone must be your complexion. In addition, it must be properly coupled with your foundation to ensure an even look. You don’t want your eyes to look blotchy! Do you? Generally, it is two shades lighter than the foundation. To achieve this, you sometimes need to mix two different concealer colors.
How do you apply concealer on eyebrows?

Eyebrow Concealer should always be applied to the foundation and not underneath, although this is a common mistake. You should avoid it at all costs, regardless of whether you use it as an eraser or highlighter. Applying the foundation only sabotages your efforts to achieve perfect placements!

One of the best eyebrow make-up tips is to get the eyebrows into the right shape before using make-up. By lining the eyebrows before applying make-up, eyebrows are defined and structured without damaging the eye make-up. Always use a brow brush to comb your brows before even touching the brow pencil. Finally, never apply concealer for eyebrows. This is a sure way to commit suicide!

How to use concealer fo eyebrows? the correct technique

Once your face has been washed and the foundation evenly applied, tint your eyebrows with a brow pencil, a shade that matches your skin and hair tone, or a shade lighter. It is best to start at the inner edge and then follow the shape. Now fill the forehead with a cream, a brow powder or a pencil to get the perfect structure. Always make sure to apply a light, gentle stroke in the direction of the hair growth of the brows. This ensures natural looking brows. Round off with a light brush over the eyebrows with a mascara wand or spoolie stick to achieve the perfect soft look! You can now use the concealer.                                              

Now apply a little under eyebrow concealer at the lower edge with an angled eyebrow brush (of my choice) or flat plastic brushes. Apply firmly to achieve a perfect line of concealer and highlighter under the eyebrows. For best results, mix the colour into the eye area and blend with eyeshadow to prevent it from appearing too light and give a tight finish. Use a concealer closer to the eye colour on the eyebrows. It cuts out the outer arch fantastically. Finally, dust off a little light finishing powder to fix the concealer and mix perfectly. A final brushing over the eyebrows makes the look perfect! Congratulations, you now have neat and symmetrical, flawless eyebrows to show off!
The appearance of well-formed eyebrows opens your eye area and makes it appear lighter, more defined and structured. Follow the tips above on how to apply concealer for eyebrows and incorporate it into your daily makeup to keep up with the latest trends!

Choosing the right concealer for perfectly shaped brows.

This popular make-up tool comes either as a creamy pencil, liquid consistency or as a complete palette (with different shades). Each product has its advantages,We help you to find your concealer shade.

Cover stick

A true SOS talent and top performer for on the go: its creamy, firm consistency makes it perfect for redness or pimples, but also for dirty plucked eyebrows. Very precise corrections can be made with the concealer.

Liquid concealer

The liquid version is easy to apply and distribute. It is particularly suitable for dry skin. Caution: Too much of it has a mask-like effect! Less is more. With an additional make-up brush, unsightly edges are repaired.


It consists of several colours, such as highlighter, bronzer, blusher and/or corrector. This allows the face to be perfectly prepared for contouring. With the practical palette, a flawless basic complexion is conjured up with just one product.

When do you apply concealer?

Our Beauty Tool is only good for covering dark circles? The hell it is! The concealer can do much more and is helpful for some make-up problems:

Eye shadow

Apply a thin layer of concealer to the movable eyelid before making up. Works like a primer: It balances out color differences and the eye shadow lasts longer.

Eyelid line

For the perfect eyeliner a lot of practice is needed. A liquid concealer plus a sharp-edged brush helps to conceal small flaws – acts like a tip-ex for the face.


If the BB care has run out, simply apply the day cream with a few drops of liquid concealer. The mixture is perfectly suited as an alternative foundation.


With the eyebrow concealer, gaps or uncleanly plucked eyebrows can be optically filled in: Simply apply along the outer line into the gaps and then fix with brow powder.


For a fuller kissing mouth, apply a little concealer to the middle of the lips and work outwards with the fingertip. By the way, it also works as a lip liner: Simply surround the mouth with a little concealer – and the lipstick will stay where it is.

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