Eyebrow piercing

How eyebrow piercing is done?

Eyebrow piercing is a classic type of piercing, one of the least painful, popular with both girls and guys. To ensure that the procedure, the healing process and the subsequent wearing of the earring do not cause problems, read our useful tips.

  • The place of the future piercing is disinfected, the master prepares a sterile needle and jewelry.
  • The points for piercing are marked on the eyebrow.
  • The skin of the eyebrow is pulled back and pierced. We use the “freehand” technique, which means the piercing is done only with a needle, without clips.
  • The needle is replaced by a jewel, which is securely fixed.

How painful is a eyebrow piercing?

Those who want to decorate their face with piercings, ask the question of whether it hurts to pierce the eyebrow. It is impossible to give a definite answer to this question, but we can give you a rough answer on a ten-point scale

Also the feeling will depend on the type of piercing:

  • Horizontal
  • Vertical

The vertical piercing is less painful than the horizontal one and is rated 3 out of 10. So don’t worry, you won’t need anesthesia.

Feelings during the procedure depend on several factors:

  • Master’s professional skills
  • Individual pain tolerance of the patient
  • Puncture location
  • The patient’s psychological disposition

If you are so much afraid of pain, then you definitely need an experienced master who has already performed a couple of hundred such piercings. Many people greatly underestimate such a factor as the skill of the piercer, but if he is hesitant about his actions, he will carry out the procedure slowly, which will increase the pain.

The second factor is the psychological mood. So pull yourself together and decide to be patient, the more tolerable pain, well, you can certainly weep, but it is not accurate.

Piercing is not a cosmetic manipulation, but a serious medical operation. In this case the sensations experienced by the patients are comparable to a cut or a strong pressure.

It will only hurt during the piercing and after a few seconds the discomfort will pass completely.

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How long do eyebrow piercings last?

Ideally, the piercing should bother you for a few days, not counting a couple of weeks from the flushing with miramistine, which we recommend using.

Total healing time is 3-5 weeks of which two weeks is antiseptic treatment and special trepidation over the puncture.

Uncomfortable sensations may occur later, but this is usually due to reasons such as:

  • Large jewelry or an irregularly shaped earring that presses on the wound walls
  • Swelling of the puncture area
  • Frequent use of provocative facial grimaces that cause the muscles in the wound area to contract
  • Severe inflammation of the puncture site

Is eyebrow piercing safe?

Provided the artist who performed the eyebrow piercing is professional and did everything correctly, the healing period of the piercing will take about a month, but after two weeks you can wear the desired jewelry. If, however, the eyebrow piercing was done incorrectly, the healing may take longer.

The most dangerous thing that can occur as a result of poor-quality eyebrow piercing is infection. In addition to the basic infections that can be transmitted during the procedure, there is a risk of getting an infection into the puncture site during the healing period.

In addition, young people often skimp on piercing jewelry and choose cheap metal alloys instead of gold or titanium, which cause rejection and slow the healing process, thereby increasing the risk of infection.

An eyebrow piercing is always a risk of tissue and vascular damage, which entails bleeding. It is important to understand that the eyebrow is an extremely delicate area, and damage to the puncture site can occur even after it has completely healed.

How long does an eyebrow piercing heal?

If you properly care for the puncture area and follow all the recommendations of the master, you will not experience discomfort in your eyebrows after 4-8 weeks. But the final healing may take up to six months. Until the end of this period you need to:

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Make sure that the jewelry does not cling to the hair and headgear;

  • Touch the pierced area only with clean hands;
  • Limit visits to the solarium, swimming pool and baths, especially during the first four to six weeks;
  • Do not twist the jewelry;
  • Do not take the ring or rod out of the not fully healed eyebrow, because then return the piercing in place on their own will not work.

Due to anatomical features, this type of piercing is at risk of migration, that is, a reduction in the distance between the points of piercing, which sometimes leads to the fall out of the jewelry. Flat piercings in the area with active facial expressions are subjected to constant strain, but it is impossible to predict how long you carry the ornament. The risk of complications increases if the eyebrows are flat, which can lead to excessive pressure of the jewelry on the bone.

Although they say it doesn’t hurt and it will all depend on your pain threshold. But most people are inclined to say that the sensation is about a three on a scale of one to ten.

A greater danger is the period of healing, as negligence can lead to infections that are difficult to treat, even with antibiotics.

You also need to understand that the ornament in the eyebrow is not permanent, as it will shift and the body will eventually push it out.

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