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How do you use an eyebrow ruler perfectly?

The eyebrow ruler is a plastic tool made in the form of a transparent overlay, on which a division with a resolution of 1 mm is marked to create an accurate marking when constructing the shape of the eyebrows.

Eyebrow ruler: its functions

The ruler as an auxiliary tool for eyebrow artists and makeup artists was borrowed from the field of tattooing. But for work with eyebrows the ruler was modified – it was given a shape which corresponds to anatomic features of the face: special outlines under eyebrows and the bridge of the nose allow to put the ruler as close as possible to the skin and to transfer the points necessary for modeling the form and drawing of the eyebrows’ contour.

Because of the asymmetry of the face, which is inherent practically to each person, the construction of the eyebrow contour on the basis of understanding the proportions and making exact calculations (by means of markings on the ruler) also requires the master to calculate the necessary degree of symmetry of the future eyebrows shape. Using a ruler for eyebrow modeling is necessary when doing makeup or makeup application, and especially in the case of permanent makeup.

Types of brow rulers: their features

There are several types of eyebrow rulers:

  • curved ruler for modeling the eyebrows, repeating the anatomical shape; through the possible discrepancy with the individual anatomical features of each client, it is necessary to have several rulers with different sizes in the arsenal;
  • disposable rulers, which have an adhesive layer for reliable fixation of the ruler on the client’s face during the procedure and are intended for individual use;
  • ruler-pencil, which is a flexible strip with slits for marking and with a marking that allows you to orient on the wings of the nose and the bridge of the nose to check the symmetry of both eyebrows.
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How to use a ruler for eyebrows?

Starting to work with modeling the shape of eyebrows, it is necessary to disinfect and degrease the skin of the client. After that it is necessary to put a ruler to the eyebrows and the bridge of the nose so that its center coincides with the middle line of the face. Then it is necessary to determine the points of the beginning and the end of the eyebrow, and after that the highest point of the bend, and then mark them. If the shape or length of the eyebrows needs to be changed, the points should be shifted by orienting around the center, until the desired shape is obtained.

After that outline the contour to the obtained points (with the help of a marking paste or pencil). Next it is necessary to make a correction and depending on the chosen method to produce a coloring of the eyebrow. According to the same algorithm perform modeling on the second eyebrow.

Brow ruler as individual stencil

The eyebrow ruler can be used as an individual stencil by the eyebrow technician when repeated or regularly called upon by a client. For any given client after the eyebrows have been designed it is sufficient to transfer the template onto the overlapping ruler – thanks to the transparent material the ruler serves as a kind of tracing paper. The resulting stencil on the ruler is used to correct the shape, allowing the specialist to navigate to the ready template and use it to model the desired eyebrow shape or set key points for a new pattern faster according to the client’s wishes.

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