Eyebrow Face shape

How do you achieve the perfect shape and curve?

The first thing a person pays attention to when getting acquainted is the eyes of his interlocutor. And it is the eyebrows that determine how beautiful and well-groomed the face as a whole is perceived. The eyebrows form the look, they can make it open and innocent, like a child, and can give a frowning look. Beautiful eyebrows can help to create the right image, make the face look better groomed, help to look more attractive. Neglected eyebrows can ruin the whole impression, no matter how beautiful the rest of the facial features are.

How do you give your eyebrows a form?

Most often the care of the eyebrows involves giving them a beautiful shape. It is important to remember a few rules. The eyebrow line should harmonize with the volume and form of eyes and mouth, with the contours of the face and head. Direct or sharply outlined eyebrows will not be combined with a round face and puffy lips, and the wide and thick eyebrows will not paint its owner, if she has thin lips.

The optimum condition when choosing the form of the eyebrows – the arch of the eyebrows should be combined with the shape of the upper lip, and the density and brightness – with the shape and size of the mouth. Turn a straight eyebrow into a curved one, there is only one way – to pluck it completely and draw the desired with cosmetics. But it is better not to go against what is given by nature, and simply ennoble the natural shape of your eyebrows.

Beautiful eyebrows start above the inner corner of the eye and end a few millimeters further than the outer corner of the eye. The curve of the eyebrow is determined as follows: the highest point of the eyebrow should be at the intersection of the pupil and the line which conventionally goes from the center of the upper lip. You can determine this point by applying a pencil diagonally.

If you are shaping your eyebrows for the first time, you should not do it yourself. It is better to entrust this procedure to a specialist, and afterwards maintain the result at home.

Before plucking the eyebrows, it is recommended to treat the tweezers, as well as the skin with alcohol, so as not to get an infection. With a brown pencil, draw a contour along the natural hair growth line and give your eyebrows the desired shape – this will be your reference point, which will not allow you to remove anything unnecessary. Symmetry in the shape of the eyebrows is essential, so when removing hairs, constantly check the shape of the eyebrows. Another little trick is to use a white pencil. If you want to remove a certain hair, paint over it with a white pencil and look at the result. If you’re happy with the result, go ahead and do it.

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The golden rule: only pluck hairs in the direction of their growth, then they will grow without growing in and causing trouble.

Orient the shape of the eyebrows depending on the face shape:

oval face – the lines of the eyebrows should be smooth;

round face – eyebrows slightly raised and slightly rounded at the ends;

triangular face shape – not too long and raised eyebrows will do;

square face – the eyebrows should be long enough, in the form of a smooth arch.

The shape of eyebrows can be universal for any type of face – long enough, removed from the bridge, with a beautiful arched curve, 5-7 mm wide.

In order to keep the eyebrows in the desired shape during the day it is necessary to use a special transparent eyebrow gel. It fixes the eyebrow shape, helps to maintain a certain direction of hair growth, gives the hairs a healthy shine and takes care of them. Try brushing the hairs upwards to “spread” the look even wider.

How do you paint your eyebrows?

It is better to dye eyebrows in a salon. Professionals know what dye to choose for a particular hair color, how long to hold it and how to remove it.

It is accepted that the color of the eyebrows can be one or two shades different from your hair color. They can be either darker or lighter. Lighter eyebrows than your hair will give your look a more youthful and fresh look, and your look will be more open. Darker eyebrows, on the other hand, will give your makeup a finish and your face a more defined shape.

If you want to give your eyebrows volume and expressiveness, use an eyebrow-coloring pencil, which should be carefully matched to your hair color. The main rule to follow is that the movements of the pencil should be light and short, and always in the direction of hair growth. A continuous thick line will immediately create the effect of drawn eyebrows. If you want your eyebrows to look dense, you can first draw a line with a beige pencil, and then apply thin dark strokes on it.

Good pencils should necessarily have a brush for shading, and the pencil lead should be thin. The optimal texture for such a pencil is not too hard, but not too soft either.

If you want to experiment, listen to the advice of makeup artists. For eyebrows correction they recommend to use ordinary shadows, slightly wetting the tip of the brush. There are also special sets of eyebrow shadows in different colors. They allow you to play with shades, well and more naturally shining eyebrows.

To apply shadows or shading pencil, use special professional brushes from natural hair. If you have soft eyebrow hairs, you should use a sable hair brush, and those who have thick and stiff eyebrows should pay attention to bristle brushes.

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The color of the pencil or shadow should be chosen depending on the color of the eyebrows, hair and eyes:

  • for very dark brown hair or brunettes, a darker color will do;
  • For red or brown hair it is better to use brown;
  • For blond hair choose a light brown color.

However, remember that any color will look a little darker on the eyebrows, so the tone of the pencil or shadow should be lighter.

You can also try colored eyebrow gels. They will help to dye the hairs, if necessary (as a rule, this advice can be used by owners of light eyebrows) and to fix the shape, thereby saving time when creating makeup in the morning hours.

How to take care of your eyebrows on a daily basis?

Just like our skin and hair, our eyebrows need systematic care. When cleansing your face in the evening, don’t forget to clean the eyebrows as well, as street dust and dirt tend to collect on the hairs.

To keep the growth line of your eyelashes straight, it is recommended to use a special comb on a regular basis. It is necessary to comb them every day at first against the growth, and then in the direction of hair growth – this will have a beneficial effect on their condition. You can also moisten a brush with castor or olive oil, glycerin or strengthening hair product. It is recommended to lubricate the eyebrows with a vitaminized cream, which contains various nutrients that promote hair growth. Nourishing creams for eyebrow growth should contain lanolin, vitamin A and E, corn and castor oils.

How do you get rid of an ingrown eyebrow hair?

Sometimes eyebrow hairs can be a hassle – and a lot of women, for instance, struggle with ingrown eyelid hairs. There are two ways to deal with ingrown eyebrow hairs: with natural sponge disks and a regular scrub.

Natural sea sponge discs should be soaked in water and rubbed over the eyebrows. It should be done very gently and cautiously, for not more than a minute, several times a day.

Another option is to use a soft scrub. It should be used only for the eyebrow, in no case moving down to the eyelid. You should make such a peeling twice a day for several days in a row. Then the ingrown hairs will appear more quickly above the surface of the skin, and you can gently remove them with tweezers.

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