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Girls, dear, I beg you, if you decide to take such a step as permanent make-up (tattoo) – weigh the pros and cons for several times!

I will explain why. The tattoo is forever! Forever! That is, if you started doing it, then there is no way back – you will have to maintain it permanently, every few years over and over again going through this procedure.

The tattoo will surely lose its pigment over time and the eyebrows will begin to turn blue. If you suddenly do not want to do the next procedure (did not like it, laziness, no money), then you will have to paint over the bluish old permanent tattoo, and without makeup it will look, to put it mildly, not very and add age. Depending on the technique used and the materials used, there will be a different amount and intensity of this same blueness. I have worked in my experience with a lot of women who have old tattoos and it is nerve-racking to get rid of them.

And also it can be bad luck – even a master with a gold reputation can be “out of spirits” and do not do as he does in his usual mood. This is very, very risky.

Everyone, of course, has their own head on their shoulders, but for me it’s better to constantly touch up with henna if I want to wake up “with eyebrows” than to get such a headache for life.

Microblending, powder technique, etc. are all a variation of the same permanent makeup (that is, injecting paint under the skin). Only the method of work is different. The consequences in the form of fading paint are the same.

Dyeing eyebrows- what, when, how?

My favorite part. I already have a beautiful shape, I gave up on tattooing, and I’m too lazy to paint my eyebrows every day. Where is the solution?

And the solution in eyebrow staining! There are three kinds of eyebrow staining:

  • chemical dye
  • henna
  • lamination

Chemical staining – the oldest and once popular, as already written in the part about the type of hairs, then it is advised to choose the spread downward hairs and very thick eyebrows, as henna will seal and weigh down the hair and styling such eyebrows after henna staining will be impossible.

For all other eyebrow types, my choice and love is henna

Its advantages over chemical dye are obvious:

  1. Stays on the skin much longer
  2. Thickens hairs and makes eyebrows look thicker, even when henna comes off the skin
  3. Does not have an unpleasant chemical odor

I have been coloring my own eyebrows with henna for about three years now, and before that I was helped in this matter by a friend who is an eyebrow specialist. In fact, this particular henna was chosen on her recommendation as the most suitable color for me. If you take the period of henna coloring in general, it’s about five years. Agree, quite a lot to understand all the subtleties and hone the skill.

What benefits of henna eyebrow coloring I have identified for myself during this time?

  • I have almost completely abandoned eyebrow makeup, even if I do bright eye makeup, my eyebrows don’t look too much like a clump. I only touch up my eyebrows with makeup for very dark makeup or for photo shoots, because everything looks paler in professional photos than it does in real life.
  • I began to wake up with “eyebrows on” and save time on makeup
  • my hairs became thicker and when the dye comes off my skin, some semblance of eyebrows remains in place.
  • the pigment accumulated and my naturally blond eyebrows became darker and more in line with the color of my hair
  • Well, the cherry on the cake – properly colored henna eyebrows look much more natural than the ones painted with any cosmetics

How to properly dye eyebrows henna?

First, you need to prepare your skin for the procedure – it is advisable not to do heavy moisturizing and/or nourishing masks a couple of days in advance.

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I don’t apply exfoliants/scrubs to the brow area, but if you use them in this area, try not to do them right before the procedure either, so as not to get blemishes.

The day before the procedure it is also not superfluous to do an allergy test, if you are dyeing eyebrows for the first time. To do this, apply the prepared mixture to the bend of the elbow for a couple of hours, then rinse off. If there is no redness and itching – the mixture is suitable.

For the procedure itself we will need:

  • Cleanser – to degrease the skin and hairs before the procedure. You can use alcohol/alcohol lotions without oils. If you do not have any of these, micellar water will also work, but after its use, the pigment may be harder to set
  • Tweezers
  • A bowl for making a solution. I bought a tiny one like this in an online nail supply store. Any little container will do
  • A spatula to stir the mixture. I use an orange stirring stick.
  • Beveled brush
  • Henna: I use ready-to-use eyebrow mixes, I haven’t experimented with pure henna. I have this Brown Henna in shade #2 Shatin. Do not choose a shade much darker than your own. Ideally, your brow color should be half a tone lighter or darker than your hair color.
  • Test swab wipes
  • Cotton pads
  • Mirror
  • Eyebrow brush (you can use an old mascara brush)

Stages of eyebrow coloring with henna

1- Wash off the makeup, if it has been applied, carefully degrease the eyebrows with the clincher. The cleanser should get on both the hairs and the skin under them, so do it thoroughly, not just by waving a couple of times with a cotton pad.

2- Comb the eyebrows along the growth of the brush. We wait until the hairs are completely dry (you can make adjustments or prepare the mixture at this time).

3- Prepare the mixture: pour a little henna powder and a few drops of water at room temperature, stir thoroughly. We choose the desired proportion of water and powder, it should be the consistency of liquid sour cream. Stir until a homogeneous consistency. Wait about three minutes until the granules are completely dissolved.

4- Dip a brush into the mixture and make a few test strokes on your hand – the mixture should be even, without gaps and not be too watery, otherwise it will be difficult to apply to the eyebrows. If there is not enough powder, add more to the desired consistency.

5- Apply the composition to the eyebrows, starting from the middle – not from the base, it’s important!

The first layer we paint the middle and the tip according to our chosen shape. You can also, as well as during the design, make a pencil marking. With a semi-dry brush with a little mixture left on it after the tip (this is important), we paint the base, tracing the missing hairs with a light movement of the hand. To trace the base we hold the brush at the tip, to trace the body of the eyebrow we hold it at the center and only to trace the ponytail we hold it at the base of the brush. This change of brush’s grip changes the strength of pressure on it and the brightness of the line – you can use this tiphook in makeup too.

The second and third layers we paint only the base and the tail.

A couple more layers can be applied to the tail.

As a result, we should have a gradient from the light base to the dark tail. Do you have it? Then it is done correctly.

6- Do not comb the eyebrows with henna. If your hand suddenly shakes, remove it at once with a cotton swab soaked in water.

7- Exposure time is 30 minutes or more. It is ideal to leave it for the night. I increase the time of exposure, because I’m used to it and it is easier for me to apply it before going to bed and rinse it off in the morning, and the effect lasts longer on the skin in that case. Although, there is an opinion that dried henna stops coloring. I never keep it long enough. At least three hours.

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8- After the end of the soaking time, moisten a cotton pad with water and begin to soak the dried out henna on the eyebrows. At first, put a little on the discs, then rinse with sliding motions.

9- Done!

This is what I got:

And the third type of coloring is lamination. I am not personally familiar with the procedure, but I can describe the technology. I know that it already has a lot of fans.
Here also the composition is applied to the eyebrows (it can be transparent and with pigment), it smoothes and envelopes each hair. Usually after the procedure eyebrows are covered with a composition with keratin. The effect lasts for about a month.

Not suitable for sparse hairs. Doesn’t completely cover the fading tattoo. Rather costly financially.

Eyebrow care after dyeing

With proper care of the dyed eyebrows, their brightness will please you for two weeks!

To do this, you need to follow some simple rules:

  • Do not touch eyebrows for 24 hours after dyeing, try not to wet them for 12-24 hours, do not apply masks and makeup.
  • Do not touch/scratch with your hands – here it is the same as with hair, eyebrows also need to wean yourself from touching, if you have such a habit.
  • Don’t use makeup on the eyebrow area. The application of makeup and its subsequent removal with oils, micellar products, two phases reduces the life of the pigment on the skin.
  • Try not to apply masks to the eyebrow area – they also accelerate pigment washout from the skin.

The general principle here is to touch less.

If you follow these rules, the pigment on the skin will last a week, if not – a couple of days.

On the hair color lasts very long (it is henna), I have not noticed its complete disappearance, because every two weeks I repeat the procedure.

Do not be partial with the procedure and perform it earlier than two weeks later.

The secrets of eyebrow makeup

Is your attention still focused? We are at the finish line.

Finally, I want to tell you about small tricks of eyebrow makeup, which will make the image more harmonious. Although I still think that with a competent coloring you don’t need makeup at all, but what if you do?

  • Choose a shade of eyeshadow/pencil/wax/mascara half a tone/tone darker than your hair color.
  • Try to avoid unnecessary pigments – look at the color of your hair as well. For example, I have blond eyebrows and I always like cool shades of eyebrow cosmetics better, but when I applied pure graphite, which blended with the color of my eyebrow hairs, there was a huge dissonance with the color of my scalp, which also has a warm pigment in it. Graphite is perfect for cool blondes. Brownheads, brunettes – with a color +- like mine is better to choose cold brown.
  • The brighter the makeup, the darker the eyebrows should be. Of course we don’t want to go to extremes, but if you wear colored makeup or smoky, darken the eyebrows by half a tone.
  • Keep to the same gradient rule that I told you about in the chapter on coloring – the eyebrow should not lie too flat and it should not be too drawn- the brightness and density of the color should increase towards the ponytail and decrease towards the base.

Examples of eyebrow makeup and saturation:


    Thank you for your attention, I hope it was interesting and useful!

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